Take baby in summer, eat these 4 kinds of fruits in moderation, so that children can eat healthy and safe

Summer is here, and the fragrant fruits of Guoguo Peach are fresh fruits. In this season, the fruit is free, but the fruits are delicious and cannot be greedy.No matter what you eat, you need to restrain your body to avoid being harmed.

Children’s spleen and stomach are still a little weak, and there are various fruits. Some fruits are eaten too much. The body is easy to have problems. Pay attention to selecting varieties to make children eat healthy and safe.

1. Frozen watermelon

The most delicious fruits in summer are very common watermelons. In the hot summer season, after eating sweetness and thirst, children like to eat.Watermelon is a cold fruit. If it is greedy, take out the watermelon in the refrigerator and eat it directly.

Watermelon can’t be eaten in the refrigerator. It can not be eaten directly. You need to put it at room temperature before eating. You should eat as much as possible when the child’s body is harmed. The time to put it in the refrigerator should not be too long.It is also easy to deteriorate.

2. Apricot

There are apricot trees in the community, and a lot of fruits have been knotted. Grandma in the neighbor picked apricot and gave us some. The children felt sweet and sour.Grandma told the child: "Don’t eat too much." When I was a kid, I ate apricot, and my parents said that it would be on fire, because it was a warm fruit.

Apricot contains more plant acids. Eating too much can easily cause indigestion, and the apricot itself has minimally toxicity. When it is not familiar, or if you eat too much, you may have poisoning.

3. Litchi

The lychee in summer looks bright, and people can’t help but want to eat. The taste is sweet and spleen. It is very refreshing. The old people and children like to eat.

However, lychee must not be eaten, because the fruit sugar content in the lychee is very high, and if you eat too much, you may cause acute hypoglycemia, also called "litchi disease", which may occur.damage.

4. Mango

Mango is a kind of tropical fruit. It is known as the "king of tropical fruits". It is sweet, soft, unique, and rich in nutrients. Eating in moderation is good for baby’s healthy growth and development.

However, after mango eats, there is a common adverse reaction, that is, it is easy to cause allergies. Children are young, spleen and stomach have poor digestive ability. If the child is more than 2 years old, you can try to eat a little, and do not eat too much at a time.

At the end

If you have a degree, buy fruit for your child, do not buy too much, eat less amount, put the fruit at a high place, the child is not enough.Because the child is full of belly, as long as the eyes are touched, it is difficult to resist the temptation of food.

In the summer, the fruits are rich in fruit, and do not greedy for deliciousness. While supplementing nutrition for children, pay attention to the appropriate amount and scientific diet, which is more conducive to the healthy growth of children.

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