Tell you in person, dreaming sometimes reminds you what happened in the future

Only this article commemorates my unborn baby and the father -in -law.

It was the fifth month after I was preparing for pregnancy. I didn’t know that I was pregnant. Two years have passed, and I can clearly remember that dream.

That day was Friday, and I went back to my mother’s house. That night I dreamed of a small elephant and two elephants. At first, I was quite beautiful. Later, the small elephant did not know why the reason started to be cold.Xiang Mom hugged a small elephant in the hot spring to warm up in the hot spring.(I don’t know how to hold it, I just know that it is like a mother holding him.) But whether it is used or particularly cold, I seem to feel that the small elephant is particularly cold. I feel that I am the mother.In the end, I woke up in a hurry. After I woke up, I got up and went to a toilet. I thought that I might have to go to the toilet before making this dream.

(This is such a three -headed elephant) Picture of the picture comes from the Internet

(The small elephant is sick, take it to the hot spring) The picture comes from the Internet

At that time, it was more than 4 am. I returned to the bed. I fell down and fell asleep. I dreamed of a team that dreamed of it. Then I didn’t know what was going on.A young man popped out of the coffin and didn’t know it. He was very young and young. At this moment, the alarm sounded, and I got up.When I went home on Monday, I talked to my husband about this dream. My husband said that he might be pregnant, and then tested the test paper. Sure enough, I started to worry about whether it was not good. After all, the puppy in the dream was sick.It’s cold.The old manner is the opposite.It was a week after another mood, and on Friday, I was still in the office on Friday.For leave, I don’t know why I would say this.)

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I went back to my mother’s house on Friday and returned to my mother’s hometown on Saturday and Sunday. When I wanted to go back to my home on Sunday, my husband would not let me go back. Let me stay in my mother’s house for a few days. Later, I learned that the father -in -law on Friday nightI went to the hospital for cerebral hemorrhage, because I did n’t tell me when I found that I did n’t save it on Sunday.At that time, my mother -in -law’s ankle bone fracture was just one month. My husband couldn’t get up with the dehydration and old injuries because he took care of his father -in -law for three days without eating or eating.That’s the hardest time in my life.

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The family of four, no one is good. In this way, we successfully finished the father -in -law’s future generations. On the day of the finishing day, I saw the red. When I went to the hospital, the child did not keep it.It was a double blow at the time.

I was lying on the hospital bed that night, chatting with my husband, and talking about the dream that night. I said that maybe that dream was telling me that my child couldn’t keep it, and the family was going to have an accident.I lived in the hospital for seven days. On the evening of the hospital, I dreamed of my father -in -law. Under the big locust tree on my uncle’s house, I saw a little boy holding a little boy in his arms and waved his hands with me.I woke up, and I told my husband: "I saw it, that’s a son, I saw our dad holding him."

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My baby, my mother loves you, don’t blame your mother that you don’t protect you.When you wait for your mother to prepare, be sure to come back ~

Dreams are really reminding you something.

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