Tell you a secret, dogs have these phenomena, indicating that the belly is covered with "bugs"

It may be possible that many dog -raising shovel officers will ignore the dog’s deworming work, but in fact, dogs are easily infected with parasites. Once the parasites are infected, it hurts its body.

Tell you a secret, dogs have these phenomena, indicating that the stomach is covered with "bugs"!

[Belly belly big]

If a dog is thinner, but the belly is very large, and the possibility of pregnancy is eliminated, then it may have been infected with parasites, and its belly has been climbed with bugs.At this time, the pet owner must repeat it in time, otherwise the dog’s body may collapse.

【Frequent vomiting】

Dogs occasionally vomiting are normal, but if a dog often vomits and is accompanied by dilute, this is likely to be a sign of the parasitic infection.If you find insect eggs in the dog’s vomit and excrement, then there is no doubt that the dog’s belly has been covered with parasites, and you must put the deworming work on the agenda.

【Gingival, Eye Everbright Black】

A healthy, normal dog, gums and eyelids should be pink.If your dog’s gums and eyelids are too white, it is likely to be symptoms of anemia caused by parasites.This is the case that the dog has proved that the situation is very serious. Be sure to repel it in time to avoid the worse situation.

[Frequent scratching your body, grind your butt]

It is normal for dogs to scratch their bodies with claws.But if your dog frequently scratches his body and bites his fur, you will also use your body to rub the corners, and even grind your ass on the ground, then its body is estimated to be full of fleas and lice, so it will make it itchy like this itching.Uncomfortable.

[Dry hair, partial hair loss]

If your dog has not changed in the living environment and eating habits, the hair suddenly becomes dry, no luster, and a local hair loss, then the dog is likely to infected with parasites.The pet owner can open its hair, and there will be red particles on the dog’s skin, that is, fleas and its feces.

[Frequent cough]

Breathing, gastrointestinal system, etc.This is very harmful to the dog’s body, so be sure to repel it!

【Poor appetite】

If the dog’s appetite was very good before, but suddenly appetizing loss of appetite, then it is also necessary to pay attention. If the dog does not have other discomfort, it is likely to be infected with the parasite.Because if the dog’s belly is covered with bugs, it may affect the cat’s gastrointestinal function and cause the cat’s loss of appetite.

How to prevent dogs infected with parasites?

1. Time to remove insects

If you don’t want a dog to infect parasites, you must do a good job of deworming. It is recommended to remove insects to dogs on a regular basis. It is recommended that in vitro deworming once a month and deworming in the body every three months.If the dog is more resistant to insect repellent, you can wrap the deworming medicine with delicious snacks, so that the dog will eat it unknowingly.

2. Don’t feed raw water and meat

There are many bacteria and parasites in raw water and raw meat. If the dog eats for a long time, it will also be easily infected with parasites and viruses. Therefore, be sure to cook it.

For dogs who love meat, the pet owner can also choose a dog food with high meat content as a staple food.

Conclusion: How long do you repeat the dog with insects?

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