Ten -year -old girl was discovered by a doctor at 21 weeks of pregnancy. The rape of acquaintances, netizens: Parents are too careless

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What should a 10 -year -old girl be?

The 10 -year -old girl has just been in the fourth grade or fifth grade of elementary school. The child is still very immature. From time to time, he is lying in his parents’ arms and coquettish.puberty.

And a 10 -year -old girl Xiaoye (pseudonym) in Shandong suffered a disaster. When a acquaintance Liu came to play at home, she actually avoided the eyes of Xiaoye’s parents, covered Xiaoye’s mouth, and raped the leaf directly.

When Xiaoye went to the hospital to see a doctor on October 28, 2020, the doctor found that it was 21 weeks pregnant. The witness doctor felt that the little leaf should be caused by sexual assault. The mandatory report was launched. The police also quickly dispatched it. FinallyThe offender Liu Mou.

The rapist was sentenced to 12 years, but in the heart of a 10 -year -old girl, scars will never be left.

In the end, Xiaoye’s parents asked to transfer to school in a different place. Related institutions also found a job for the parents of Xiaoye to allow Xiaoye to go to different places to school, and parents also moved to different places to take care of their children.

Netizens have commented that some praise this doctor, and some say that they should be closed for a long time.Some netizens said that they were pregnant at the age of ten. Are the children so precocious now?

Among them, netizens’ comments of the lunar moon plum blossoms, I think it has more reference significance: What is the child’s mother doing every day?The children are 21 weeks pregnant, why didn’t they find it?Don’t care about children at all, pay more attention to children, and don’t happen!

The child did not know when the child was pregnant at 21 weeks.At 21 weeks of pregnancy, it was already five months of pregnancy. The stomach had been bulged, and even had fetal movement.

The ten -year -old girl can get pregnant, indicating that the child has come to menstruation, that is, to enter adolescence, and when the child is menstruation, shouldn’t the mother help take care of it?Help children buy sanitary napkins.

If the child has a useful sanitary napkin a month before, but he has not used sanitary napkins in the next few months, shouldn’t the mother doubt, or ask the child, or even take the child to seek medical treatment earlier?

We guessed with extreme situations: Maybe the little girl had ovulation before the first menstruation came, that is, after the eggs were exhausted, they were preparing to come to menstruation. I did not expect that they were infringed during ovulation.

Mom always thought that her child was not menstruation.

However, after the child is violated, it will definitely leave a shadow in psychology. It must be performed in all aspects. It will not be the same as usual. As a child’s guardian, parents should be aware of it.

The child eats normally every day, but finds that the stomach is getting bigger and bigger, and parents should be vigilant.

It was only 21 weeks before the child discovered that if artificial abortion is carried out, it is also very harmful to the child’s physical damage.

If you can be discovered within 49 days, you can also do a drug flow. If you find it before ten weeks of pregnancy, you can do negative pressure suction. It can only be discovered by 21 weeks.The damage of Xiaoye’s body is also very great.

What is more careless is that a acquaintance actually entered the house and raped the child, but his parents knew nothing.

It may be that a 10 -year -old girl is alone at home, or it may be a wide place in the house. For example, there is a second floor on the first floor. The child may be on the second floor and the parents on the first floor.And Liu is an acquaintance, and his parents are more assured.

As a ten -year -old leaf, he did not tell his parents after being violated, indicating that parents’ education for children’s sex is also missing.

Don’t think that your child is small, don’t think the child does not understand, the bad guys don’t think your child is young.

Do not wear crotch pants for your child, do not let your child expose genitals outside. If you change your urine outside, you can find a mother and baby room or toilet.

Some rural areas like to wear crotch pants for children. They feel that this is convenient. In fact, this is not conducive to the child’s learning to protect themselves. The child has been exposed to others from an early age.protect yourself.

You can teach your children to know their genitals when they are bathing together.Use scientific nouns to talk about genitals.As a parent, like a doctor, face these genitals without changing his face, and correctly say these terms. Let your child know that your nose, mouth, eyes, and vagina are part of you.

When the child understands the organs on his body, he must tell the child where the small underwear and pants are covered by the child, and you must not show others.Except for parents, no one else can watch.

When the child asked me where I came from?Parents should not be perfunctory. When you are young, you can tell your child that you come from your mother’s belly.After that, you can buy some corresponding picture books for your children, such as "Xiao Wei Rush forward", "The Story of Chicken Chicken", "My Perfect Body" and so on.

Don’t think that the child is still young, and when the child understands it, it may be late.

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