The 17 -year -old pregnancy girl was killed and thrown away after 9 years. The murderer was his stepfather.

Chief Reporter Zhao Delong

Recently, bloggers Mao 17 issued a statement on a social platform that a 17 -year -old pregnant girl was thrown up in Yibin City, Sichuan Province in 2011.At that time, he assisted the police to collect clues of murders, and the middle netizen was assisted by netizens to provide powerful clues. After 9 years, the case was successfully reported, which caused widespread concern.

On January 6, Jimu Journalists contacted a number of netizens who assisted the police to provide clues to the police that year. They all said that they were very happy to know the news.Among them, Wang Hailin, a well -known domestic screenwriter, told Jimu Journalists that he was the earliest user who registered Weibo. He was paying attention to some public topics such as Guotu. He also reposted the news of the girl’s disappearance.Eye.

The Sichuan Yibin People’s Procuratorate disclosed the relevant details of the case on China Procuratorate. The suspect arrived near the reservoir with the victim in the late night in February 2011 in the middle of the night in February 2011. The two were arguing for words.After throwing into the reservoir, it drowned.

Netizens fix the tickets to help solve the case

Blog Lord Mao Seventeen said in the blog post that in February 2011, a 17 -year -old girl was killed and threw a corpse in a reservoir in Sichuan Province.At that time, the victims had no more physical evidence confirmed their identity except for a rotten ticket.The blogger assisted the police to collect related clues on the Internet, enthusiastic netizens put the tickets to restore the tickets, and found a lot of ticket photos similar to the deceased. Suspected to be a bus ticket in Shanghai Pudong, providing an important clue for the police.

In September 2020, the police handling the case contacted the blogger to inform the case and expressed his gratitude to netizens.Because the blogger replaced the communication tool, he did not pay attention to the news of the police handling the case as soon as possible. It was not until recently that it was published by this good news and thanked the relevant netizens who were helping that year.

On January 6, the blogger Mao 17 told Jimu Journalists that because the police informed that the case was currently appealing, he could not tell more about the situation that year, and the time was mature and introduced.Jimu reporters noticed that bloggers revealed in the blog post that from the police to obtain exact news, the murderer was the victim’s mother’s boyfriend.

The blogger’s news of the 17 -year -old missing girl from the blogger showed that the police found a female corpse in a reservoir in Sichuan. The deceased was 155 cm tall and black hair (13 cm).There are 2 moles on the neck of the deceased, 1 meter of large moles on the back, old wrists with old wrist scars, 1 warts on the side of the right hand, and pregnant for about 70 days.Due to the unable to find clues in the disappeared population record, the police wanted to confirm the identity of the victims with the strength of netizens.

According to the blogger’s communication records with the police, the police said that the murder was broken 9 years ago, and the ticket clues of that year provided the direction and thanked the enthusiastic netizens of the year.

Well -known screenwriter Wang Hailin helped

It is worth noting that among the bloggers thanked the netizens who were helping that year, they also mentioned the vice president, well -known screenwriter, producer, and producer Wang Hailin of the Chinese Film and Literature Society.

On the afternoon of January 6, Wang Hailin told Jimu Journalists that the matter was true.In 2011, Weibo was very popular. With the official invitation of Weibo, he registered a Weibo account in 2009. At that time, some public topics discussed on the Internet.The news.

"I found a lot of netizens@me a few days ago, and I learned that the case was broken." Wang Hailin said, to be honest, it is quite happy to know the news.

Jimu reporters noticed that in his Weibo account, Wang Hailin forwarded the news of the blogger Mao 17 and replied: Thank you bloggers to inform that there is still a impression of the case, ten years.Cangtian has eyes!

Another blogger Zhu Curtain Dazhai, who helped forward the news, told Jimu Journalists that he was from Shanghai. At that time, he saw the tickets in the tracing news very familiar and reposted.

"The successful case is worthy of being happy. Thanks to the police for their persistence and hard work. It is estimated that the bus tickets of that year have no longer existed. Now they use bus cards or mobile phone cards to use." Recalling the past, bloggers said with emotion.

In addition, Jackie Weiwei cat, who provided a highly similar bus ticket that year, said on Weibo that it was so sudden that it was so sudden that it was so good that it was great.IntersectionThank you blogger Mao 17 for being active on Weibo!May girls rest in heaven.

Orinn, who fascinated the tattered tickets that year, said: "Many things are slightly insignificant, but it is important to many people. In ten years, thank you for the year."

Throwing into the reservoir by his stepfather

According to the indictment of the People’s Procuratorate of Yibin City, China Procuratorate on March 19, 2021, the defendant Song Moumou was 52 years old and was arrested by the Jiangan County Public Security Bureau in September 2020.

The indictment revealed that in the second half of 2010, the defendant Song Moumou went to Yichun City to participate in illegal MLM activities with his successor Sun Moumou, and he was deceived tens of thousands of yuan.In the middle of the night on February 9, 2011, Song Moumou returned to Jiang’an County, Yibin City from a long -distance bus from Shanghai, and took a rented motorcycle to a flood in a dam in a reservoir near Song Moumou.After getting out of the car, the two had a fierce dispute between the corners. When Song Moumou was annoyed, he fought against the victim’s head, face, and abdomen with his fist, and his neck was unconscious.

In the end, Song Moumou was packaged into the river sand that the victim was carried with him, hung on the victim, dragged him down the reservoir dam and sank into the reservoir, and then fled to the scene and killed the victim.According to the forensic identification, Sun Moumou had a craniocerebral injury and was drowned by the condition of being stifled.

The indictment stated that Song Moumou was criminally detained by the Jiang’an County Public Security Bureau on September 11, 2020 for suspected intentional homicide, approved by the Jiang’an County People’s Procuratorate, and arrested by the Jiang’an County Public Security Bureau on September 23 of the same year.The People’s Procuratorate of Yibin City believes that Song Mouyun deliberately deprives others of the lives and causes the death of others to violates the provisions of Article 232 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China.His criminal liability for homicide.According to the provisions of Article 176 of the Criminal Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China, a public prosecution was filed with the Yibin Intermediate People’s Court.

According to media reports, the defendant in the case has appealed and is currently waiting for the second trial judgment.

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