Talk about women’s abnormal lactation

In the impression of most people, women only secrete milk after childbirth, and lactation is the physiological phenomenon of lactating women.However, some unmarried girls who do not breastfeed or weaned for more than a year will suddenly find that there are wet stains on the bra.If the breast is squeezed, it can be seen that the white liquid like milk flows out.This non -lactating milk is called milk, which is a pathological range.

Breast development and secretion are regulated by a variety of hormones, and it directly stimulates the secretion of milk secretion is a decisive factor.Under normal circumstances, the hypothalamus and pituitary in the human body control the secretion of prolactin.Whatever reason, as long as the hypothalamus produces prolactin inhibitory factors or secretes excessive prolactin, which can increase the prolactin in the blood, it can increase the abnormal milk. This symptom is called "hyper -secreaned developed".EssencePatients with hyperburnemia, in addition to gymnasis, are often accompanied by to varying degrees of menstrual disorders, and most of them are combined with amenorrhea; symptoms such as hair falling off, weight gain, external genital atrophyInfertility is the main manifestation of diseases, called "breast -spill -amenorrhea syndrome".

Fan and Linglang’s talented appearance, in the blessing of everyone.On the wedding night, a couple sent away relatives and friends, and finally ushered in their own moment."Ah, milk!" Fan suddenly yelled and looked at Ling in surprise.It’s really milk, still falling down.Ling was also stunned.I do n’t know what to do for a while, but the saying of “having milk is a mother”, always rotating in his mind …

The next day, they walked into a hospital in distress.The doctor carefully asked to learn that Ling had this kind of milk before, and her menstruation was not regular, so she suggested that she do endocrine examination.The results showed that her prolactin level was significantly higher than the normal range, and no abnormalities were found to be further found.Under the guidance of a doctor, Ling insisted on taking the bromide pavilion for three months, the symptoms completely disappeared, and the test indicators basically reached normal.

1. What are the diagnostic criteria for hyperculfinemia?

Different periods, the normal value of the prolactin of women is different.Generally speaking, serum prolactin is more than 25 ng / ml during non -pregnancy. In the early stages of pregnancy, it is higher than 80 ng / ml of hyperthermia.

2. What is the impact of hyperculfinemia on menstruation?

Hulk brain and pituitary not only determine the secretion of prolactin, but also determine the secretion of female hormones through the ovaries.Therefore, excessive prolactin can interfere with gonadic gonades, causing women with low ovarian function such as menstrual disorders, lactation, and infertility of childbearing age, and will also make male patients with low sexual function.

Amy, 23, has not been pregnant for more than two years. Not only that, a small amount of milk has appeared on the left breast on the left side of the past two months.The couple went to the hospital for a comprehensive examination.Asked in detail, after getting married, some of Amei’s work changed, and the pressure was relatively large. I do n’t know when I started to have irregular menstruation.

The doctor said that Ami was suffering from milk overflow -amenorrhea syndrome, which caused high prolactin and caused lactation and infertility.After two months of drug treatment, Amy no longer had milk secretion, but she was not pregnant.After understanding Amei’s urgency, the gynecologist added ovulation -promoting drugs to her, and a good news came from two months later.

1. What are the reasons that will lead to increased prolactin?

The cause of the increase in prolactin is generally found:

The lesion of the hypothalamus and its nearby parts.The pituitary function is abnormal, mainly various tumors in the pituitary site.Primary thyroid dysfunction is reduced. At this time, the lower hill brain will produce a large amount of thyroid hormone release factor. This factor can also stimulate the pituitary hormone, which can also stimulate the parabial secretion of excessive amount of prolactin and cause milk.Some drugs can also directly or indirectly increase the secretion of prolactin, such as sedatives, antihypertensive pills, oral contraceptives, etc.Those who are caused by drugs are mostly temporary milk, and they can disappear after a period of time.There are also some neuropathic factors that can also increase prolactin.

2. Why do hyperdoma lesions cause infertility?

Irregular bleeding and other menstrual disorders.According to statistics, 3 % to 20 % of infertility are caused by insufficient luteal function, and hidden hyperblacklactiamia is the main cause of luteal dysfunction.

3. What about women who want to get pregnant with hypertomycinemia?

The bromine pyramids can relieve 80%to 90%of patients’ symptoms and conceive smoothly.It can inhibit the secretion of prolactin, correct and improve its inhibitory effect on the ovaries, and achieve the purpose of normal ovulation and improving luteum function.However, there are some side effects, mainly nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and orthodox hypotension.

4. Does taking a bromine kiosk affect pregnancy?

Due to the adverse effects of drugs on the fetus, the drug was discontinued as soon as it was determined.However, in recent years, some reports have confirmed that the drug suspension during pregnancy is not high.The doctor born after the doctor’s clinic with 64 bromine kiosks was very good at the age of 9.However, it is not recommended to take bromine kiosk during the entire pregnancy.

Ms. Liu found that shelters of the prolactin -type pituitary adenoma 3 years ago.In the past three years, because after taking the bromide pavilion, the side effects were very large. She usually took about half a month. After the menstruation came once, she stopped the medicine.After three or four months or even half a year, take medicine again.During the medicine, I was pregnant with a pregnancy and became a flow of people.In the past year, his career has been basically stable and has been standing near. He planned to have a baby, but he has not been able to do so.I always feel headaches in the near future, and sometimes I can’t even see things.

After inspection, her prolactin is as high as 300 ng / ml, and the head nuclear magnetic tunnel indicates that the pituitary adenoma increases to 1.5 cm.Under the guidance of a doctor, Ms. Liu regularly took the bromidine for half a year, and the symptoms improved significantly.The doctor suggested that she prepare for pregnancy.

1. How to diagnose prolactinoma?

Do brain CT examination or nuclear magnetic resonance examination.According to its volume, it can be divided into two types: micro -adenoma and macroma.

2. How to treat the pituitary microinoma?Is pregnancy danger?

You can choose surgery or radiotherapy because the effect of drug treatment is very good.If the drug is discontinued during pregnancy, the risk of tumor volume caused by the increase in neurological compression is 1%to 2%. Few pitules of pituitary adenoma suddenly increased and killed due to bleeding or necrotic volume.Therefore, it is safe to discontinue drugs during pregnancy.However, if the prolactin is increased or compressed symptoms, such as abnormal fields, severe headache, vomiting, etc., you should continue to take medicine.

3. What should I do if the prolactin alcohol is melancholy?Can I get pregnant?

Those with vision vision disorders, imperfections to take medicine, or do not want to treat γ -knife treatment, are recommended to undergo surgery.As a supplement, radioactive treatment can be performed.If the symptoms of the optic nerve compression are severe, the treatment method of combining surgery and drug can be selected.

Patients should first contraceptive for a period of time, and then pregnancy after the tumor is reduced.If the treatment is insufficient, the risk of symptoms caused by increasing tumor during pregnancy is greater than patients with patients with prostitine secretion.Therefore, you should pay attention to and take a doctor in time.

4. What problems should women pay attention to during pregnancy and postpartum for women who suffer from patients with parabby prolactin?

Once conceived, a bromish pavilion should be discontinued immediately to monitor the various indicators of pituitary corrida.During pregnancy, prolactin will have a higher physiological elevation, and the monitoring is lacking accuracy.The danger of increasing prolactin tumor during pregnancy is very small, but if the following situation occurs, it should be induced or take again: 10 mm tumor> 10 mm, and check the field of vision every 4 to 6 weeks.It should be induced.If childbirth must be delayed, the bromide can be continuously used to reduce the tumor body.

Maternity women with bromine pavilions should be discontinued 24 hours after gardening, and it should not be breastfeeding after giving birth.Patients who use bromine puzzles during puerperium should pay attention to the impact of contraceptives. If contraception is needed, estrogen contraceptives should not be used.

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