The 11 -year -old girl was violated when seeing a doctor. Dr. Moral Dr. added anesthetic to the liquid, causing girls to get pregnant

Source: Han Shi Funwen

In a hospital corridor in the ancient city of Northwest, a woman kept slap her slap.Her eleven -year -old daughter saw her mother hit herself and cried to stop her mother.Unexpectedly, the mother not only did not listen, but also started the child.More and more people watching in the corridor are blame her, why do they want to hit children?If you really encounter any difficulties?You can say it, let everyone help!The woman who hit the child stopped, and she said that she was called He Caiqin.She said that whether it was her or her daughter, she should fight, not only should they be damaged.She was holding a list in her hand, and her daughter was pregnant.You should know that her daughter Yun Yun was only in the fifth grade, eleven years old.How is this possible?She can’t believe it at all!She blame herself that she is not optimistic about her children, and even how can children do such a thing?But, the child is so young, do she really understand love and love?She believes that this is not easy, she has to check it clearly.To say how her daughter was pregnant, she had to start with her with her daughter.

Her daughter denied that she had been pursued by many people before she was married, because she was beautiful and married a rich local family, she was also beautiful for a while.At that time, when she saw her classmates, especially when her classmates met, she would say that studying well when she was going to school, it was better to marry.However, she later knew she was wrong.Well married and really didn’t learn well.Because her stomach was not angry, she could not give birth to her son, and she was disgusted by her husband.In the end, the simply husband swept her and her daughter out.

The host of the CCTV Lecture Hall tells a screenshot of the video of the case

She is looking at herself and looking at her former classmates.Those students who read well were almost all the last winners who went to work and settle in the provincial capital.She finally understood that knowledge can change destiny.She missed this opportunity, but she couldn’t let her daughter miss the opportunity to change their knowledge to change her destiny.In order to allow her daughter to be better educated, she took her daughter away from the small county and went to work in the provincial capital.They rented in the village in the city. The daughter was a school -made child school. She worked in the provincial capital and worked three workers a day to save money.The daughter said that her classmates have mobile phones, and she also bought a mobile phone for her daughter.As long as they have children, she will try to satisfy the child.However, what makes her puzzled now, how did her daughter get pregnant?Who did you do such a good thing?She asked her daughter, who did it have to do with you?The daughter said nothing, I didn’t want to say it, or I really didn’t know.Zhang Caiqin asked her daughter if she learned other children and fell in love with others.Daughter denies.

Yunyun remembered that someone had taken off her own clothes. She could only pick up her daughter’s mobile phone and see if her daughter’s mobile phone. Is there any clue?A man named Ye Hua soon was noticed by He Caiqin.This Ye Hua often send text messages to her daughter, and she is sending almost every day.He Caiqin asked her daughter Yun Yun, is the child Ye Hua?Yunyun said she had never seen this person at all.He Caiqin thought that her daughter would not tell the truth, she used her daughter’s mobile phone to simulate her daughter’s tone.

On the night of the meeting, Ye Hua was dressed handsomely, holding a rose in his hand, and appeared at the agreed place.What made him unexpected was that three people dragged him into a corner, and he was beaten by pain.He thought he had encountered a robbery, and he said he had no money and let them not hurt himself.The person who hit him was He Caiqin and his fellow.When facing the question of He Caiqin, Ye Hua said that he and Yunyun were just ordinary netizens and had not met before. This time, they were ready to meet.And he also showed all the chat records!He said that he was only 18 years old. When he saw Yunyun on the Internet, he downloaded some luxury cars. The villa showed Yun Yun and pretended to be a big model.In fact, the two have never seen each other at all. This time has not achieved it, thinking that they have encountered robbery.

He Caiqin knew that she was looking for the wrong person, she could only go home and ask her daughter.Let my daughter think about it, have anyone taken off her clothes in recent times?Speaking of undressing, Yunyun remembers.Dr. Chengzhong Village violated her daughter Yun Yun. She said that some time ago, you put me in a small clinic in our rental place. I infused in the clinic, and you went to work and let me go home alone.At that time, I didn’t know why, I fell asleep when the infusion.

After waking up, I found that my clothes were gone, so I put it on the ground.Dr. Zhang wanted to dress me, and when I saw me wake up, he told me that I had a full -body check for me just now. This inspection requires undressing.Because she saw her asleep, Dr. Zhang took off her clothes.

Now seeing her wake up, Dr. Zhang asked her to wear clothes and told her that the disease was no longer a big deal, so don’t tell your mother, save your mother worry!Therefore, she did not tell her mother.After hearing this, He Caiqin finally knew what was going on?She was going to find the doctor Zhang Ping in Chengzhongcun to settle the account. It was already night.The door of Zhang Ping’s house was also closed, and she desperately patted Zhang Ping’s door.Zhang Ping was called in his mouth, and Zhang Ping got out.Zhang Ping didn’t come out, and Zhang Ping’s wife Wang Hong came out.Wang Hong opened the door and saw that it was a foreign tenant He Caiqin knocking on the door of her house, and she scolded He Caiqin.Unexpectedly, He Caiqin ignored her and kept drilling at her house.He also said that he would find Zhang Ping’s account.

Wang Hong did not let her enter the door, and the two twisted together.Because of fighting and scolding, there are more and more people who watch the lively, but no one pulls a rack.Obviously, the person who was beaten was He Caiqin. The reason why everyone didn’t dare to pull the frame was because Wang Hong was a spicy woman.Everyone does not want to offend Wang Hong for He Caiqin.He Caiqin was beaten out!

Anesthetic in the infusion bottle

Before He Caiqin left, he said to the public that Zhang Ping violated my daughter. I had no place to justify it?Wang Hong has been protecting her husband.Zhang Ping is a child of a remote mountain village. He graduated from the University of Medicine and entered Wang Hong’s house after graduation.He opened a clinic in the village in the city, and he saw a doctor nearby.His word of mouth is still good.

Zhang Ping opened a clinic in the village in the city, and his reputation was very good. Is Zhang Ping really harmed others, and Wang Hong also muttered.After Wang Hong drove He Caiqin away, he inserted it into her door. She called Zhang Ping and wanted to ask.She saw that Zhang Ping was very uncomfortable. She looked white for a while, her expression was nervous, and she didn’t dare to face Wang Hong at all.Wang Hong said that you honestly explain to me, are you bullying a little girl?Zhang Ping kneeled in front of his wife at once, and he acknowledged that he had violated Yunyun.He said that there were no other patients at home that day, that is, Yunyun’s infusion.He added anesthetic to the bottle of Yunyun’s infusion. After Yunyun had no consciousness, he violated Yunyun.

He thought he was seamlessly done by himself, but he did not expect He Caiqin to come to the door.After talking about these Zhang Ping let Wang Hong save himself, he said that he could not get something wrong, and he could not let the child have a criminal father.Although Wang Hong said in his mouth, no one could save him.However, she still received 10,000 yuan, and he was not compensated by He Caiqin.Sister He, said good words.Let He Caiqin make up for the child and collect this 10,000 yuan.However, He Caiqin did not want money, but smashed money on Wang Hong’s face.He Caiqin said, our child is only 11 years old, why do you have to get off?It really means that beasts are not as good as!Seeing that He Caiqin didn’t give her face, she began to change her face and scolded.She said that she should not be toasting or not eating and punishment. She also said that things have passed so long. What evidence do you have?Can you prove that Zhang Ping raped your daughter?

Wang Hong wants to use 300,000 yuan. Does He Caiqin say you want evidence?The child in my daughter’s belly is evidence.Wang Hong was startled, isn’t the child just 11 years old?How can there be children?She knew that the matter was big, and she didn’t dare to be arrogant, and hurriedly ran out.She returned home and told Zhang Ping that the matter was big and the children were pregnant.How can Zhang Ping say?It is impossible to get pregnant.Wang Hong said that you have violated others, how do you know that people will not be pregnant?

Zhang Ping said that I thought she did not develop?Wang Hong said that this is not your good thing?Now I have to find a way to deal with the baby in the child’s belly.Otherwise, you are the crime of rape and be sentenced.The couple came to He Caiqin’s house and sip a sip of He.Since this matter has happened now, we have to solve it. This kind of thing is to cover it and have to cover it. Otherwise, how can children grow up when they grow up?Does she say you can see this?I contacted the hospital and dealt with the child. After the incident is completed, I will give you 300,000 yuan.How much does He Caiqin say?Wang Hong knew that He Caiqin was excited, and this matter could be done.She slowed down and said that 300,000 yuan.As long as the child is killed, I will not have a penny of a penny.

Take your daughter to the police

Hearing 300,000 yuan, He Caiqin was really excited, and she agreed.Wang Hong said yes, I will contact the hospital, and I should have surgery tomorrow.You are waiting for my news.After they left, Yun Yun poured a glass of water for her mother, and she saw her mother crying.She said that my mother was my fault. You hit me, don’t cry.He Caiqin said, you are not wrong. What is wrong is that others are not you. The wrong thing is mother. Mom is not optimistic about you.Yunyun said, just now I heard that it was necessary to do surgery, did it do it for me?Mom, I’m scared!Hearing the words of her daughter, He Caiqin’s heart is very entangled. Do you really want to use 300,000 to buy your daughter’s innocence?Maybe this will become the shadow of daughter’s life.Even if you want to come to this 300,000 yuan, will it be at ease?

There are still many girls like Yunyun in the city in the city. If they let Zhang Ping go this time.In the future, will he do this?Do you think you can settle after spending some money?Thinking of this, she felt very scared.She took her daughter to the police station and came to the police station. She told all the causes and consequences of the incident.

Police summoned Zhang Ping.At first Zhang Ping did not admit it, but when he saw the results of DNA identification.He knew that he couldn’t hide it anymore, and it soon spread in the village in the city.After spreading, another 13 -year -old girl came to report the case, and she pointed out Zhang Ping.Saying that Zhang Ping had raped himself, Zhang Ping could no longer resist.He had to explain the crimes he committed.He was sentenced to death, Zhang Ping, telling that Yunyun was not the girl he was infringed for the first time. Several girls in the village in the city were raped by him.They all put anesthetics in the liquid during infusion to let the girl fall asleep.

While there was no one, he raped the lethargic girl.After they woke up, he prescribed the victims again and watched them eat it, because they were afraid that they would get pregnant.He thought he was seamless, but he did not expect Yun Yun to get pregnant unexpectedly.He knew that things were lost, and he explained all the crime details!Because he rapes a minor girl, and is under 14 years old, there are more than one.It is very bad in nature. For people with such moral corruption, they should be punished heavy.

Relevant laws and regulations must also severely punish such people.In the end, he was sentenced to death, suspended for 2 years, and deprived of political rights for life.

However, there is another real problem. Sometimes the girl is relatively small, and I do n’t know if they are violated, and I am embarrassed to tell the adults.When I was adult, I learned that I had been violated, and I wanted to pursue another prosecution period.What should I do?

In 2017, the state improved this law, that is, minors, if they were violated.Within three years after its adulthood, the state of litigation will be accepted.Whether it is over time?As long as it is over 18, a lawsuit with the court within 3 years can allow the criminals to be punished by the deserved.It is a piece of legal improvement. More importantly, as a parent, you must take care of your children and not give the bad guys a chance to approach the child.The names in the article are all pseudonyms.

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