The 11 -year strong history of "Queen of Duo Jin" Li Xiang, and the 4 men behind her

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18 -year -old Li Xiang in 1994 made her classmates very envious, and she could be sent to Tianjin University.

However, Li Xiang gave up this opportunity because there was a dream in her heart. She chose to apply for the Beijing Broadcasting College and was eventually admitted by the host of the college.

When Li Xiang walked on the campus of Beijing Broadcasting College, Li Houlin, Tianjin, started a business of selling "golden raw materials" and dreamed that one day he could become a richest man.

Wang Yuelun in Beijing was influenced by the father of the painter. He painted every day and dreamed of becoming a painter as powerful as his father.

At that time, they would not think that in the near future, destiny will make them meet and a bunch of dog blood stories, while Li Houlin and Wang Yuelun witnessed Li Xiang’s gentleness and strength.


After Li Xiang entered the Beijing Broadcasting Academy, she was very serious. She also let a boy see her tenderness.

Once I took a big class, she and a boy were late at the same time. She sat in the penultimate row, and the boy sat behind her.

After a while, the boy patted Li Xiang and said to her, "Can you sit down?"

Li Xiang was a little angry. She was not angry because of the boy’s words, but because the boy was a bit strong and painted her.Her head said, "Why should I sit down?"

The boy was stunned and didn’t speak, but after a while he took a look at Li Xiang again. Li Xiang looked back at the other party angrily. This glance became the beginning of fate.

After a few days, Li Xiang attended a ball hosted by the school. In the crowd, she found that a handsome guy was very dazzling.In order to see the handsome guys, she approached the handsome guy. When I approached, she found that the handsome guy turned out to be a boy sitting behind herself a few days ago.

What is more interesting is that the handsome guy also discovered her, and the two also peeked at each other at the scene of the ball. For the first time, Li Xiang felt excited.

What Li Xiang did not expect was that the boy went to her dormitory downstairs the next day with a horn to ask her to eat. Although Li Xiang did not know the name of the boy at that time, she still agreed and brought the roommates who brought the whole dormitory.Raise this boy.

When eating, Li Xiang knew the name of the boy. His name was: Guan Weimin.

After that, Li Xiang and Guan Weimin were getting closer and closer, and the two became men and women.Guan Weimin will help Li Xiang in the cafeteria, and will help Li Xiang occupy a seat in the library. He will listen to Li Xiang’s shattered thoughts carefully. He takes Li Xiang very well, and Li Xiang also enjoys such sweetness.

And this sweetness has not ended because of college graduation.


Prior to graduation in college in 1996, Li Xiang interns on CCTV’s "Walking with You" column. She wants to stay in this column through her own efforts and stay in Beijing.

But fate, Li Xiang just after the internship, this column was revoked.

Li Xiang was confused, I don’t know where to go.

At this time, Hunan TV was recruiting people, and some people advised her to try it.However, she couldn’t see Hunan TV. At that time, Hunan TV broadcast feed advertisements all day. In Li Xiang’s view, Hunan TV was a rural TV station.

However, there was no way out in Beijing, and Li Xiang could only go back and try it. This trial made her admitted.In order to protect the love between them, Guan Weimin also interviewed Hunan TV and was accepted.

Li Xiang is very happy to work with his lover in one unit. They presided over the show together and make progress together.However, with the reform of Hunan TV Station, the gap between them is increasing. Li Xiang was reused by Hunan TV. Guan Weimin was eliminated by Hunan TV because of its traditional hosting style.

In the process, the relationship between Li Xiang and Guan Weimin had a problem, and they broke up.

After leaving Li Xiang, Guan Weimin went to Guizhou, Fujian and other television stations. After continuous improvement, he was fancy by CCTV and became the host of the CCTV military newspaper show.

Li Xiang began to host the variety show "Happy Camp" in July 1997, and quickly became popular.

When Li Xiang became popular, Wang Yuelun, who had entered social work, did a work related to artistic design. He designed an brochure for the enterprise, designing product packaging, and even designing.

After a long time, Wang Yuelun felt that these things were boring, and he wanted to change the runway of his career.He started a documentary director to shoot filmmakers.

A filmmaker who has a good relationship with him suggested that he be a film director, and recommended him to study at the New York Film Academy in the United States.

It was just that after learning, Wang Yuelun and the film director were a bit separated. He became a MV director.

Occasionally, he filmed a MV named "One Third Ideal" and won Video Music Award’s best music video.

This MV was seen by Faye Wong, and Faye Wong invited him to make a few MVs for her new album.

When Faye Wong’s album was released, Wang Yuelun became famous in the circle, and many stars took the initiative to find him to shoot MV.Sometimes he can’t be busy, and he also let his good friends, but also the MV director Ning Hao helped to take some.

At this time, Wang Yuelun would not think that he would meet Li Xiang because of shooting MV.


Before meeting with Wang Yuelun, Li Xiang first met two richest people.

After breaking up with Guan Weimin, Li Xiang devoted himself to the embrace of a rich man in the catering industry. The rich man also sent Li Xiang a red car.

When Li Xiang fell in love with the richest man in the catering, after years of hard work, Li Houlin accumulated 50 million mobile funds. He devoted himself to the diamond industry to create an international professional diamond jewelry retail center Hengxin Diamond Palace.

Li Houlin, who had money, started the idea of a female star.In 2000, singer Zhou Yanhong went to his hometown to a concert. He rushed to the scene and used various relationships to get Zhou Yanhong’s contact information.

He pursued Zhou Yanhong, giving flowers, jewelry, and wiping honey on his mouth.

Zhou Yanhong fell.

After becoming Li Houlin’s girlfriend, Zhou Yanhong did his best for Li Houlin’s career development.She invited a friend in the circle for Li Houlin’s new store platform, and often used her reputation to promote Li Houlin’s company.

This makes Li Houlin’s company’s popularity greater and better.

In the process, Zhou Yanhong participated in the show of Hunan TV. He met Li Xiang. The two became good friends. They also met in Guangzhou to buy clothes.

They would not think that in 2004 they would break through friendship because of Li Houlin.

Before Li Xiang and Zhou Yanhong’s friendship broke down, Li Houlin prepared for a dog blood drama.


In 2003, Li Houlin divided him with Zhou Yanhong on the grounds of "unsuccessful personality". Zhou Yanhong was very sad.

But Li Houlin no longer cares about her, he has a new goal.

He met the singer Sun Yue, and under his fierce pursuit, Sun Yue fell.

It’s just that this relationship is not long.Instead, after breaking up with Li Houlin, Sun Yue invested in the embrace of the rich Wu Feizhou. After marrying Wu Feizhou, she quit the music scene.

Without Sun Yue, Li Houlin continued to chase other female stars.

After being introduced by a friend, he met the female star Qin Hailu, and he fell in love with Qin Hailu at first sight.

Li Houlin is still pursuing violently. It is common for flowers and jewelry to send flowers and jewelry.

In the end, Qin Hailu also fell.

In the sixth month when the two fell in love, Li Houlin proposed to Qin Hailu, but was rejected by Qin Hailu because Qin Hailu felt that marriage was a bit too early to talk about marriage for half a year.

Although Qin Hailu was rejected, Li Houlin did not give up.It didn’t take long for him to send 50 rare color diamonds to Qin Hailu, and said to her: "50 diamonds represent 50 years of gold marriage."

Qin Hailu was very moved, and she felt that the man in front of him deserved his life.

One month later, he went to Hong Kong to shoot, and Li Houlin had time to visit the class.

What she didn’t expect was that Li Houlin and Li Xiang crossed Chen Cang.


When Qin Hailu filmed in Hong Kong, Li Houlin met Li Xiang at a event.At that time, Li Xiang had broken up with the rich people, and Li Houlin started to Li Xiang.

He pursued Li Xiang’s exhibition. When he met Li Xiang for the third time, he asked Li Xiang for marriage. Li Xiang was not ready and refused.But Li Houlin did not give up. He proposed many times in the next month, and Li Xiang agreed.

When Li Xiang was successfully won, Li Houlin said goodbye to Qin Hailu.

On July 21, 2004, Qin Hailu returned to Beijing after filming. As soon as he got off the plane, he received a text message from Li Houlin’s breakup.Qin Hailu felt inexplicable, and returned a "Why?"

At that time, she felt that Li Houlin was in a small emotion, so she didn’t care about it anymore, thinking about meeting him for a few days to meet again.

But she never thought that she saw Li Xiang announced the marriage with Li Houlin a few days later.

She couldn’t believe it was true, she couldn’t believe Li Houlin would treat her like this.

She broke her face every day with her heartbreak.

What is more interesting is that after the news of Li Xiang and Li Houlin’s marriage was announced, some insiders broke the news that Zhou Yanhong was Li Houlin’s ex -girlfriend, and also revealed that Li Houlin and Li Xiang did not break up with Qin Hailu when they were together.

For this breaking news, Li Houlin denied that he only admitted that he had cooperated with them, but he was not a relationship between men and women.

Looking at Li Houlin’s relationship with Qin Hailu, Qin Hailu’s sister Qin Lan couldn’t stand it anymore. She said to the media: "Li Houlin’s proposal to Li Xiang’s proposal is exactly the same as before.While falling in love with a girl, he will propose to another girl. He does not admit that he has been in love with Qin Hailu. It is a kind of insult to Qin Hailu. Such a man is so shameless! "

This made Li Houlin admit that he had loved Qin Hailu.

As for Zhou Yanhong, during this time, because of the identity of Li Houlin’s ex -girlfriend, her current boyfriend divided her with her.In addition, she was sick and hospitalized.

When she was in the hospital, she thought of her happiness because she was gone, she was sad, she cried, and her crying picture happened to be photographed by the media, so some news said that because Li Houlin was about to get married, Zhou Yanhong cried sadly.

Those who have a good thing go to ask Li Xiang how to see Zhou Yanhong cry because they are going to get married?Li Xiang bluntly said that Zhou Yanhong was hype.

So some people informed Li Xiang’s words that Zhou Yanhong, Zhou Yanhong just shouted that Li Xiang would say this.

The friendship between the two ruptured.

Before the marriage, there were so many things to do. Some media asked Li Xiang if these things would affect her relationship with Li Houlin?Li Xiang bluntly said: "Nothing can stop me from being with my husband, because we have loved each other deeply, it is particularly deep."

She said that Li Houlin was her true love and the true emperor.

The two registered for marriage in October 2004.


After the two got married, they often showed happiness. In front of Li Houlin, Li Xiang was like a gentle bird.

And in the year of marriage, Li Xiang was not satisfied with just being a host. She had to be a boss.

She established a cultural company that needed 8 million funds, and Li Houlin issued 2 million to support her.

Interestingly, at the end of 2005, Li Xiang set up another company called "Daan Ying Painting". Another shareholder of this company was Wang Yuelun.

Li Xiang and Wang Yuelun met in 2005, because they wanted to shoot MV for their songs "Needless to Love You" and "0123456", Li Xiang found Wang Yuelun, and she appreciated Wang Yuelun’s talent.

When Li Xiang hosted "Super Girl" in 2006, Wang Yuelun also deliberately went to the visiting class, and the two began to have a scandal.

It is just that the marriage rumors of Li Xiang and Li Houlin are more interesting compared with Wang Yuelun’s scandal.

Some people say that Li Xiang was violent by Li Houlin, and some people said that Li Houlin’s company had a crisis and was on the verge of bankruptcy.

What’s more interesting is that on November 22, 2006, Li Xiangfa announced the news of divorce with Li Houlin. She said that she and Li Houlin divorced because of her career and pressure. She said that domestic violence and bankruptcy were rumors.She also said that she did not regret having such a marriage with Li Houlin.

Faced with such a explosive news, a reporter went to interview Li Houlin. Li Houlin bluntly said: "I don’t want to have any contact with entertainment. This kind of life is not what I want, it has exceeded the scope I can bear.It is very friendly. Now everyone is also a friend, easier to be together than before. I think it is good to her now, she can invest more. "

After that, Li Houlin really did not connect with the entertainment industry.On the day Li Xiang took the news of Li Xiang’s divorce in the official announcement and Li Houlin, he took Wang Yuelun and her family to eat.


Facing the rumored scandal, Li Xiang and Wang Yuelun refused to admit it.Instead, Wang Yuelun re -ignited the dream of the film director.

This year, Wang Yuelun’s old friend Ning Hao filmed the movie "Crazy Stone" and achieved huge success. Ning Hao became the leader of the young director.

Wang Yuelun was greatly stimulated, and he also wanted to make a movie.

For Wang Yuelun’s film, Li Xiang is very supportive. She sells houses and finds friends to borrow money, which has enough to get 30 million.

Before Wang Yuelun’s script came out, 30 million was already in place.

Wang Yuelun did not disappoint Li Xiang. In 2008, the comedy movie "Top Nine Beauty", which he directed, was released. He harvested more than 46 million box office and was very successful.

But even so, the two never acknowledged falling in love.

When Wang Yuelun admits the relationship with Li Xiang, it was already in 2009. This year Li Xiang was pregnant. Wang Yuelun told the media that he and Li Xiang had received a certificate in January this year. They did not hold a wedding.I ate a meal together.

In October of this year, their daughter Wang Shiling was born.

After Wang Shiling was born, Li Xiang’s desire to make money was even stronger.She went to the mango film industry to join Shenzhen Satellite TV, 360 Film and Television, and cooperated with Bona Films.Even in accordance with the trend of the development of the times, she devoted her to the live broadcast industry and made a lot of money.

Li Xiang became a real woman with a real price. After having huge wealth, she became more and more strong.

This kind of strength can be deeper than Wang Yuelun.

In an interview with the media, Wang Yuelun bluntly said that Li Xiang’s temper was bigger and bigger.

If Wang Yuelun is going out of the way, no matter how late he is, as long as Li Xiang calls, Wang Yuelun must answer within 10 seconds, otherwise it will be Li Xiang’s scolding.

And when Li Xiang needs him, he must appear within 10 minutes, otherwise Li Xiang will get angry with him.

As for the usual life, Li Xiang even had a mantra like "I’m giving you a face again" and "Hurry up to me".

It’s just that such "bitterness", Wang Yuelun can bear, who allows Li Xiang to make money.


Because Li Xiang was too able to make money, Wang Yuelun no longer worked hard, and the movie dream was left behind by him. He had not filmed for many years.

From the perspective of the outside world, Wang Yuelun has become a "soft rice man".

It’s just that Wang Yuelun is not an ordinary "soft rice man". He wants to "soft rice".

For this reason, he made two things that caused Li Xiang’s headache.

In 2018, he was photographed with a mysterious woman in the hotel for three hours. He met with friends late at night and held the woman’s waist in public.

In 2020, he was photographed a girl in KTV "Niche".

In order to maintain the good image of husband and wife, Li Xiang had to dispel Wang Yuelun in the end.

After that, Wang Yuelun was a lot good. In the future, whether he can "hard" is another matter.

When Wang Yuelun was at home, Li Xiang had an accident.On February 22, 2021, some landlords accused Li Xiang rent a house to live broadcast.

Things quickly fermented, and Li Xiang got hot search.

But Li Xiang was not vegetarian. Her staff member issued a statement to rumors, saying that they invited 3 aunts to clean up before leaving.

For a while, the two sides held their own words, and people eating melon watched the fun.

What’s more interesting is February 24, the landlord said that the matter has been resolved.

Netizens have speculated that this was Li Xiang who bought the landlord with money, but for these voices, Li Xiang did not bother to pay attention. She showed her affection. She posted a photo with Wang Yuelun on the social account, a quiet look.

Today, Li Xiang is no longer the gentle girl in front of Guan Weimin and Li Houlin. She has become a strong "Duo Jin Queen" and puts Wang Yuelun.

As for whether this life is happy?Only she knew it herself.

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