The 15 -year -old girl was pregnant and asked, I do n’t know!There are daughters in the family, these 3 points of parents must not ignore

On June 17, 2019, a 120 -year -old minor girl was sent in an emergency department of a hospital in Donghu District, Nanchang City.The girl’s face is pale and may shock at any time, and the situation is very urgent.

At around 4 pm that day, when the doctor saw the girl in the emergency room of the hospital, the bed had a lot of blood stains.According to the doctor’s doctor: "When I rushed to the emergency department, the girl had just performed a B -ultrasound. At first glance, her B -ultrasound was an early peeling of the placenta of a full -moon pregnancy, and then there was a pad order under the buttocks.Many blood, conservative estimation of blood volume is around 800 to 1,000 milliliters. The whole person’s consciousness is very indifferent and his face is pale. At first glance, this face is the expression of shock. "

After consultation, the girl was transferred to the obstetrics. The doctor asked the girl: "When will the menstruation come?" The girl replied: "I don’t know." The doctor asked: "How long is the menstruation come?" The girl replied, "I don’t know." The doctorQuestion: "When the belly is so big, when does it start?" The girl replied, "I don’t know."

In the end, although the girl’s child was pregnant, the rescue fetus was still unable to keep after a few hours of rescue fetus, and then the girl was transferred to the cure center in the Jiangxi Province.The doctor’s doctor said: "We have a large amount of blood transfusion with her, and after her shock status is corrected, we find that her blood pressure has begun to high. It may be because she is too young to get pregnant, which causes sudden diseases during pregnancy -hypertension during pregnancy -hypertension during pregnancy -hypertension during pregnancy -hypertension during pregnancy -hypertension during pregnancy -hypertension during pregnancy -hypertension during pregnancy -hypertension during pregnancy -hypertension during pregnancy -hypertension during pregnancy -hypertension during pregnancy -hypertension during pregnancy -hypertension during pregnancy -hypertension during pregnancy -hypertension during pregnancy -hypertension during pregnancy -hypertension during pregnancy was high -blood pressure during pregnancy.A placenta is stripped early in the early stage of disease and severe eclampsia. "

Just brushed this news, it is really mixed.A 15 -year -old flower season girl, did their parents not find that her daughter was pregnant?Or do they know that their daughter still acquiescence after pregnancy?

Every time I saw such a news, I was reported. As a mother, I really felt torment.I should have enjoyed the joy of learning to myself at school, but I was pregnant at such a young age.In this regard, I have to sigh that a family of daughters must pay attention to the following points:

(1) After the daughter comes to menstruation, pay attention to the menstruation of her daughter every month

I have a relative who lives with my daughter every day, but until her daughter was found to be pregnant, she knew nothing about being pregnant.Later, she tried to recall and found that all this was not unprecedented -first, her daughter began to "gain weight" a few months ago; secondly, her daughter who always likes to wear tight clothes shows her figure, but she has begun to buy a lot of loose loose ones.Clothing; again, her daughter goes home from school every day, always covering her belly with a schoolbag, even if she is lying on the sofa watching TV, she will not leave the schoolbag anytime, anywhere …

The negligence of parents is the culprit that causes the wrongdoing daughter to go wrong!When all students are taking the entrance examination in the examination room, my relative’s daughter has children in the delivery room.The 15 -year -old child is still a child, and he has given birth to a child.Today, the girl’s child is 3 years old, and she is still a child who is not a world.Even her most basic life cannot be solved. What does she use to raise children?

The minor daughter was pregnant for a full month, and it was not until the end of her parents that the news of the matter was more than two.There is a daughter at home, and parents must be more careful!Pay attention to the menstrual situation of the daughter, pay attention to the subtle changes of the daughter’s body, especially the daughter suddenly starts to gain weight, or suddenly starts to intentionally cover her belly with items, or suddenly like to wear loose clothes and skirts …For these phenomena, parents must be vigilant.

(2) Don’t be ashamed to sex education, please popularize sexual knowledge for children

From an early age, we should tell our daughter: Where do we not allow others to touch and touch?When encountering others intentionally kissing themselves, or touching their own chests, this is a kind of violation, a criminal act, so we must tell the parents as soon as possible after the incident, parents will help the other party’s rope.With the law.

Tell your daughter, saying that friendly can shake hands and hug, but you must not kiss or touch it.If someone told you to take off your clothes and pants, we must realize that this is a violation. We must say no and reject it bravely.If someone deliberately shows you the pictures and videos exposed to your body, or someone takes off your pants to let you see his genitals, etc., you must know that this is a hooligan behavior, and you must find a way to escape as soon as possible.

When the daughter is older, we should tell the daughter: it is normal to enter the adolescence and feel good about a boy. This is normal, but we like to return to our body.Premature contact will not only seriously affect the normal development of your body, but also the possibility of pregnancy.At the same time, we have to tell our daughter that if we are sexually assaulted, obscene, or find that we have menopause and pregnancy, we must tell our parents immediately not to stand alone, let alone deal with these things privately.

(3) Give children enough care, every girl who is pregnant early, lacks the attention of parents

Some studies have stated that the more a girl who cannot get recognition in the family and cannot get attention, the more eager to get the attention of the opposite sex.When he was in a lonely and inferiority for a long time, suddenly there was a opposite sex attentive to herself. Girls often couldn’t control themselves, and they stole the banned fruit prematurely.

In the process of accompanying her daughter, parents should not be stingy, let alone discriminate against their own flesh because of a gender.Giveing a good companion and guidance to the daughter, letting the daughter live in a happy family, the chance of daughter will be greatly reduced.

Daughter enters adolescence, we should not avoid topics, early love and other topics.Tell your daughter how to get along with the opposite sex correctly; guide your daughter how to deal with the early love emotions he faces; let the daughter understand how to refuse the pursuit of others, so as not to cause trouble to themselves, nor can it collapse each otherKnowing the ability to improve ourselves and cultivation, we are qualified to encounter a better part of the better in the future; letting the daughter know that learning is the first priority, do not subvert the importance; let the daughter knowYou cannot go with the boys alone in a closed space, especially at night; formulate a time point to go home, or pick up the delivery daily at the high stage of the daughter’s elementary school …


There are more and more minor girls’ pregnancy. Among them, there are both the lack of sexual knowledge of the child, the weakness of the child’s safety awareness, and the poor supervision of parents!Can’t control the boy of other people’s house, we must first control our daughter!Church daughter’s self -esteem is the obligation of every parent. I hope everyone will not forget their duties.

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