Take emergency contraceptives or pregnancy, can children ask?

Recently, Xiaoli is unhappy every day because she has just found pregnancy.Why don’t such happy events happy?It turned out that Xiaoli and her husband had not prepared for pregnancy. Therefore, she quickly took emergency contraceptives after she had no time to have room. I didn’t expect to be pregnant.This unexpected "surprise" has now become a "sweet burden". The emergency contraceptives that the husband and wife are worried about taking the baby will have a bad impact on the baby, and even have the idea of giving up the baby.

The pharmacist tells you: Don’t give up a small life that comes easily. Taking emergency contraceptives will not affect your baby.

Will the drug affect the baby? It is necessary to analyze from the following aspects:

【Medicine ingredient】

Many people feel that the principle of taking emergency contraceptives is to directly kill sperm or eggs. Therefore, it is believed that it will definitely affect the quality of sperm and eggs and then affect the baby’s growth and development.In fact, the main component of the most common emergency contraceptive pills on the market is left germination ketone. It is a progesterone. Its contraceptive principle is to inhibit ovulation and prevent the bed in the bed, increase the consistency of cervical mucus, sperm penetration resistance resistanceIncrease.In short, it is to prevent sperm eggs from "meeting".Therefore, it does not cause direct damage to sperm or eggs.

【Take medicine】

Emergency contraceptives are generally taken within 72 hours after the same room. The earlier the effect, the better the effect, and the failure rate of more than 72 hours is often higher.The fertilization (that is, the same room during ovulation) is in line with the theory of "all or no" within 2 weeks.

All: Drugs have an impact on embryo, embryo death, and abortion naturally.During this period, sperm and eggs have not been combined or just combined, and organ differentiation has not been carried out. Therefore, once the drug affects the embryo, the embryo will directly die.

No: The drug does not affect the embryo, and the embryo continues to develop normally.

Note: The theory of "All or None" is suitable for most drugs, but there are also individual drugs.For example, Libaweilin, Di vitamin A acid, etc. will be introduced in the future.

[Maintenance time]

Then you may ask, will the drugs accumulate in the body?What to do if the effect of residual drugs remain in the body after 2 weeks.After the drug enters the body, it will eventually be metabolized and excreted in vitro.The time required for half of the drug to eliminate is called "half -life". Generally, it can be completely eliminated after 5 to 6 half -life drugs.The half -life of Zuo Nuo Genone is 10-24 hours, so it can basically be completely cleared from the body in 3 to 5 days, and it is still within the "safety period" of "all or no".

【Take dose】

Emergency contraceptives generally take 1 to 2 tablets in a single oral, or take 1 tablet for the first time, and take the second table for 12 hours.Occasionally take it once, the dose of the drug is not large, which is not enough to affect the baby.For example, eating more fried foods can cause weight and affect health, but occasionally eating once or twice, the impact on you will not be great.

【F facts】

Let’s take a look at those mothers and babies who have taken pregnancy after taking emergency contraceptives?

A large number of clinical data studies have shown that those who continue to be pregnant after taking emergency contraceptives will not find the increase in deformities and other abnormal incidence after birth, and it will not affect the physical and intellectual development of future generations.

In summary, the focusing on emergency contraceptives (takes or twice after the same room after the same room, and take another consideration for multiple times) will not affect the baby.Observe whether you have signs of miscarriage.Regularly conduct a checkup, do a good job of relevant inspections, and take folic acid on time.


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