The "four famous supplements" of pregnant women: folic acid, DHA, calcium, iron

There are many brands of folic acid, DHA, calcium tablets, and iron agent for pregnant women on the market.Fascinated.If a pregnant woman is not suitable for her supplement, it is a waste of money, and it will be troublesome to eat.

My lover and I have done a lot of homework for this. I have studied more than 20 brands before and after. I will now share our experience. I hope it will be helpful to you who are preparing for pregnancy or successful pregnancy.(Note: The brands involved in the text are not advertising, but we feel better after using it ourselves, so share it.)

Taking folic acid 3 months before pregnancy can prevent fetal nervous tube deformities, but also help the human body to smoothly synthesize genetic substances in red blood cells and cells.Successic folic acid and iron are supplemented before and during pregnancy, which can also reduce the possibility of leukemia in children.It is recommended that women supplement 0.4 mg of folic acid daily from the first three months of conception.

Recommended brand: Silean is a brand recommended to us by the doctor.The research and development of Slian folic acid tablets covers more than 30 cities in four provinces, with more than 250,000 clinical cases, and has been adopted by more than 50 countries around the world.Each sistolic acid tablets contain 0.4mg of folic acid. Men and women can take them at the same time. Male taking folic acid can effectively increase sperm vitality, increase the chance of conception, and reduce the probability of fetal malformations.

DHA is an important component of nerve cells. Proper DHA during pregnancy can not only promote the development of the fetal and retinal cells of the fetus, but also extend women’s pregnancy and effectively reduce the probability of premature birth.In addition, studies have shown that taking DHA in pregnant women can also reduce the risk of depression after production.

Recommended brands: There are many types of DHA produced by Bio Island, including DHA (powder labels) dedicated to pregnant women, and DHA (green labels) suitable for infants and young children.My child is now using this DHA. According to reports, the DHA of this brand is extracted from natural seaweed, which is more suitable for pregnant women and children than fish DHA.

Calcium is the substance that should be supplemented during another pregnancy.Calcium intake during pregnancy can not only prevent infants and young children from suffering from congenital diseases, deciduous developmental disorders, and hand -foot convulsions, but also alleviate the problem of calcium deficiency such as back pain, limb weakness, and osteoporosis.

Recommended brand: For the brand of calcium tablets, we recommend Di Qiao adult calcium.Remember that classic slogan?"When Huai Bao, I used Di Qiao’s adult calcium. After giving birth to a baby, I fed him Diqiao children calcium. When the baby grew up, there was Diqiao children’s calcium." Di Qiao adult calcium carefully selected 50 high -quality calcium sources worldwide.Strict purification and extraction have been made.

Iron element is an important part of blood red blood cells. The process of fetal development requires the participation of 100 billion blood red blood cells, so women have great demand for iron during pregnancy.Especially in the second trimester, the fetus’s liver will automatically store a large amount of iron to meet the physical growth needs that are born to 6 months. At this time, it is the best time to supplement the iron agent.

Recommended brand: Red peach K blood biotechnology uses modern biotechnology to extract high -quality iron from food. It does not contain hormones and does not stimulate the gastrointestinal. The absorption rate is 8 times that of traditional iron supplements.The combination of two preparations of tablets and oral solution has the effects of improving nutritional anemia, enhancing human immune capabilities, and suitable for iron supplementation during pregnancy.

The above is the precautions and brand recommendations of folic acid, DHA, calcium, and iron during pregnancy. I hope to help you.Of course, medicine supplement is not as good as food supplement. Folic acid is widely found in green vegetables. The DHA content in deep -sea fish is high. Dairy products and shrimp skin are the best sources of calcium. Animal liver and blood are the best choice for iron supplementation.In addition to drug supplements, a balanced and scientific dietary diet plan is also essential.

We will talk to you next issue, how to build a smart pregnancy diet plan, welcome your attention!I am the "Parenting Scripture", you have you and me on the road of parenting, looking forward to your likes and attention!

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