Tears, Jiang Bao comforted all night to encourage the production of painful Aibao, Aibao successfully gave birth to twin sisters

Seeing the picture of Aibao’s successful birth of the twin daughter was really moved, she couldn’t help crying. When she was a child, she left her mother Xinnier Princess Aibao as a mother again.Aibao, who corrected the behavior, became a mother again.

Beautiful and elegant Aibao Ma Ma

In early June, Aibao had obvious pregnancy reactions. Aibao Park contacted our experts at our Panda Center. The center had sent experts to South Korea to help Aibao produce as early as June.It was no longer open, raised children in the room, and successfully gave birth to a pair of daughters in the early morning of July 7.

Aonan twin

Grandpa Jiang and Song took turns to guard Aibao for 24 hours, all night, all the night, and have been taking care of Aibao’s emotions, encouraging Aibao, and alleviating the painful mood of Aibao during production.

Grandpa Jiang guards Aibao all night encourages Aibao

At 4:52 in the morning, Aibao gave birth to the first daughter, weighed 180g. After giving birth to the first child, Aibao quickly took her daughter up.

Aibao picked up Dabao

With the first experience of Shengfu Bao, after Aibao picked up Dabao, he adjusted his sitting position and was ready to hold his child in his arms.

Aibao picked up the baby to adjust the posture

Aibao holds the weak little daughter in her arms, licking the baby gentle, Aibao is really gentle. At this time, Aibao should be uncomfortable, but I don’t care about her uncomfortable.Make warmth of the baby and clean up the baby.

Aibao is gentle holding Dabao to prepare for the second baby

At this time, Aibao Aibao should notice that there are still a second child to be born. She has been preparing, licking herself, licking Dabao, and adjusting the state to welcome the second child.

Ready to welcome the second baby’s love treasure

After an hour and a half, at 6:39 in the morning, Aibao continued to endure his physical pain, and continued to give birth to a second baby, a little princess with a weighing 140g.

Aibao’s Xiaobao was born

You can see that Aibao holds Dabao in his arms, and he still worked hard to stretch out his second hand to pull the second little princess to come. None of the two babies Aibao will not give up. They want to warm the baby.The embrace.

The second baby was born, Aibao covered Dabao in one hand, and took one hand to pick up Erbao

Aibao’s move was really moved to me.I remember in the passage of Panda, Professor Lu Zhi once said that the year they observed the wild giant panda Jiao Jiao’s year, Jiaojiao was also a twin, and Jiaojiao hugged a cub., Let the other cub yell on the ground, Jiaojiao is unmoved.

July 7, 2023 6:39 twins and two treasures were born

This is because the cruel living environment in the wild, the panda mother’s coquettish physical strength can only raise a cub. At this time, it is also a delicate DI child. The experience is not rich. The memory of the gene allows her to choose a cub.If both cubs choose, children and mothers are in danger.

Aibao strives to pull Erbao to come into his arms

Aibao is really hard. Aibao must know that dads are supporting her, so Aibao who lives in Ai in Ai in love is stronger and brave, and strives to protect her two young daughters. Thanks to Grandpa Jiang, Grandpa Jiang,Grandpa Song, thanked all the veterinarian teams in Aibao Paradise for providing a very reliable guarantee for Aibao’s health management. It is also hard to go to South Korea to support Aibao’s central experts.

Aibao is licking the baby

Congratulations to Fu Bao as a sister, there is a pair of lovely sisters. Fubao should also hear the birth of a small life in the next room next door in her mother.There is no concept of sister.

Sister Fubao

Will grandpa, like before, hold the little bamboo ball with the smell of sisters, give Fubao to know Fubao to know their little sisters. I think it will be.

Fubao’s sisters

I even want to say that when the babies grow up a little, can I arrange Fubao and their mothers and sisters to meet. For example, if you look at your mother before returning to China at the age of four, Princess Fubao should be difficult to be difficultSee your mother again, Fubao, you have to be strong. You must pretend to be the love of grandpa. Mom’s love and happiness and brave life!

Fubao is a big sister

Congratulations to Lebao, and became a father again. He is the father of three children. We must continue to refuel and exercise well.Bao, you are dad again, Lebao, you are also great, can smoothly and naturally be a bear with Aibao to make Aibao become a mother twice, avoid being manually breed, Lebao, you must continue to eat and sleep, Lebao can continue to eat and sleep.Continue to be the chic son, you will never be cheap son -in -law in our hearts, cheap dad, Lebao will also have to cheer, we will always support you.

Lebao Dad, you are great

Congratulations to Grandpa Jiang, Grandpa Song, and Grandpa again. There are three cute granddaughter. It is also very hard to guard Aibao all night. When Aibao produces, it is very hard.Very hard dad, you do well, love treasure, I will keep you all night, don’t worry, very hard;

Grandpa Jiang Guardian, soothing Aibao

Dad Song Dad also runs on both sides to comfort Bao Bao while taking care of Aibao.Thanks to the dads for supporting the bear children to love freely, respecting their nature, and letting them decide whether their bear students are the baby or not to have a baby. It has given Aibao a lot of support, so that Aibao has no worries to do smoothly and smoothly.What you want to do.

There is a family of seven families in the Bao family

In the next days, Aibao also has to cheer up early to restore appetite, eat well and sleep well, supplement physical strength, and let themselves be healthy. Babies should also work hard to grow up healthy. Everyone loves you. You are everyone watching.Born, I have gained a lot of love, come on!Fubao, you are already a sister, don’t worry about falling out of favor, grandpa will always love you, and us, you will always watch you continue to be happy.The Bao family, the family of seven must continue to be healthy and happy, come on!

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