Talk about what you know when you are pregnant?Netizen: Three consecutive days dream of getting pregnant

Let’s talk about how do you know that you are pregnant?A netizen: I did n’t know that I did n’t show my tip and I did n’t understand it for more than two months, but my appetite was not very good for a while. I was preparing to lose weight.Every day, high -heeled shoes are still stepping on dynamic bicycles and did not fall until they dreamed of being pregnant for three consecutive days before testing. I was pregnant. At that time, I was stunned.

Talk about what you know when you are pregnant?

1. I was the first child, discovered for more than three months, and only for more than seven months ??? Obviously fetal movement, and everyone’s situation is different. Don’t impose your theory to others.It’s normal, I don’t know if I am pregnant for more than four months, I don’t know if I am pregnant.

2. I have never come for half a month after half a month, but I feel like I want to come to my aunt. My mother -in -law asked me to buy a test paper. Try it. At that time, I was excited because I had done surgery.The chance of 50 was pregnant. At that time, my husband told my husband that he thought that I was joking and got up early the next morning to buy another try or two bars.

3. I have been married for six years. I have never conceived. Later, I planned to do test tubes. The money for inspection was half paid. When I started preparing the egg test, I suddenly felt uneasy.Best, the first one was blurred two bars. I thought it might not be allowed in the afternoon. The next day I tried it with morning urine and it was blurred. It was only half a month after the holiday.I knew it was really pregnant.I think my child and I have a sense of feeling.

4. My menstruation has always been inaccurate. Every time I came, I was a little painful. When I was pregnant with my daughter, my stomach was always a little painful. I thought my aunt was coming. I dreamed that a girl called my mother at night. I asked her.Who do you call, she said to call you, I said you don’t scare me. If so, I woke up, and I told my mother that this dream was very clear. At that time, I lived in two places with my husband. My mother said you went to the hospital to seeMaybe it really has it, so I went to the hospital to check to determine the early pregnancy in the hospital for the pregnancy test paper. Now I have always felt amazing.

5. I did not get up in the first week, and the third week was the day when menstruation came.It hurts, so I drank the saffron brought back from Tibet from Tibet and drank it for two days.Originally, I planned to continue drinking on the third day, and I was wondering at that time. I didn’t get better when I drank red flowers for so many days before.Then on the morning of the third day, I had an impulse as soon as I woke up. I had to test it. There was another pregnancy test stick in the last test. I always felt that I was owed.Then he squinted and went to the toilet to test, and he was asleep on the toilet. He found two bars, one deep and one shallow.I went to the hospital to draw blood that day, and the doctor said that she was pregnant.I didn’t respond for a long time.Now that the baby is almost three months old, I hope the baby is healthy and healthy.I will also work hard to be a mother who is positive and optimistic about the sun.I wish you all a real thing, you can fulfill your dreams!

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