Tell you whether pregnant women can make up and skin care?

It has been 2020. Taozi does not understand why some people still feel that pregnant mothers should not skin care?Is it ugly sitting at home?So what should pregnant mothers use?How to choose skin care products?In fact, tell you a very simple way. It is just a good way to treat themselves as a severe sensitive muscle. Is it very simple?Let’s talk about it in detail.

In fact, the most important thing for pregnant mothers is to do a good job of hydrating, moisturizing and sun protection, then there will be no problems, because most of the risks are the most effective components.The first one is acne, such as salicylic acid, fruit acid, and vitamin A acid in acne ointment. These are risks of teratogenic risk and must be avoided.There is also the most problematic products in light -striped anti -aging products. You only need to pay attention to the vitamin A alcohol, which is also called retinol, and the product of vitamin A is just remembered.What you need to avoid is the phenylphenol, and Shaohai can be tamped with some whitening products.There are more taboos in essential oils, and many essential oils are bloody in one second. If you do n’t know which can be used, you ca n’t use it.Finally, you are worried about hormones. As long as the components of heavy metals are not three products, it is okay.Some medical ointments must also follow the doctor’s advice. It is known that pregnant women should not use medicines.

Can pregnant women apply sunscreen?This answer is definitely okay!IntersectionI want several exclamation marks to tell you, but some chemical sunscreens are identified as environmental hormones, and those who use physical sunscreen.And as long as you are not allergic to alcohol, you can also use some products containing alcohol. After all, you are not eaten in, and alcohol will wave off.Pregnant women can also make up. There are very few skin care products that can absorb the dermis layer, let alone makeup of macromolecules.You can use eye shadow, eyeliner, blush, and foundation, unless you don’t want or lazy!Some pregnant mothers are tangled when they look at it with caution. In fact, a percentage of a component in the product is very low. Only a large number of orally can it affect the impact.This is unlikely, right? In fact, it has no effect on the face.

Poor preservatives are relatively cautious for pregnant women, but there is no need to worry that preservatives of skin care products do not even have high preservatives with food. You don’t care if you eat it. Why do you care about the stuff on the surface of the face?Every woman cannot give up her beautiful rights and capital, even if she is pregnant, it is no exception. Learn to identify effective information and do not believe in rumors.

In fact, if you still don’t know, there are places to query by the Party Party. I hope everyone is beautiful during pregnancy.

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