Test a driver’s license, it turns out so terrible, how much do you know about these

I resigned and returned to my hometown in 2016. The first thing my family asked me to return home was to sign up for a driver’s license, because everyone knows that the driver’s license is getting more and more difficult to test now.It can’t be clear.

I signed up on February 22, 2016, and I directly interviewed to work on February 23.I am pregnant, I have a baby with a baby. In the past two years, I have been busy with a lot of things, so the driver’s license has been separated by that. I only finished the subject the day before yesterday. I started practicing the car today.Black Road …

When I have not been in contact with the driver’s license, I do n’t understand the car all kinds of car. Now I do n’t understand all kinds of memories. After passing the history of the exam, I have passed the level smoothly.

For novices, there must be a lot of Baoma, who is as stupid as me for three years. Here I will tell you the simple order.

First: Adjust the seat back of the seat and tie the seat belt

Second: ignite the switch, put down the handbrake with your right hand, step on the clutch with your left foot, step on the bottom, and put your right foot on the brake

Third: Step the clutch to the end with your left foot, hang a gear in your right hand, and slowly put the clutch of the left foot. At this time, the car starts smoothly.

Fourth: Left foot step on the clutch to the end, take the brake with your right foot, stop the bike, and go back to the R gear in your right hand, then the car slowly falls back.

Fifth: Step on the clutch, hang the air, shake your hand brake with your right hand, that is, parking

Note: In the whole process, the left foot is stepped on the clutch. Whether you go forward or back, the clutch slows down, the car is slow, the car is fast, the car is fast, and the 12345 on the right side is the forward.The file is reversing.

For Xiaobai who has just touched the car, this is what I learned today. During the entire car training process, the left foot stepped on the separation of various acids.Practicing a lot, no matter what, today is still very happy, although really scared.In addition, remember to apply sunscreen when practicing the car in the future. If you don’t want to be dark, haha

Attachment: I only made an appointment for the exam in two years after the registration. I used to worry about whether my registration will expire.Come on!

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