Talk about the old problem again: Is there a pregnant woman at home, can you raise a cat?

Many parents still have doubts about whether they can raise cats, mainly because they are worried that pregnant women are infected with rigid bowworms.Although this is an ancient topic, since many parents, especially their ancestors, still have doubts, we will use the problem of whether pregnant women can raise cats and help everyone to sort out.

Gang Gong Gongxing (later referred to as Toxoplasma) is a parasite that completes the life cycle in the cat intestine.The cat is the middle host of the bowworm and the end of the host.Gow -shaped worms will lay eggs after maturity in the main body. These eggs will be excreted from the host’s feces and contaminate land and water sources. If people or pets come into contact with these contaminated sources, they may face infection.

Cats are also the most common pets in human life. Many pregnant women’s families choose to give up cats during pregnancy to avoid adverse effects of fetus.

If pregnant women come into contact with foods or water carrying bow -shaped eggs, they may be infected with toxoplasma.This leads to damage to the central nervous system or eyes of the fetus, and even fetal malformations or abortion occur.

Under normal circumstances, humans will not infected the Toxoplasma from cats, because cats will only excrete the bowworm eggs once in their lives. The egg emissions time of the worm is usually three weeks.The excrement is cleaned up.

The most important thing is to keep expectant mothers away from the possible source of infection. For example, the work of cleaning cat litter should be handed over to other family members.You can satisfy this without sending the cat away.

Secondly, do not consume unexplained or cooked raw meat for prospective mothers (you can kill the Toxoplasma Eggs above 74 degrees), and do not drink unpopular raw water; clean it diligently and keep the family’s environmental hygiene and cleanliness.

Third, you can test the cat for a bowworm before pregnancy.After that, keep the cat living indoors, and avoid cats from going outdoors, predation, and puppets.At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that cats and water have been cooked, especially families who like to feed cats with flesh and flesh. Be sure to pay attention.In addition, expectant mothers should try to avoid intimate contact with cats.

In the end, in reality, there must be parents who are worried about whether there is much risk of infection.Risk does exist, but very low.If parents really don’t want to bear, choose to send the cat out, I hope you can find a reliable, loving and responsible new home for the cat as much as possible, don’t abandon it!

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