Tell the story of your dander, head oil disappear

"Wash your hair with sulfur soap and then try it with shampoo. I did n’t wash it before the first day.

"After using sulfur soap, it will not dry with shampoo. I have been washed for more than a year. I will not itch for two or three days."

"Use the conditioner. At the beginning, I was very severe headworthy. The scalp was floating one by one. The doctor of the barefoot of our village introduced me to use it. It was really used. It was much after a month.It’s late, the hair has fallen a lot, and now the hair can’t grow. "

"Recently, my child is also. Dandruff is large and large. I have used all kinds of, and I have used it all over. I will relapse when I stop the medicine. Now in the shampoo, the brand of" Jiang Kang "is a bit expensive.The pain of the heart pumping, washed once every 2 days, steamed it once, tossed back and forth for 2 hours, 20 days, dandruff is gone, 30 days, it is currently spent 1600➕300➕1100 ""

"Just wash it a few times with beer. My girlfriend once played the bubble of the laundry powder by himself. It is estimated that it was stimulated to the scalp, and then there were a lot of dandruff. Later, I washed her with beer twice twice with beer.That’s all, now dandruff is gone. "

"I not only have white mud, but also severe hair loss, the hair can be appeared in the naked eye, soft and sparse. I have tried it as long as I can think of it.Shampoo, oral vitamin B6, but not useful. Then I plan to cut a short hair first, and then go to the dermatology department of the hospital to see it.

"Buy a bottle of iodophor, a bottle of Harceneid, a total of more than ten dollars. When washing your hair, he poured the water in your heart, and then poured an iodine. 2 drops of Hasisid washed your hair together., Ichy my head and my head, don’t ask me how I know. "

"I have been troubled by this problem for several years, and later developed into a folliculitis. It was useless to wash it the next day. I tried in various methods.Barber shop, the husband and wife are washing their heads very professional, there will be a massage. The first time I go to the haircut and find that the shampooing is comfortable, it is recharged. It uses the shampoo in their shop.I did n’t wash it for a few days, there were no dandruff, and the follicles were reduced. I went to wash it a few more times. Until now, there have been no dandruff, no folliculitis, it has been recharged twice in a row, and washed 20 times.-5 days to wash it once. I was washing my hair in other households before. I was raised for a long time after washing, painful, and it would not work with my own shampoo … For so many years, I suddenly discovered that it may be a problem of shampooing.I just went to wash it this morning. It was really refreshing. I used to comb in a comb. I accidentally touched the teeth of my hair follicles and my scalp. I couldn’t sleep for two days without washing.I did n’t have this trouble for more than half a year. It felt so cool. My hair was not oily before. I once used a bottle of a certain brand of shampoo to become oily dandruff and itching. Later, I developed a growth bag.Shampoo is useless. Now it has become the previous no oil, and it will feel a bit oily in 4-5 days. "

"I think it is the problem of endocrine. When I was pregnant, I did n’t wash my hair for 7 days. The hair was clean and refreshing without dandruff. After giving birth to the child, the confinement was destroyed.Dandruff is super large, itchy and white mud changed the state of shampoo hair loss. "

"I did not wash my hair for a month in the confinement four years ago, and then I grew dandruff. It is a large blockbuster. If you grow in your hair, you can pull it out.Hillson has all used it. King Kang used more than ten bottles. When he was used, it was not stopped. He also tried to mix with iodine mixed with iodine on the Douyin.The three zinc dandruff, the attitude of the trial, bought two bottles, and used it for more than two months. The situation was slowly improved. I will insist on using it.

"My hair is easy to oil, but it is not particularly oily. The shampoo is really. I have used Qingyang, Shiwangkou, and they are all average. Now it’ s more fat after giving birth to a child.A Australian kangaroos, listening to her who is suitable for hair oil. After washing her hair is fluffy, my head is hot, I used it for half a month. Nima, if I do n’t wash it the next night, I will get up and hold my head on the third morning.Grasp the dandruff, the nail seams are all white, and my husband is, and my sister took a trial costume, itchy. After I went to see a lot of people said itch and dandruff.6.18, bought the brand I used before, Tao Si, I feel pretty good. I also commented on the brand on the headline. It took more than a year.Can’t eat that bottle price. You can buy a bottle for a while to try. "

"My mother said that with wormwood, I washed it with boiling water. Washing it when I was cold, I didn’t itch for a lifetime! I can’t use anything, just wash it all day! It’s not useful yet, find some wormwood to try it" "

"Sometimes it is a seborrheic dermatitis caused by poor rest or weather cause.That’s it. She belongs to the amazing type of hair, and her hair is thick and dark, but this kind of hair color is a little dandruff, then it is particularly conspicuous. Later, she went to the pharmacy to buy a few packs of medicinal shampoo.The kind of bag one bag, it is normal to take it a few times. "

"After washing, the vinegar diluted in the pot. Then put the head in the pot for about 5 minutes, and the hair and hair were completely flooded. After soaking, do not need to wash it alone. The hair will not have a vinegar flavor.Soak 3-4 times a week and be sure half a month. "

"Do you need to introduce the way you do n’t spend money? Use a knocking rod to heat your head every day, five to ten times, and scrape the scalp once with a scraping cow horn.Yes, the blood circulation is poor, and the scalp is lacking nutrition. After that, knock on the head or scrape your blood from time to time! "

"I used Qingyang for a long time, and the dry yellow fork I used for my hair was severe. Later, I changed my Ziyuan to slowly, and I changed the rice water again.It is not expensive. Later, my friends suggested that I forgot to use a Korean thing about it. Generally, the effect. Friends say that no matter how good the shampoo is used, I need to use it. "

"I was like this a few weeks ago. I did n’t wash it the next day, especially at night, the more itchy, and the dandruff, it’ s useless to change another shampoo. LaterIt was found that there was improvement in less than a week. It felt itchy the next day the scalp would not be washed, and the hair was full of vitality. Then I bought a coarse -tooth scalp massage comb. I planned to persist.In addition to the unchanged combing, it also combed more than a hundred times. It is about 3 to 5 minutes every day. It is said that it can also improve white hair. "

"Boil a large pot of wormwood water and place the right temperature (it is best not to add cold water to enter, so high concentration), just wash and knead, do not need to be shampoo, try to absorb more water leaf water as much as possible.That’s it. "

"I am like this too. For more than two decades, all shampoos are useless to me. I accidentally bought a comb last year and solved it, but I still can’t cureThe fluttering trapped. You can also try to buy the kind of shampooing comb and directly scrape the dandruff. This will at least look clean. "

"My cousin, she used to go to the doctor before, saying that she had gastrointestinal problems. She had a good medicine. I couldn’t eat meals for two consecutive weeks because of the pregnancy relationship. I drank water all day long.Do, I ca n’t eat anything else, my dander head itching problem is basically good these two weeks. Now I think about the diet before the diet is really heavy oil and salt.","

"Seven dollars, a bottle of seagull washing cream+eighteen dollars a large bottle of bee flower hair, seagull shampoo cream, do not wet the hair on the head directly on the hair, a bag of white vinegar instead of water, make a foam, make a foam.After rubbing for a few more minutes, clean it, and then use the conditioner. For a period of time, there will be dandruff, and the head is not itchy.

When I was in school, I didn’t know how much shampoos were changed. Later, I was slowly. I think it is stressful. Now I use the Piaorou series. Washing my hair every day, there is no dander."

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