The 16 -year -old girl was sexually assaulted by her classmates three times and gave birth to a child in the dormitory: Why never ask for help

A news a few days ago was a bit incredible:

A 16 -year -old junior high school girl was sexually assaulted by her father’s father three times, leading to pregnancy.

None of the family, teacher, and classmates knew in October.

Until she gave birth to a child alone in the school dormitory, the baby’s cry attracted the auntie of the dormitory, everything was public …


Li Yueliang

On the evening of May 4th, Xiong County, Zhetong Town, Yunnan.

The 16 -year -old junior girl Xiao Meng (pseudonym) did not go to class because of stomach pain.

This girl who has been pregnant for a long time does not know that she is about to give birth.

She was lying in the dormitory alone, accompanied by severe abdominal pain, and gave birth to a child.

The quiet dormitory suddenly came out of an unusual baby crying.

Aunt Su Mo followed the sound and found a small dream of big bleeding.

She quickly contacted the school and then sent Xiao Meng and the baby to the hospital.

Xiao Meng’s family also quickly got the news.

The family and the teacher felt incredible: How did this girl who was usually well -behaved and quiet and excellent, suddenly gave birth to a child?

When did you get pregnant?

Whose child?

After everyone asked, Xiao Meng finally told the truth:

The child’s biological father is the father of her elementary school classmate, nearly 40 years old.

Cai Mou has a van.

Some children in the village sometimes take his van to school.

In July 2021, Xiao Meng was on the same car as before.

When I arrived at school, other students got off the bus.

Cai Mou told Xiao Meng, "You have a lot of luggage, I’ll send you another paragraph."

The simple girl left.

She couldn’t think of it. This was the beginning of this nightmare.

Cai parked the car near the school, forcibly dragging her to the back seat, and sexually assaulted her.

Adults suppress the age of the little girl, and the strength of men to women makes Xiaomeng unable to escape.

The closed door covered sin.

After the incident, Cai threatened Xiao Meng and was not allowed to tell anyone about it.

Xiao Meng was very injured, scared, and felt more shameful.

She swallowed the bitter fruit silently and did not dare to tell anyone about it.

Cai Mou saw it, intensified, and took the relationship as a threat, violating the little dream twice.

In order to escape Cai’s threat and entanglement, Xiao Meng did not dare to go home and even threw away the phone.

She might think that she could escape that person and let this nightmare pass.

However, the poor girl found that her belly became bigger every day.

She vaguely understood that she was pregnant.

what to do?

She didn’t know, and dared not tell anyone.

Her parents are older and grow in rural areas.

There is also a brother who work in Guangzhou.

She is not sure if she can tell them things.

She was scared and helpless inside, turbulent.

On the surface, outsiders only felt that she was "less than usual."

It wasn’t until the birth of a child, and it was not concealed that things were finally exposed.

Xiao Meng’s family quickly reported to the police.

After investigation, the police believed that Cai had suspicion of committing major crimes and had detained it.


Li Yueliang

This incident was bizarre.

First, a girl of the first grade was pregnant for so long, and no one saw it.

The family said that the child has not returned home recently.

But for more than half a year, haven’t family visited her?

Didn’t you find that the child’s belly was so big?

The school said that the school uniforms are large and can’t see it.

I don’t think it should be.

The girl who lives in school should pay more attention.

Pregnancy and normal fat are obviously different.

And when the child encounters such a thing, his mood must be greatly affected.

The teacher did not find various obvious abnormalities, but could only say that the attention of children was not enough.

Second, I also want to say the most: The child has encountered such damage, why dare not say it?

She did nothing wrong, why was she so scared, and no one dared to say?


After watching things exposed, she knew her situation.

Her brother said that their family is now controversial because of this.

The whole street is full of enthusiasm, talking about this matter, and even personal attacks.

Some say that their parents do not blame it (this may not be right).

Some say that raising such a daughter is really a shame of the family.

Then many relatives and friends who usually can’t play eight poles are busy calling to ask.

Those people are difficult to say whether they really care about children or just want to explore gossip.

Brother said that the family was already considering helping Xiaomeng to change his name and change his life.

——This is probably the important reason Xiao Meng dares to tell others.

A girl was sexually assaulted. Even if she did nothing wrong, it was likely to become a shame of the family instantly and became the talk of everyone’s tea after dinner.

In the rest of her life, she may not be able to wipe out the "stain" of "rape" and live in the words of others.

Who wants to carry such a shame for a lifetime?

That’s why her brother wanted her to change her name and change her surname, and walked away.

It is not easy to completely say goodbye to his hometown, and disappear from then on.

But they have no better way.

In many small places in China, once the girls have been sexually assaulted and everyone knows, she has no good way to go out.

Because in our thousands of years of traditional concepts, women’s value is sex and fertility.

Once a woman loses "chastity", she has lost the most important value.

She was "not clean", "No one wants", "destroyed."

This abnormal concept should have been changed for a long time, but it cannot be changed.


Li Yueliang

I remember that an old man was called Wei Shaolan, a victim of the "comfort woman" in Japan.

She was only 24 years old.

After being caught, she was humiliated, but escaped.

Finally, he finally waited for the Japanese control and was lucky enough to return home.

As a result, her husband’s various abuses were "unclean".

The villagers also crowded her everywhere, discriminated against her, and pointed at her.

The Japanese infringement did not destroy Wei Shaolan, but the attitude of her husband, loved ones, and neighbors made her feel painful.

She committed suicide several times, but did not die, and eventually lived barely, hardships.

Time has developed to this day, many things have changed, but the old concept of "women’s chastity" has not improved much.

People are still habitually using "unclean" and "fame" to deny the value of women.

This concept is too deep.

As a result, many women can only grit tears after being violated. They swallow this bitter fruit alone, dare not call the police, dare not speak, and dare not punish the invaders.

Because once it is said, female victims are often more stressful and humiliated than male victims.

Even if some girls’ family members know, they will be more timid than them. "Can’t say it, otherwise your life will be destroyed!"

Some parents simply arranged for the girl to marry someone who violated her.

There are too many lessons such as such a car.

Therefore, countless girls like Xiaomeng instinctively felt "shame", "shame" and "unable to say" after the sexual assault.

She knew she was bullied and hurt, but she didn’t know how to deal with it.

She has no basic trust in teachers and parents.

She has no basic confidence in this society.

So she could only close her mouth, hide, dare not cry, and dare not ask for help.

This is not blame her.

It is this society that does not give her the courage to help her.


Li Yueliang

According to data, in China, 90%of the victims of sexual assault chose not to call the police.

And many girls not only dare not call the police, but even their parents dare not tell.

It’s hard to say how many hidden sins are.

All signs show that numbers may be amazing.

Because in the incidents of sexual assault by minor girls, 80%of them were acquaintances, and most of them were more than once.

That is to say, most of the sexual assault is not the roadside hijacking and fierce evil.

It is a familiar grandfather, uncle, and brother, laughing at Yingying with snacks to coax you, let you go.

After that, you are scared, threatening you can’t tell others.

Then the girl who was ignorant, maybe I didn’t know what happened at all, or I dare not say if she knew it, ashamed that she ended up silently.

The impact of this kind of thing on girls may be a lifetime.

The older they are growing, the more they understand what they have experienced, the more they are tortured by dirty and shame.

Therefore, we must think carefully how to prevent such things.

To be precise, it does not happen to our daughter (or son).

I think there are at least 3 things to do.

First, give children timely sex education.

Not only sexual knowledge education, but also sexual education.

Let her know what kind of behavior others do to you.

It is also necessary to tell her that although the girl is going to be cleaned up, she is by no means "losing everything if she loses her chastity."

Even if it is violated, it can still be a good girl.

Second, give her enough sense of security.

Constantly telling her daughter that parents can definitely trust.

With any injuries, no matter whether you have your own mistakes or not, whether you feel shame or not, you should tell your parents as soon as possible.

"Rest assured that I will protect you." This is the sense of security that parents must give their children.

Third, when things happen to other children, we must point their finger to the invaders of sin, not innocent victims.

We need to create an environment for all victims and let them believe that "speaking" is safe and can be supported and helped.

Instead of "it will be destroyed for a lifetime."

In the previous video, Xiao Meng said timidly facing the camera:

"I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do, I dare not tell anyone, I am afraid and helpless."

I hope that one day, there is no such girl who is in such a dilemma.

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