The 12 -year -old girl was sexually assaulted for twice.

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What makes girls hurt again by a sin

Xinyi City is located in western Guangdong. It is a well -known overseas Chinese hometown. Three or five floors have built Fanglin.Here is the reputation of "the hometown of China Ci Xiao Culture", and the beautiful landscape is a beautiful place.

There was something ugly in such a beautiful place.According to media reports, a 12 -year -old man of mentally retarded girl was sexually assaulted, twice pregnancy, and two abortion surgery.

A girl in the sixth grade may be difficult for choosing cartoon stickers. Perhaps she eager for a pink skirt. She may be tortured by the tutoring class, but Xiao Wen was tortured by a series of things she didn’t understand, and she fell twice in a row.

Before falling into the abyss, there should be a large and small net to stop her body.The fact is that these web has not affected a 12 -year -old body whether it is fragile or strong like steel.

Xiaowen lives on the northern suburbs of Xinyi City, and the ruined brick house is sandwiched between the building.In the sixth grade in the sixth grade, her IQ test was only 34 points. In mid -March this year, Xiaowen hadn’t come to menstruation for two months. The aunt took her to the hospital for examination to know that she had been pregnant for 9 weeks.Her description was messy and crushed, saying that in the alleys and school toilets near home, five or six bad guys were "treacherous", one was an old man, and the other was "broken".

In the past half a year, on October 24, Xiao Wen was found to have been pregnant for 5 weeks.She said that a thin and long bangs took her to grass 1 kilometers away.She was sexually assaulted under the banana tree.

She can’t understand what happened to her body.After the first abortion surgery, she told her family that she was a little painful, wanted to drink baby haha, and wanted to eat fruits; for the second time, she asked the third aunt who was accompanied by her and hugged her.

In the south that rarely snow, Xiao Wen’s encounter is bitter than any cold.Surprise flickering in the eyes of people around him like snowflakes. Why did tragedy happen repeatedly?

Of course, the evil person should be punished.After the first report, the police took three people to compare the aborted embryo DNA without finding the matching object.One of the 82 -year -old people admitted that they had sexual assault on Xiaowen and had obscenity. However, the police "did not have sufficient evidence and considers the age of the elderly, and adopted it to surveillance and residence."

The suspect had not been caught, but Xiao Wen was retaliated first.After she had a miscarriage, her family kept her at home and "protected". The family said that there was no adult in the family and the identified object of the disabled on the hand to come to the door and hit the small text.

The "French Open" that protects the parties has a brief failure. The first case has not been concluded, and the second sexual assault is found.My mother returned to her mother’s house that day, and Xiao Wen ran out when he threw garbage in the afternoon. He returned at 11 o’clock that night. The family guessed that the tragedy happened again during this period.

The family accused the police of "not paying enough attention in the early stage."They waited for 20 days before taking the children to the flow of people. There seemed to be no other way. They could only use the small text to attract enough attention.

Relevant laws stipulate that rape minors and mentally retarded people must be punished with heavy penalties.The relevant person in charge of the Propaganda Department of the Xinyi Municipal Party Committee responded that the incident was relatively special. Xiao Wen was a person with intellectual disabilities. Some of the fragmented details mentioned made people doubtful, which brought a lot of difficulty to the investigation of the case.When Xiaowen was pregnant during the second time, the public security organs of Maoming and Xinyi had set up a task force to handle the case.At present, the police have expanded the scope of investigation and "and" and urged the suspects of illegal crimes to surrender as soon as possible. "

Prior to the "true murderer", people can easily blame the parents of Xiaowen and know that their children have disability. Why not do not fulfill the responsibility of the guardian?Is the second network from the family also broken?

In those two dwarfs, there were four family of four.Xiaowen’s father and mother also have intellectual defects. They do not understand Mandarin, and they will not get money to fill in the form.Brother is better than Xiaowen, but suffers from the same disease. After dropping out of school, he ran around.

When the reporter came to the house to interview, the parents would only respond simply. Xiao Wen listened quietly, and sometimes smiled as if listening to the story of others.The family’s life is supported by subsistence allowances, disability subsidies, and mothers to grow vegetables, and their father make handling support.Parents’ hands can earn three meals a day for their children, but they are not necessarily strong enough to resist the sin of the child.

Xiaowen continued to fall like a free fall. Her relatives hoped that social assistance could take on the third net, but unfortunately failed to do so.The legal provisions say that when the parents of the minor cannot be monitored, they are replaced by other loved ones. When this "person" is also absent, the guardian is held by the civil affairs department, and the residents ‘committee and the villagers’ committee can be held.

When the first nightmare came, Xiaowen’s family asked for help from the Community neighborhood committee.The community secretary told reporters that at the time, they did not expect to report to the Women’s Federation and superiors, thinking that it was enough to involve the police station.

The director of the community said that she knew that Xiao Wen was sexually assaulted through the police station. After that, she had accompanied the escort beside Xiao Wen many times and sent her home.

The whole thing is like a beer bottle rotating to the ground.Each "net" felt that he had no loopholes, but was eventually penetrated maliciously.

Today, the local women’s federation is helping Xiaowen to prepare materials to fund her to study in a special school.In the childhood of Xiaowen’s sewing, I hope that the pain has been over.

In a news picture, Xiaowen wore pink clothes.Although the eyes hit the mosaic, the tiger’s teeth were sharp and the smile was clear. It was the most worry -free smile.

Responsible editor: Qin Lumin

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