The "taboos" in October in October, each month is different. Don’t touch your mother

A Danish scientific research institution surveyed the conclusion that the mother’s smoking or a long -term second -hand smoke environment, and the number of congenital deformed children was 23 times that of non -smoking mothers.

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When a woman’s belly began to bred a baby, it meant that she would be responsible for another new life as her mother.

From the moment he learned that he was pregnant, the life of the pregnant mother began to change. Every day in October in October, he vividly explained what is trembling, such as thin ice.

Jing Jing married her husband at the age of thirty. Jing Jing felt uncomfortable a day. As soon as the examination was pregnant, this could be happy that the young couple were happy.

She is usually a careless personality, and can only nourish the knowledge of parenting.What can pregnant women eat, what they can do, and how to wear clothes, and many taboos make people grow bigger.

Jingjing always couldn’t help stealing ice cream and fell off her husband. She couldn’t wait to get pregnant for Jing Jing. Jing Jing was feeling that it was not easy to be a mother, and at the same time, she had questions.

Is the baby in the belly so fragile?What behaviors of pregnant mothers will cause substantial harm to the baby?

Jingjing couldn’t help eating ice cream. It was not harmful. It was okay to occasionally solve a cricket in the hot summer, but some behaviors were indeed like a "high -voltage line", and pregnant mothers must not touch it.

As the month increases, the fetus is gradually developing, and the most afraid of the fetus in each period is not the same. For these pregnant mothers, they must take it heart.

1. Early pregnancy

The first month, afraid of heat

At this time, the fetus cannot be called a fetus. It is just an embryo like a small sesame. It has not differentiated organs and is very fragile.

If the pregnant mother has a fever at this time, steamed sauna, or in other high temperature and hypoxic environments, embryos will be harmed, which can cause severe developmental dysplasia or even abortion.

The second month, afraid of medicine

The second month of the baby has begun to take care of the human shape. The B -ultrasound can see the fetal heart and fetal buds. It looks like a small tadpole, which is an important period for the formation of various organs.

Some careless mothers do not know that they are pregnant. If they have a cold and fever during this period, and taking drugs, it is easy to be absorbed by the baby through blood, and the consequences are very serious.

In the third month, afraid of tobacco and alcohol

If it is said that pregnant women are absolutely taboo in diet and living habits, it must be tobacco and alcohol.

Harm substances and alcohol such as nicotine in cigarettes can directly act on the fetal nervous system through the placenta. The third month of pregnancy is the key period for the development of the baby’s organs and nervous system.

At this time, if the mother consumes tobacco and alcohol, it can be imagined to let the baby’s lethality. Don’t feel that the people around them also like tobacco and alcohol, but the baby born is normal, so she is lucky.

2. In the middle of pregnancy

Fourth month afraid of noisy

The four -month -old baby began to hear. The most familiar voice was the mother’s heartbeat. At this time, the fetal movement appeared at this time.

At this time, the baby needs to rest. The keen hearing made him uncomfortable. The mother should try to avoid noisy environment, KTV, bar and other closed and noisy places.

In the fifth month, afraid of malnutrition

The fifth month of pregnancy is a period of rapid growth and development of the baby. The nutrients needed to increase and start swallowing amniotic fluid.

At least 300 calories of food in the second trimester can supply the growth of baby growth.

At this time, pregnant mothers are the most available to picky eaters, and inadequate trace elements and nutrients. Babies will develop slowly, malnutrition, and affect development.

In the sixth month, afraid of radiation

The effects of radiation formed by daily home appliances, mobile phones, etc. have little impact on pregnant women. The main thing to pay attention to is to avoid X -ray and contact radioactive substances.

At this time, the baby already has the basic outline, the body is getting stronger and stronger, and the general external stimulus will basically not affect him, but radioactive substances and radiation sources must be far away.

Seven months pregnant, afraid of nervousness

The baby with seven months of pregnancy is obvious, and it can even interact with her mother. It is a good time for prenatal education.At this time, the mother’s emotions can also affect the development of the fetus.

For the good development of the baby, the pregnant mother should be gentle at this time to prepare early for the upcoming third trimester and due date, and arrange various pregnancy tests.

3. The early pregnancy

In the eighth month, afraid of tiredness

At this time, the mother’s pregnant belly is already very large, and there are more inconveniences in their actions. Most Baoma will also have lower limb edema. Some pregnant mothers will not sleep or even insomnia because they are uncomfortable.

At this time, the pregnant mother does not have to be stubborn. If you are struggling to work or housework, do not stubbornly, avoid too much impact on the fetus.

In the ninth month, afraid of bumps

In the last month, the baby couldn’t wait in the stomach, and the physical function of the pregnant mother gradually began to prepare for childbirth. At this time, whether the pregnant mother went out or home, it was best to accompany.

Some mild bumps may cause amniotic fluid to break early or "launch" in advance. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to observe their physical changes and make preparations for delivery in advance.

Candy mother instructions:

Some seemingly inconspicuous behaviors during pregnancy may cause the fetus accidents. Pregnant mothers must always remember their identity, and there must be no luck.

I am a candy mother. I am a growth -type Baoma who focuses on pregnancy and parenting. If you want to raise your baby easily, do n’t forget to pay attention. The candy mother team will answer questions for your childcare road.

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