terrible!The 14 -year -old boy died of this snack, do you believe it?

Now, children’s snacks are all kinds of snacks, and they can buy everything.However, the safety of snacks has always been an important issue that parents pay attention to. Many snacks will be mixed with various additives. If you eat too much, you will seriously affect your health.

There is a snack that many adults and children love to eat. It tastes unique, spicy and sweet, and is particularly loved by children and adolescents. It is spicy.

Because the spicy strips taste good, and the more addicted to it, many children must eat every day. Do n’t know that this has laid hidden dangers for health.

A 14 -year -old young Yang Yang, Hebei, caused ulcers inside and outside because they ate at least five packs of spicy bars a day, and eventually died.

Xiao Yang is particularly addicted to eating spicy bars. At least four or five packs a day. If it is not limited by pocket money, he eats too much.

Xiao Yang’s discomfort started from his face.At the beginning, Xiao Yang thought that he was adolescence, and his face must be acne, so he didn’t care.After a long time, there are more and more acne on the face.As soon as he squeezed with his hands, there were something like peanut oil in the acne, and it was accompanied by pustules.But at this time, Xiao Yang still didn’t care too much, because the acne on the other classmates squeezed out with his hands.

After a while, Xiao Yang also appeared a lot of acne on his body, and he began to lose his hair.The more acne on his body, Xiao Yang’s body began to appear painful and itchy, and after getting up every morning, he found that there were a lot of oil pus on the quilt. These oil pus also had a smell.

At this time, Xiao Yang felt that there might be a problem with his body, so he told his parents.His parents took him to the hospital for a doctor.

The doctor told him that this was a skin disease and prescribed a lot of medicines for treating skin diseases. If there are internal orientation, ask for external use.

After returning home for a while, Xiao Yang felt that his body not only did not improve, but became more serious.The itchy feeling on his body was even more obvious, and the acne on his body and his face began to break the skin one after another. After the skin was broken, the smell of pus was thicker.At this time, Xiao Yang began to launch a high fever again, and his parents still had a high fever after taking the medicine.

Xiao Yang’s parents were frightened and immediately sent him to the hospital.After a multi -directional examination, the doctor found that various organs in Xiao Yang have begun to ulcerate and failure.

Although the doctor did his best to rescue him, he finally failed to save Xiao Yang’s life.In this way, Xiao Yang, who was young, left, leaving parents and family members who were sad.

The hospital concluded that Xiao Yang’s death is due to his long -term hot bars.

At this point, Xiao Yang’s parents regretted it. I regret not preventing the children from eating so much spicy strips, and regret that I did not realize that eating spicy strips would bring irreversible consequences.But what’s the use of regret?

It is normal for children to eat snacks.However, no snacks can be eaten too much. Moreover, some snacks can add more than 20 kinds of chemical condiments. It can reach more than ten kinds of sweeteners alone.Eating a large amount of long -term pose a serious threat to health.

Moreover, some small workshops, the sanitary conditions are far from the standards. In the summer, the flies of the flies fly chaotic, the ground is dirty, and the workers do not wash their hands or disinfect them.Can such small factories be safe?

Xiao Yang’s affairs are not an example. Last year, a five -year -old boy in Jiangxi was rushed to the hospital by his parents because he ate two packs of five cents a bag of five cents and a pack.Life.

Food safety is greater than the sky, especially the three -free product sold by the small sales department near the school. Each parent should pay great attention to it. Do not let your children buy it casually!

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