The 14 -year -old girl was raped and gang raped by a number of relatives such as her father, grandpa, and 16 suspects were arrested

"Mom, you once said you like orchids, named me Lanlan. I thought you would love me too"

In Tang Lanlan’s heart, the word of parents has become a pain that is difficult to erase in her heart.

The name Tanglan is so pitiful in the eyes of the masses, so it makes people feel heartache.

This is the case that shocked the world and subverted people’s three views.

One day in 2008, the police from Dalianchi, Heilongjiang Province received a report. It was a case that a girl who was nearly 14 years old named Tang Lanlan (a pseudonym) was reported by the godmother Li Zhongyun. The girl said that she started from 6 years old.He has encountered his father, grandfather and many other loved ones rape and gang rape for 78 years!

When receiving this case, the police were in a surprised expression for a while, and this incident immediately attracted great attention from the police.

After that, the police also captured 16 criminal suspects such as Tang Lanlan’s father, mother, so what was the truth that shocked the society?IntersectionIntersection

In 1994, the Tang Lanlan family was born in Heilongjiang Heilian Chi City Heili Village, Heilongjiang Province. His father was named Tang Jihai and his mother was named Wan Xiuling.

Soon after Wan Xiuling gave birth to Tang Lanlan, she and her husband Tang Ji went overseas to work, so Tang Lanlan lived with her grandparents.

During this period, grandparents also loved Tang Lanlan very much, so at that time, Tang Lanlan’s life could be said to be carefree. The only thing that was not enough was that he could not see his parents.But what Tang Lanlan would not think of is that during these times when parents were absent, it may be the happiest time in her life!

As Tang Lanlan grew up slowly, when she was six years old, her father returned home. At this time, Tang Lanlan must have thought:

Dad is back, and I can finally live with Dad!

But Lanlan would never think that this time it was not only the return of Dad, but also the coming of her nightmare!IntersectionIntersection

One evening, Tang Jihai, who was drunk, returned home, and Tang Lanlan had already entered Dreamland at the time, so Tang Jihai had an evil thought and raped his daughter.I only knew that her father would not let her speak, and her body was very painful, so Tang Lanlan was scared when she saw her father.

But after Tang Jihai had once, he gradually became addicted, and as long as Lan Lan was disobedient, he would conduct violence on Lanlan.

And once, when Tang Jihai was violated against Lanlan, the movement of the emotion shocked Lan Lan’s grandparents.

I thought my grandparents would stop their father, but the result disappointed Lanlan. Grandpa and grandma did not care about this. After that, the simple Tang Lanlan really thought he had done something wrong. His father was "punishing" himself because he was the most for himselfThe loved grandparents stand by.

After that, Tang Lanlan ran to sleep with her grandparents in order to avoid her father. This time Tang Lanlan thought that she would no longer be "punished" by her father, but the next thing made Tang Lanlan almost desperate!IntersectionIntersection

That night, Tang Lanlan was ready to sleep as usual, but the grandmother stopped Tang Lanlan, but dragged Tang Lanlan directly, took off the clothes, and threw it to the grandfather on the bed.I was still afraid that Tang Lanlan shouted and shouted, and beaten Lanlan to let Lanlan shut up.

At this time, Lan Lan was still very small, but she couldn’t figure it out, why did the grandmother she loved to herself turned like this!

After that, Tang Lanlan was not only sexually assaulted by his father and grandfather, but even his uncle, uncle, teacher, village director, and neighbors of the country raped and gang rape.And for 8 years, it is all after watching the yellow video at home, and then find Tanglanlan to imitate!

Someone asked, what exactly is this father’s psychology?Not only rape her biological daughter, but also play her daughter to others?

In fact, Tang Jihai, the father of Tang Lanlan, was just a miner who had no culture in the early years. Because the miner had an accident, Tang Jihai lost his job, and then entered the electronic factory to make screws.Xiu Ling,

So Tang Jihai and Wan Xiuling were together, and soon after, Wan Xiuling became pregnant.

After giving birth to Tang Lanlan, in order to support her family, the couple went out to work again, but then Tang Jihai found that her wife Wan Xiuling had an unclear relationship with other men, because Wan Xiuling was young when she was young when she was young.It can be described as a factory flower, and there are many men to pursue her, and she became pregnant after some reason. Therefore, Tang Jihai felt that Wan Xiuling was not his own, so after Tang Lanlan was born, Tang Jihai did not accept the child.So the kind of beast behavior happened!

Tang Lanlan father Tang Jihai

It wasn’t until Tang Lanlan who went to elementary school in 2008 that he slowly understood the behavior of his father and his loved ones, which also caused Tang Lanlan to be in fear, because the school was far away in the elementary school.It is also at the Li Zhongyun couple’s house in Longzhen.

And the time came to the 11th holiday in 2008. Tang Lanlan, who could have been on the holiday home, was afraid to return to the house of the beast father, so Tang Lanlan chose to stay at the Li Zhongyun couple’s house, that is, this holiday, Tang Lanlan was pregnant!So her first reaction was to call her mother Wan Xiuling.

Tang Lanlan: Mom, I’m pregnant, my dad.

Wan Xiuling: You are nonsense, you will come back for two days this year. How can you get pregnant?

Tang Lanlan mother Wan Xiuling

Wan Xiuling, who learned the news, did not believe it, but because of his concern about the child, he rushed back to find Tang Lanlan.

That is, on October 3, 2008, Wan Xiu came to the Li Zhongyun couple’s home of Tang Lanlan’s boarding. When he wanted to pick up Tang Lanlan home, Tang Lanlan recognized the landlord Li Zhongyun as his father and mother.

Tang Lanlan didn’t want to go back to the nightmare’s home, so he refused to go back with her mother, but Wan Xiuling wanted to force her daughter back to force her, and it was only Tang Lanlan pushed her. She gave her backhand and gave it.Tang Lanlan slapped. When Tang Lanlan’s father saw Tang Lanlan’s family, he took his daughter home like this. Out of care, he drove Wan Xiuling and others away.

In the evening, the Li Zhongyun couple asked Tang Lanlan care about why it was unhappy because of Li Zhongyun’s soft concern, which made the heart that suppressed Tang Lanlan could not help it.Her 8 -year -old tragic experience informed Li Zhongyun.

Looking at Xiao Tang Lanlan, who was afraid and scared in front of him, Li Zhongyun couldn’t think of why there was such a group of beasts in human skin in the world!

That is, that night, Tang Lanlan wrote the courage to write down his miserable experience, and accompanied by his mother, his father, mother, grandpa, etc., he had infringed all her relatives.

Tang Lanlan said at the beginning of the letter, "I wrote this letter to make my a mother and my father apply for me."

After that, the report was adopted by the court, and the local public security organs also attached great importance to it. It began to investigate the sexual assault case that was destroyed. It didn’t take long for the police to capture 16 suspects, including the father of the soup.Tang Jihai, Tang Mu Wan Xiuling and Grandpa Tang Ruijing.

Tang Lanlan report letter

Until August 2009, after nearly 10 months after Tang Lanlan reported the case to the Wu Dalianchi police, the Heihe People’s Procuratorate filed a public prosecution to 11 defendants including Tang Jihai and Wan Xiuling with rape and forced prostitution.

Among the 16 suspects who had previously investigated by the police, Ding Fu, Tang Jibin, Xu Guocheng and other three people such as could not review prosecution within the statutory period and changed the mandatory measures to monitor the residence.

However, on December 13, 2008, Tang Ruijing, Tang Lanlan’s grandfather Tang Ruijing, was terminated and died of ineffectiveness during the detention of the detention center.

In the Heihe Intermediate People’s Court, in the trial of the case of the case, 11 defendants denied the facts of the criminal facts, and claimed that it was a confession of guilty confession in the case of torture.

In December, the People’s Procuratorate of Heihe City applied for the withdrawal of prosecution on the grounds of changes in factual evidence.

Until 2010, after half a year of withdrawal, the Heihe People’s Procuratorate re -prosecution to the Heihe Intermediate People’s Court. After three days of trial, 11 defendants were finally judged.

The defendant Tang Jihai was sentenced to life imprisonment and sentenced to the remaining ten defendants Wan Mouling, Liu Mouhai, Ji Moucai, Liang Mouquan, Wang Moucai, Liu Moucai, Xu Mousheng, Chen Mou Fu, Fu Fu, Fu, Chen Mou, Fu, Chen Mou, Fu, Fu Fu, Fu, Chen Mou, Fu, Fu, Fu, Fu, Chen Mou, and Chen Mou, Fu, Chen Mou, Fu10 people in the 5-15 years of the soldiers have been sentenced to 5-15 years in prison

Criminal suspect trial results

In 2017, Tang Lanlan’s mother Wan Xiuling was released from prison after 8 years and 8 months in prison, but according to Wan Xiuling, she couldn’t think of why her daughter brought her to prison?Of course, the aunt of Tang Lanlan, Tang Yumei, and her husband Liu Changhai were also involved in the case.

So a few people who appealed in joint appeal began to petition in non -designated places in different ways, and put pressure on the local government departments, in order to turn the case!

Because the span of this case was too large, the police did not collect physical evidence that can be able to play key evidence. The main evidence was the DVD machine and the yellow video disc in the home.

However, according to the purchase record of DVD, this machine was purchased in 2004, so it was the tool that the defendant committed the crime at the time without existing at the time

Not only that, Tang Lanlan’s aunt Liu Guiying provided a strange recording. The recording time was October 2008. Among them, the recording clearly recorded Tang Lanlan’s conversation with Liu Guiying at that time.Tang Lanlan said that if Liu Guiying could pay him for three years, she could not accuse Liu Guiying’s husband, as follows:

Liu Guiying: Take you 3000 for you a year?

Tang Lanlan: 3,000 a year, just three years.

Liu Guiying: Why do I get you 3,000 yuan for you?

Tang Lanlan: If you want to say that, I have nothing to say to you.

Liu Guiying: Well, I asked your old uncle, your uncle said that it was not the case at all.

Tang: He gave me a disaster, I told you that it is useless. If you don’t admit it, he will go in tomorrow.

Tang Lanlan cousin Liu Guiying

So what the phone wants to prove? According to the lawyer at the time, if she did not call the phone at the time, the other party would not be recorded, and he might be caught.

In the end, the public prosecution agency issued a view that there was no correlation between this extortion phone and the facts of the crime.

The court just rejected it directly to the incident of confession after being released from prison.

At this point, this disruptive sexual assault child child case will come to an end for a while!

Fortunately, the result is justice. It has not made this group of people overcome the case. The behaviors of these live animals that we can imagine are not just injured by a girl’s body.What a courage to psychology!

However, according to subsequent investigations, Tang Lanlan, a girl, did not cause psychological and mental problems due to this incident.

Finally, it is a serious anger and sad thing about the sexual assault of the alarm sexual assault by Tang Lanlan.

"I have been forcing myself to forget, but until now, I still remember the names of all those who violate me."

Tanglan Lan court charged

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