The 14 -year -old girl toilet gave birth to a baby boy Xi’an No. 1 Hospital for a number of middle school production children

Seeing these girls’ helplessness and dazed, people feel sad and worried.

If they have received the correct sexual knowledge education, if these girls know how to protect themselves, if they know some basic contraceptive knowledge, if they suspect that pregnancy can be seen in time … Maybe they can largely avoid the occurrence of minor child tragedy to a large extent.It’s right.

Recently, the obstetrics department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Medical College has given birth to a number of junior high school students and high school students.

Doctors warned girls to protect themselves, and called on their families, schools, and society to intervene early, guide, carry out sexual education, and avoid tragedy to occur again and again.

14 -year -old girl toilet

Classmate dial 120

The 14 -year -old girl Oda gave birth to a baby baby in the toilet in the dormitory. After being discovered by her classmates, she dialed 120, and the teacher accompanied Oda to be admitted to the hospital.

The baby has been observed after being born outside the hospital and has not been taken to the hospital after being sent to the hospital.During the hospitalization, Oda had no expression, without sadness and shame, and was indifferent to the tears.

Maybe it’s too young and don’t know the fear, maybe I don’t know how to deal with the next campus life after discharge. She often shows a confusion in her eyes.

This confusion makes people feel sad. How can she go to the way of life, and how long will it take to think about it?One year, two years, maybe longer …

16 -year -old high school student abdominal pain is unbearable

Mom thought appendicitis

The hospital’s emergency department suddenly received a call. A nearby hotel had a female abdominal pain and could not bear it. She couldn’t go to the hospital for the hospital. Please go to the target location.

After the emergency doctor arrived, he saw a girl’s abdominal pain and was unbearable and accompanied by a small amount of bleeding in the lower body, and quickly brought him back to the hospital’s emergency department for treatment.On the way to the hospital, the girl’s mother told her doctor that her child was 16 years old and currently studying in a high school in Xi’an. The child suddenly said that abdominal pain was unbearable. The mother felt that her daughter might be acute appendicitis.

After being diagnosed with doctors, the girl was about to give birth, and then gave birth to a baby girl with the help of obstetricians and midwives.Mom was shocked to see the scene in front of her.She said she didn’t know what to do because of the subsequent proof of birth.She said that her daughter is still a child. Once the baby has a birth certificate in her daughter’s name, what should her daughter’s future life?

17 -year -old girl

I want to rely on wearing tight -fitting exercise attempt to abortion

"Give it open, let the driving, someone is going to give birth." The obstetrics assisted the producers pushed the car and ran while pushing, and the painful moan came from time to time on the car …

The 17 -year -old pony was unbearable abdominal pain on the road. Although she wanted to hide her classmates and friends around her, she couldn’t hold on her abdominal pain. With the help of her friend, she came to the hospital for obstetrics.

The pony knew that she was pregnant, but she didn’t dare to tell the people around her that she was afraid of being ridiculed, and she dared not tell her parents far away.She has seen a lot of unexpected abortion plots on TV, thinking that sports, tights, and irritating foods can cause miscarriage, all kinds of attempts until the delivery time.It didn’t take long for the hospital to give birth to a baby girl.

The baby was lying quietly on the baby bed, and his friend was busy, but the pony didn’t think about how to tell his parents.China Business Daily reporter Li Lin

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