The "raw" stone in the stomach is actually the disaster of persimmon!Experts: Elderly, children must eat cautiously

Youth Daily · Youth Shanghai reporter Gu Jinhua

Autumn and winter is the season when persimmon is listed. The red persimmons can be described as the "good heart" of many citizens, but excessive intake or improper consumption can cause gastric stones.A few days ago, the Department of Gastrointestinal Department of Shanghai Medical University Hospital treated a "gastric stone" patient.Here, experts remind citizens that although hawthorn persimmons are delicious, do not greedy, especially do not eat persimmons on an empty stomach; at the same time, elderly people, children such as children, and other gastrointestinal power should be cautious to eat such foods.

A week ago, Aunt Wang, who was in his early 50s, began to appear nausea and acid began to appear. Occasionally, he was accompanied by sorrow and upper abdomen pain and discomfort, and his appetite also decreased significantly. Afterwards, he came to the hospital for treatment.After asking for medical history, there is an experience of excessive consumption of persimmons and hawthorn.The gastroscopy was confirmed that Aunt Wang was diagnosed with gastric stones.According to the size, texture, texture and whether it is accompanied by complications, etc., the Department of Medicine of the Medical University adopts targeted treatment of patients.After endoscopic gravel treatment, the patient has now improved to be discharged.

After eating persimmons, will you "produce" stones in your stomach?"Gastrointestinal symptoms refer to stones in the stomach. Eating hawthorn, drinking tea, drinking, and eating more acidic gastric acid in the stomach are the main induction of gastric stones."Gastrointestinal disease, also known as gastric stones, is a solid of indigestion in certain foods or drugs in the stomach, and stays in the stomach to form gastric objects.Depending on the ingredients of stones, gastric stones can be divided into plant stones, cateria, lactic acid stones, etc. Among them, plant -based gastric stones are the most common.

Among them, the most common cause of gastric stones is gastric stones.Because persimmons contain a large amount of tannic acid, gum, pectin, and dietary fiber, the tannin content can be as high as 20%among the immature persimmons.If you eat persimmons on an empty stomach or eat a large amount of immature persimmons, tannic acid may combine with the stomach gastric acid in the stomach to react and form a larger tannic acid protein with insoluble molecular molecular molecules.Stick the persimmon and vegetable and plant fibers together, accumulate in the stomach to form a solid group, and become stomach stones.

"People with a lot of stomach acids eat persimmons and can grow stomach stones. Some people can even form a stones to form a raw persimmons." Director Lu Ying said that the main symptoms of "gastric stones" are the upper abdomen, spasm painIt can be accompanied by symptoms such as heartburn, acid reflux, nausea, vomiting.When the gastric stone is large, it cannot be discharged in the stomach. It can be contacted with the gastric mucosa for a long time, which can easily cause serious consequences such as pylorida obstruction, gastric ulcer, gastrointestinal bleeding, gastric perforation, anemia, etc.Stomach cancer.

According to reports, at present, gastone diagnosis is the first abdominal CT or gastroscopy.In the past, the treatment of stomach stones was mostly treated with traditional Chinese medicine or surgery.However, the treatment of drug -solublestone takes a long time, and the surgical stones have brought more pain to patients, and there is a possibility of complications.With the development of fibrous endoscopy therapy, gastroscopy has become the first choice.Stomach stones can be crushed through endoscopy equipment, and then discharged via the pyloric door.

While experts enjoy food, they must stay away from gastric stones

How to eat the persimmons in the season?Experts remind that persimmons are not edible after an empty stomach and drinking: In the state of empty stomach or after drinking, the amount of gastric acid secretion will increase, and the tannic acid in persimmon is more likely to form gastric stones under the action of gastric acid.

When eating persimmons, you must not overdo it: small amounts of consumption, even if the gastric persimmons are formed, it is excreted from the body due to small volume.If you eat a large amount, you can form huge stomach stones, and it will not be discharged by itself to cause great harm.

At the same time, persimmons cannot be eaten with the food of high protein: because persimmons are rich in tannic acid, it is easy to solidify into pieces to form stones under the action of gastric acid.Therefore, do not eat with high protein foods (such as crab, fish, shrimp, milk, eggs).

In addition, experts reminded those who have poor gastrointestinal dynamic gastrointestinal dynamic after gastrointestinal patients, elderly people, and children to avoid taking the above fruit.

Youth Daily · Youth Shanghai reporter Gu Jinhua

Edit: Lu Tianyi

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