The 13 -year -old girl was trafficked by a trafficker on the way to school, and she became pregnant a year later.

In 1974, Guo Fangli was born in a wealthy family in Shaanxi. Her father had a vision that ordinary people did not have, so in the early years, she made a truck pouring sand and earning a lot of money.

When Guo Fangli was a child, she liked a fake boy. She liked to climb the campaigns such as tree nests, but although she loved to play, she had always had a good academic performance. Each test was also in the top of the class.If no accident, Guo Fangli has been living like this, she should have lived happily, but everything changed when she was 13 years old.

On this day, Guo Fangli went to school early as usual. As soon as she went out of the village, she met a couple and asked her. Guo Fangli answered warmly. When she was leaving, the couple gave her a bottle of drink.Before drinking, Guo Fangli accepted it.After the couple left, Guo Fangli looked at no one, and twisted the bottle cap and drank it.After a while, Guo Fangli began to feel dizzy, and after a few steps, he fell to the ground.The couple immediately ran out of the bushes next to them, and quickly tied Guo Lifang and took it away.

When Guo Fangli woke up again, she was already on a train. Because of the strange environment around, Guo Fangli scared, and she began to yell.So the couple immediately coaxed her, but Guo Fangli had met with them and was not familiar at all, so the couple’s coaxing did not work at all.Seeing this situation, the two of them took out a bottle of drink and handed it to Guo Fangli. She didn’t want to drink it, but after taking the train for a long time, she was thirsty, and finally opened it. Soon she felt dizzy again again.After that, it has always been drowsy.

I don’t know how long, Guo Fangli woke up again and found that she had reached a bed, and a large group of strangers around her looked at her.Guo Fangli immediately scared, and her body was unconsciously shrinking to the corner of the bed.At this time, a woman came and began to comfort Guo Fangli, but after all, she was still a child, and she wanted to find her parents as soon as possible.But when Guo Fangli proposed to go home, everyone’s face suddenly became cold and turned and walked out.

When it was late, Guo Fangli saw that there was no one outside the window from the window, so he wanted to run out secretly, but he ran to the door and found that the door was locked. Thinking of the teacher taught by the teacher, Guo Fangli suddenly realized that she should beIt was trafficking, and I was startled in an instant.After a while, a dark -skinned strong man came in with two bowls of rice. Guo Fangli was scared and picked up the bench, but the strong man didn’t take it seriously, and put the rice on the table.Because Guo Fangli tossed, she didn’t eat for a day, and she was hungry, so she sat down and ate.

By the next day, the woman came to Guo Fangli to talk again and wanted Guo Fangli to marry her son, but Guo Lifang was only 13 years old and was still studying. She would not agree.After being rejected by Guo Lifang, the woman immediately changed her face, and suddenly she beat Guo Fangli, and then closed her.That night, Guo Fangli was violated by the strong man.

More than a month later, Guo Fangli was checked for pregnancy. At a young age, she must not be able to confront them. She had to endure it first. One year later, Guo Fangli, who was only 14 years old, became a mother.Because she did not take care of her child’s experience, Guo Fangli had to follow what the old lady said and slowly obeyed her order.Seeing that "daughter -in -law" is so good, as if she was going to live up, the old lady began to relax the control of Guo Fangli.

One day, the child fell asleep. The old lady took Guo Fangli to go out to the collection. While there were many people on the street, Guo Fangli secretly ran into the post office and wrote a brief letter to send it out, and then returned to the old lady without any matter.

Later, Guo Lifang began to wait anxiously. It didn’t take long for a police car to stop at the door of the old lady’s house.The moment the parents came down from the car, Guo Lifang cried loudly, and all the grievances in his heart leaked.Although it took a few years, she felt longer than her life, and it was just her cleverness and forbearance, and finally rescued herself.Fortunately, Guo Lifang is not very old, and has time to restore the scars in his heart, let us bless her.

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