Take more or more exercise, can you go to the gym during pregnancy?3 sports suitable for pregnant mothers

American Sports Medicine, American Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, etc., encourages healthy pregnant women to maintain proper exercise during the entire pregnancy.

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The traditional Chinese thought is that after pregnancy, we must focus on rest. It is the so -called "security", but now more and more experts suggest that pregnant mothers should exercise more during pregnancy.

So who should pregnant mothers listen to?Is it mainly for rest and resting during pregnancy, or do you want to exercise more?

Xiaoyu is a girl who especially likes fitness. Even after pregnancy, Xiao Yu often runs to the gym.

At 5 months of pregnancy, Xiao Yu’s mother came from her hometown to take care of her daughter.Who knows the first day of my mother’s coming, it triggered world wars.

It turned out that Xiao Yu’s mother saw her 5 -month -old daughter going to the gym, and she was shocked and angry, "You are joking with your body, how can you be a mother.

Xiaoyu retorted that the exercise during pregnancy can help the fetus health.But my mother asked sharply: "Going downstairs during pregnancy exercises, just walk downstairs. Who do you think like you, go to the gym?"

The mother and daughter are so noisy that no one can persuade anyone, so can they fit after pregnancy?Is there any exercise to be suitable for expectant mothers?

First of all, we suggest that the expectant mothers after 12 weeks of pregnancy do more exercise.

Generally, the fetus is stable after 3 months, and pregnant women can choose some suitable exercise. It is actually possible to go at home or go to the fitness hall.

1) Benefits during pregnancy

Pregnant mothers can exercise more during pregnancy can enhance physical fitness and consume calories, prevent the occurrence of pregnancy syndrome. In addition, exercise can exercise the ligament, make the body softer, and help future delivery.

2) These situations cannot

However, it is necessary to ensure that the body of the pregnant mother is healthy. When you have consult a doctor, go to fitness.If there are pregnancy hypertension, placenta prefix, severe heart rate, etc., it is impossible to exercise.

3) What exercise cannot be done

Pregnant women should be mild when they exercise, such as balls, horse riding, skiing, etc. are not suitable for pregnant women.In addition, some exercises like supine positions are also done as little as possible, such as sitting up, bench press, rowing, high drop -down, etc.

Especially after 16 weeks of pregnancy, such a sports will be blocked by veins and affect the blood supply of the fetus.

1. Walk

Traveling is the safest way to exercise during pregnancy. It can not only play a role in exercising, but also breathe fresh air when going out.You can choose some good landscape parks to help pregnant women happy.

You can also chat with your neighbors in your own community to help soothe the feeling of suppression and prevent prenatal depression.When the body and outdoor air are good, you can take about 1 hour.

2. Swimming

Many people think that swimming is very dangerous to pregnant mothers, but in fact it is not like this at all.Swimming can increase the lung capacity of pregnant mothers, so that it can help smooth production during childbirth.

In addition, there is buoyancy in the water, and swimming can help reduce the sore body in the pregnancy.But it is best not to swim in the morning and later pregnancy to prevent infection or premature birth.

If you want to swim, you must choose a clean pool. Pay attention to the cleaning of the shower after swimming. Don’t be too hard to pursue speed when swimming.Remember that you cannot dive and prevent accidents, you must be accompanied by family members.

Generally, the swimming time is controlled within 30 minutes.

Three, yoga

Yoga during pregnancy is also a good choice. For example, some pregnancy yoga classes such as Pirati and gymnastics during pregnancy can effectively help pregnant women play a fitness role, and the movements are simple, and there is no hard requirement for time and place.

Moreover, such courses are actually more suitable for specializing in the special fitness gallery. There are professional teachers in guidance, and pregnant mothers can learn more secure and standardized.

There are still many pregnant women in pregnant women’s yoga classes that are convenient for each other’s doubts in pregnancy.

If you choose to practice at home, you must pay attention to the choice, like some movements, especially the pulling action, don’t embarrass yourself.

Candy mother has something to say: No matter what exercise during pregnancy, you should always pay attention to whether your belly feels.Once discomfort occurs, stop immediately, and do not continue to exercise after recovery.

"I am a candy mother, a Baoma who studies growth type, focuses on pregnancy and parenting. If you want to raise your baby easily, don’t forget to pay attention. The candy mother team will answer questions for your parenting road."

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