The "urine pants" on the subway of the pregnant mother, ridiculed by an unknown boy, the back of the doctor next to the doctor is too domineering

Pregnancy is a sweet and painful process, who knows who is pregnant!Although the second child has been released, the fertility rate is still declining. In addition to economic reasons, there are also mothers who have suffered all kinds of unwillingness to surround my heart at all times, so I don’t want to receive this anymore at all.The suffering of pregnancy.

Moms say that the bitterness of pregnancy is also unclear. What I want to eat is dare not eat, but what I do not want to eat is forced to eat because of nutrition;

The dullness of vomiting in the early pregnancy was dark, and those who loved to eat before did not like to eat. They all contributed to the toilet within a few seconds;

Although it is more comfortable in the second trimester, every time I go to the birth check, I am scared and afraid. I am afraid that the child has any bad places. A indicator is not right. You can check one overnight online;

By the time of pregnancy, it is even more uncomfortable. Not only does it not sleep well, it is also tangled when you go out, because you often encounter some embarrassing things.

I went to Guangzhou in October last year. When I went to the subway at 10 o’clock, there were not many people on the subway, but there was no vacancy, so I stood.

I was sitting in a pregnant woman with a big belly, and it should be almost born, and there were several male college students standing in front of me.

I didn’t look at the mobile phone standing around. The pregnant woman talked with the aunt on the side. It turned out that the aunt was a retired doctor of the obstetrics and gynecology department. The pregnant woman has been 37 weeks. Today, her husband is on a business trip.Go to the production inspection.

And male college students started to talk about playing, teachers who were talking about class, some topics about college students often talked.

After getting off a subway station, he reported the next station name, and the pregnant woman was worried that her movement was slow, so she stood up and sat by the door to the station.Unexpectedly, the air conditioner may be too cold at this time. The pregnant woman "Ah Qiu" sneezed. Fortunately, there was a paper towel covering it on the hand. I didn’t expect to cover it on it, but the urine below couldn’t control it.

And pregnant women wear thin pants, wet, very embarrassing.It happened that the male students were also standing at the door to get out of the car. A male college student seemed to have a particularly spiritual nose and his eyes were particularly pointed to find the source of the smell.Cover the nose.

At this time, the pregnant mother was super invincible and embarrassed, and her face blushed for a while.This is a physiological phenomenon of mothers in the third trimester. It is not easy to get pregnant. You are also making fun of others, it is best to talk about morality. "

After all, male college students also studied in college. Then I realized that I might be too much. I immediately learned that I could change the mistakes "I’m sorry, my mouth is too cheap."

And at this time, the pregnant woman also arrived, shook her head and got out of the car.The college students also got out of the car, and they didn’t chat again when they got out of the car.

When I was pregnant, the uterus continued to increase, and other organs made the uterus that increased the uterus. The uterus of the fist was increased by 1,000 times at once.The elasticity is also worse.

Imagine that if our rubber band is pulled too hard, it will also be worse due to elasticity.

The basics of the basin of the basin not only help us hold our uterus to help us hold our urethra. Originally, we could tolerate it because the muscle of the basin of the basin was tightened, which caused the urine to come out.

When the pelvic floor muscles are increasing, the elasticity will deteriorate, especially when sneezing or laughing, the urine will be involuntarily flowing out, that is, the urine pants may be common.

Not long ago, Tang Wei was spit out by his own match when he was on the show. He often went to the toilet. It was because the postpartum pelvic foundation was not recovered after the damage of the pelvic muscle was damaged.

1. If there is a mother who leaks urine after giving birth, we can put a pad to prevent our pants urine when we leak.And the general taste is not so heavy.

2. Go out as much as possible to consider private cars

It will be more convenient to sit in your own car.

3. Do not go out as much as possible in the third trimester

For example, if you go out, you may need to take something, or squeeze the subway or something. It is inconvenient to be big. It is possible that the child will go out in advance. If it is a person, it will be more troublesome or even dangerous.Essence

Pregnant women must learn whether the difference is leaking urine or breaking water. If it is wrong, it may affect the health of the fetus.

Before a friend was pregnant, her husband had always been taken care of, and one day she found that her underwear was a bit wet, so she told her husband that her pants were wet, and her husband had a while on the Internet for a while, and said that the mother was near the pregnancy.It is easy to leak urine in the late stage, it’s okay.

Unexpectedly, after a long time, my friend felt that his stomach had a pain. It was already at night as long as you went to see the contest. When the doctor saw it, he had broken the water and was sent to the obstetric hospital immediately.Some of the hypoxia are not as good as the delivery, and can only have a caesarean section.

Every time my friend said when he talked about this, the child was not big, and he had always been preparing to give birth. He did not expect that it was because he saw the water breaking as a leakage, which caused himself to have a knife.

1. smell the taste

Urine has a taste, not to say that it is colorless and tasteless.

The amniotic fluid is sterile, the fetus’s urine is also the water that the fetus drinks. There is no bacterial pollution in the stomach, so there is no taste or the baby likes to drink sweetness, so it will bring a little sweetness.

2. Look at the color

Adults’ urine generally has a little yellow, not colorless, and amniotic fluid is generally transparent.Therefore, you can wear some light -colored underwear in the third trimester to better analyze whether it is urine or amniotic fluid.

3. The way of flowing out

There are generally induced urine leakage, such as loud cough or force to flow out. Usually, quietness does not flow out, or when you realize that you want to flow out, you may not flow it out.

If it is amniotic fluid, it will continue to flow out, and it will flow out as long as you stand.

Because the amniotic fluid is wrapped in the fetal membrane, and the amniotic fluid flows out because the fetal membrane is broken, the hole has no way to grow again in the third trimester.

It is basically difficult to control, and there may even be some stomach pain, because after the amniotic fluid is broken, the symptoms of giving birth generally occur.

Written at the end:

Pregnant baby is an unforgettable process. It is to look at the mentality of the pregnant mother’s own mentality, but also to see whether the people around them are pig teammates or god assistants!

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