The 13 -year -old girl’s belly was swollen with "stretch marks", suspected to be pregnant?After the CT mother was scared on the spot

If you find these things on your daughter’s stomach, your reaction may be incomparable as the mother below.

A few days ago, the doctor went to the gynecological work and happened to meet such a pair of mothers and daughters in the office of the Director of the Department of Science. The mother’s face was a bit gloomy, and her daughter was innocent. It was obviously just crying. The director saw me over.Let me check this girl.

The little girl’s mother said: "It was about three or four months ago, and I found that my daughter’s stomach started to get bigger. At the beginning, I thought it was a good food at home. Children were developing.Began to pay attention to the combination of vegetables and vegetables, and after several grades of food standards, I found that the child’s belly is still bigger, and the strange thing is that the belly is normal, and my hands and feet are normal. Then I am very worried. After all, there are so many beasts in this society.Who knows if what I did to my daughter … ".

After listening to her daughter, she said, "Mom, I don’t know, I don’t know why the stomach is bigger. Don’t be angry, no one holds me."

The doctor couldn’t bear it, and said to her mother, "Ms., please go out first, let’s talk to the child."

The child’s mother glanced at the doctor, and turned and walked out.

After closing the door, the doctor asked the child, "Are you coming to menstruation? How old this year is this year."

Children are still very naive: "What is menstruation? I’m 13 years old."

The doctor nodded and thought, "It seems that this child did not give her a popular science education at home."

So the doctor said to her, "Please lie on the bed, do the doctor do it for you?"

The children lay on the bed very well.The doctor picked up her clothes, and was suddenly frightened by the scene in front of her. No wonder her mother would suspect that her child was pregnant. If this scene appeared on a 13 -year -old child, the doctor would highly suspect that she was pregnant because sheThe stretch marks are too obvious.

Her belly was very bulging, as if she was pregnant for seven or eight months, and her belly was covered with "cracks". She looked at the stretch marks of pregnant women.Go, the director looked dignified: "How to diagnose now"?

The doctor replied: "The easiest thing is to have a urine test, which is also a more accurate method."

The director nodded and said to the doctor: "There is a pregnancy test stick in my drawer, which is used for the patient. Although the child is not as pregnant, it is better to test it. Then hurry up to arrange a B -ultrasound.It is relatively hard and suspects that there are tumors or other problems. "

The doctor took out the pregnancy test stick, then opened the door and called the little girl’s mother, and said to her, "Your daughter cannot be pregnant, but for safety, you better take her to the toilet to test the urine.After taking the pregnancy test stick, take the child to do a B -ultrasound. You can rest assured that the probability of pregnancy is very low. "

When I heard the doctor said that, the little girl’s mother’s complexion was a bit relieved, and then she showed a worry: "I am also bad. Recently, I really didn’t sleep well for her. Thank you doctor."After speaking, take the little girl to the toilet. After about a few minutes, the little girl’s mother came back with the pregnancy test stick. When the doctor saw it, it was negative. It seemed that it was not a problem of pregnancy.I can do it, and I don’t know why her mother is not at home for the child.

Too late to think about it, the doctor gave the B -ultrasound to the little girl’s mother, and asked them to queue up quickly.After they walked, the director said to the doctor, "To contact the surgeon, I don’t think the problem of this little girl is not particularly good, it is likely to be tumors or ascites."

The doctor nodded, and now only wait for the B -ultrasound to come out.After waiting for about forty minutes, the little girl and mother came back. Holding the B -ultrasound in their hands, the doctor took out the film to the director.The mother of the doctor and the little girl said, "Look at it, this is the ovarian, this is the fallopian tube, just in this position on the left, that is, this is such a big ovary! Can you say that the child’s belly is not big?"Intersection

After watching the doctor, the doctor was startled. The little girl’s left ovary really had a large cyst. It seemed that at least 10x10x10cm or even bigger!The little girl’s mother couldn’t help but hugged the little girl and started crying: "I’m sorry for the baby, the mother is wrong."

The doctor quickly said to her, "Don’t cry first, and quickly apply for hospitalization. This ovarian cyst has a lot of examinations. The longer the delay, the more dangerous the child."

In the afternoon of the same day, doctors, directors, and several surgery experts discussed in the office. The CT examination of the little girl also uploaded to the background. While the doctors looked at them, they put forward their own opinions.About 35cm × 30cm × 10cm in the ovarian cyst is so large. If there is rupture and explosion, the child will instantly fall into shock because of excessive blood loss and excessive liquid liquid.

One surgeon believes: "This cyst is too large. The safest way is to drain multiple times. After the cyst drainage is completed, it is removed with peeling surgery to save the child’s reproductive endocrine function as much as possible."

The operation was about three days later!

In these three days, the little girl’s father, grandpa, grandma, grandfather and other families all arrived at the hospital one after another. They were very worried about the situation of the little girl. The little girl saw so many families, but she was not afraid of it.Every day, I feel very good, the time passes quickly, and the agreed operation time is.

After pushing the little girl to the rescue room, she asked the doctor a question: "Will I die?"

The doctor said with a smile, "Are you afraid of death?"

The little girl thought about it: "I’m not afraid, but I’m afraid of grandparents, parents, and sadness."

The doctor touched her head: "Then you must persist, otherwise they will be sad."

The surgery started. Under the general anesthesia, the surgeon was skillfully pierced into the abdominal cavity of the little girl with a drainage needle, and then stretched out the stitch to the needle of the little girl. With the flow of some thick water, the doctors were loosened.Tone, it seems that the little girl’s cyst will not explode.

Direct surgery alone was almost 5 hours. In the end, the little girl’s ovarian cysts flowed out of 15000ml pus, and the whole belly looked very small.

Digestion surgery is just an appetizer. The surgeon wiped the sweat on his head and immediately picked up the willow leaf knife.It is also necessary to avoid the blood vessels, and at the same time to save the ovaries of the little girl. If it is a married woman, it does not matter if she cut it, but the little girl still has a good life. The doctor must keep her ovarian.

After the little girl’s abdominal cavity opened a mouth, the surgeon took out the small girl’s cysts little by little, slowly peeling away from the cyst. After three hours of struggle, a complete cyst was finally stripped out. The operating room in the operating room.Everyone took a sigh of relief and looked at the serene little girl, and wondered if she was doing a dream.

After that, it was easy to deal with. After sutured the little girl, I was sent to the ICU monitoring. I woke up in about a day and was discharged from the hospital for about a week in the general ward. I hope she can have a happy life next.


How did this tumor come from? It may be a fan, because the doctor sent the pus and tumors to the pathological analysis and did not find any infection. Perhaps this was a very low probability that it happened to the little girl.It may also be ovarian cysts caused by sudden genetic mutations.

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