Test strips and blood drawing show pregnancy, why do the doctor say that they are not pregnant?Can there be fake pregnancy?

I have always been on time on time. It has been postponed for 2 days this month. I thought it might be pregnant. Ms. Liu hurriedly tested with the pregnancy test paper. After the test, she showed weak positive.She is happy now. Isn’t it pregnant?

So he immediately called her husband to the hospital.The hospital did a blood test, and the results showed that her serum HCG value was greater than the normal value.This makes Ms. Liu more excited, and finally she is going to be a mother!

But the next thing made her hit.Ultrasonic examinations show that no pregnancy sac is found inside and outside the uterine cavity.

Obviously blood HCG level exceeds the normal value. It is pregnant. Why is there no pregnancy in the uterus?

It is learned from the doctor that this is the clinical manifestation of "biochemical pregnancy".But what is the disease of "biochemical pregnancy"?Why does it lead to "deceived pregnancy"?

Biochemical pregnancy is actually an abnormal pregnancy process. When it comes to abnormalities, it has to be said that the normal pregnancy process is like.

First of all, normal pregnancy is a combination of egg cells and sperm to form fertilized eggs. The fertilized eggs are transported from the falling egg tube to the uterus, bed in the endometrium, and then forming embryos. The embryo continues to develop.See the pregnancy sac in the uterus under the examination.

Obviously, the biggest manifestation and problem of biochemical pregnancy is that the pregnancy sac can not be seen under ultrasound.Without a gestational sac, it means that there will be no subsequent pregnancy reaction without normal forming embryos.

But no embryo does not mean that "it" has never been here.

The premise of biochemical pregnancy is that the level of blood HCG (full name is human chorionic gonadotropin) is higher than normal.

Under normal circumstances, the fertilized eggs start to bed from 7 to 8 hours after fertilization, and HCG is secreted in about 9 hours.Therefore, biochemical pregnancy can detect that the HCG level in the blood is higher than the normal value, because sperm egg cells have combined with fertilized eggs and transported to the uterus for bed.

However, after bed, there was a problem with the implanted session, which caused the state of pregnancy to terminate naturally. There was no gestational sac in the uterus, and the fertilized eggs were also excreted in other ways.This phenomenon of non -normal pregnancy is called biochemical pregnancy, also known as hidden abortion.

Speaking of which, maybe everyone will say, is biochemical pregnancy?In fact, no, there are still many differences between biochemical pregnancy and abortion.

Although both are termination of pregnancy, biochemical pregnancy belongs to natural abortion, and abortion usually refers to artificial abortion.

In addition, abortion is that the gestational sac can be seen in ultrasound examination, and the gestational sac is out of the gestational sac through a certain means, and the biochemical pregnancy does not form a gestational sac at all, and it is discharged together with menstruation.

The characteristics of biochemical pregnancy are obvious. The early pregnancy test strips that we usually use can detect that it is weak and positive, and after a few days, it may be weaker or flat. In short, it is impossible to reach strong positive.Normal levels, but the HCG value of normal pregnancy is still low.

Furthermore, there is no pregnancy in the uterus under the ultrasound examination of the hospital.Biochemical pregnancy does not need to be like miscarriage. Drugs or surgery need to be performed.

Because it is the manifestation of the survival of the fittest itself, the biochemical pregnancy does not actually cause particularly great harm to the woman’s body. The biggest response may be that the menstrual period is slightly delayed for a few days.

Some special constitutions may have slight lumbar back pain and short abdominal pain during the excretion of fertilized eggs.

What is the biochemical pregnancy? We have already understood the same, but why do biochemical pregnancy appear in good health?Don’t worry, look down.

The cause of biochemical pregnancy has not yet been specified.According to scholars’ research, it may be related to the following aspects.

1. Women’s uterine endometrial condition

Some scholars have analyzed three types of artificial insemination, patients with different endometrial forms, and their biochemical pregnancy. It is found that the biochemical pregnancy rate of one of the endometrium is significantly higher than that of the other two.Effect of morphology and tolerance.

The uterus is the place where embryo grows and develops. The endometrium can be said to be the "soil" of the embryo "germination". The fertilized egg cannot be successfully bed in the endometrium, which may be related to the endometrium. For example, the endometrium is not enough.Poor sexuality and so on.

2. Women’s hormone level

The entire process of women’s pregnancy, including ovulation, fertilization, fertilized eggs, etc., all have hormone participation.During the process, hormone levels are constantly changing, so hormone levels may be associated with the occurrence of biochemical pregnancy.

Some scholars have also conducted special studies for this. Experiments have found that excessive or too low that the concentration of estradioliol will lead to an increase in the biochemical pregnancy rate, but more accurate experiments need to clarify this critical value.

3. Polycystic ovary syndrome

Studies of foreign scholars have found that the incidence of biochemical pregnancy in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome is much higher than normal women.The reason may be that the quality of ovarian and female cells produced by patients with this disease may cause the ability to implant embryos into the uterus weakening and biochemical pregnancy.

The polycystic ovary syndrome is a disease caused by abnormal endocrine metabolism. The clinical manifestation is irregular, obesity, hair, and infertility.After interventional treatment, most women can fertility normally, but may also have a small number of women with poor constitution and increased abortion rate, which is inseparable from the quality of egg cells.

4. Other factors

There are also some factors that may also cause the cause of biochemical pregnancy.For example, the history of biochemical pregnancy and abortion, women who have multiple abortion are more likely to have biochemical pregnancy than normal women.

There is also the immune factors of the human body. Some scholars have proposed that biochemical pregnancy is actually a fertilized egg bed with poor quality of immune systems for women.

The cause of the disease of biochemical pregnancy may be complicated, which may be affected by various factors. After biochemical pregnancy, female bodies and subsequent pregnancy have a very low probability of affected. Therefore, clinically, they do not need targeted treatment solutions.

Biochemical pregnancy is not terrible, and you don’t have to worry too much.The American Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecology published a data: in human pregnancy, about 75%of them ended in natural abortion, so biochemical pregnancy is more considered to be a survival fittest.

So what can we do for our bodies after we have experienced biochemical pregnancy?

If a biochemical pregnancy occurs in the first and secondary, and there is no history of miscarriage, it is best to forget.Because this is a natural choice, it will not affect the subsequent conception. Too much worry and fear cause anxiety and nervousness.

About 5%infertility is caused by mental factors.Due to stress protection of the body, various hormone secretion will become abnormal, especially for women, the menstrual cycle disorders caused by endocrine abnormalities can affect ovulation and conception.

Therefore, only once a biochemical pregnancy occur and the doctor was determined that the body did not have other influences after it was determined that the body had no other impact, they should return to the house to forget this matter and relax.

After a period of time, review on time. After the blood HCG value returns to the normal level, you can prepare for pregnancy again.If the mood cannot be eased for the time being, then wait for three or four months before preparing for pregnancy. The effect may be better.

If women who have experienced three or more biochemical pregnancy, they need to explain the situation in time and conduct a systemic examination in accordance with the doctor’s order.

Not only women, men also have to conduct some conventional examinations and genital organs, endocrine, immunology, and chromosomal examinations.

Although many biochemical pregnancy still does not hurt the body, it needs to be found for the reason.It may be that the quality of fertilized eggs due to the hidden diseases of men and women is not high, and multiple biochemical pregnancy.

Although it is not specifically positioned in a certain part or a cause, what we can do is comprehensively check, have problems with problems in time, and improve lifestyle.

For example, when there is a high pollution environment before, it is necessary to quickly change the environment. Harmful chemicals generally affect human body subtly.The hospital has severe fetal malformations due to long -term inhalation of formaldehyde. These chemicals cannot have a significant impact on the body in a short period of time, but the harm of long -term contact is not small.

As mentioned earlier, it is most likely caused by polycystic ovary syndrome.The polycystic has now become one of the most common female endocrine diseases.It is enough to see that polycystic has become a problem for many women.

For women who are polycystic patients and biochemical pregnancy, they still need to actively cooperate with the treatment of polycystic.The hospital will give the corresponding ovulation -promoting treatment.Postering some drugs against patients with excessiverogens in the body will also require patients to cooperate with the lifestyle to improve insulin resistance.

This includes adjusting diet, eating more fruits and fruits, eating less carbohydrates, performing aerobic exercise, and proper physical exercise.Mainly because many polycystic patients often manifest in obesity in clinical manifestations, controlling diet to reduce weight, and have a good control effect on polycystic.

Finally, the pregnancy of women based on multiple biochemical pregnancy, here also remind everyone that if you don’t want children or have not prepared for children, you must take corresponding contraceptive measures.

An accidental abortion will hurt the cervix, and it will also thinner the endometrium. After the influence, the fertilized eggs of normal pregnancy will cause biochemical pregnancy.Wearing a condom, placing a birthplace, etc., has a small impact on the human body, but can effectively reduce the probability of accidental pregnancy.

In general, the biochemical pregnancy refers to the situation where the blood HCG value is high, but the pregnancy sac is not found, that is, the fertilized egg has been formed but there is no normal bed.Biochemical pregnancy is a natural abortion, which is complicated and has little effect on the body afterwards.

If only one biochemical pregnancy occurs, do not be nervous, relax and prepare for the next pregnancy, it will not have another impact on the body.

However, if there have been many abortion or biochemical pregnancy before, you need to bring your husband to the hospital for a comprehensive examination, change your living habits, actively treat endocrine diseases such as polycysts, and strive to raise your body and then prepare for pregnancy.When you don’t want your children, remember to do a good job of contraception, reduce the situation of accidental pregnancy, and avoid multiple miscarriage.


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