Take a look at all Bao dads!How difficult it is when we are pregnant, how much pain when we have children!

Children are the most precious gifts for us, but it is a very difficult journey to get pregnant and give birth to children.Today, I want to share the difficulties and pains in this journey for all my dads. I hope you can understand and care about your partners more.

How difficult is it when you are pregnant?

Pregnancy is a process of challenging the body and mind for women.In early pregnancy, women’s body will experience a series of changes, such as breast pain, nausea and vomiting, which will last for several weeks or even months.In the middle of pregnancy, women’s bodies gradually adapt to these changes, but followed by back pain, abdominal pain, and indigestion.In the late pregnancy, women’s bodies will become more uncomfortable, such as leg swelling, frequent urination, and poor sleep.In addition, women’s emotions are also affected during pregnancy, and anxiety, tension and emotional fluctuations often occur.

In addition to physical discomfort, pregnancy also needs more effort and patience for women.They need to insist on doing appropriate exercise every day, pay attention to diet and sleep, conduct regular inspections, and so on.Some women also need to deal with various complications, such as hypertension, diabetes and depression during pregnancy.These all require women’s effort and time to ensure the health of themselves and the fetus.

How painful when giving birth?

Giveting children is a thing that requires courage and perseverance.During childbirth, women will experience strong pain and pressure.In order to help the fetus come out of the uterus, women need to push hard, which will make their abdomen and lower body feel very painful.In addition, women also need to cope with the various stages of the output process, such as opening palace mouth, pain, placenta, etc., each stage requires a lot of physical strength and patience.

For the first time, it is a very heartache to see the pain and discomfort of seeing the partner.However, as their partner, you can try your best to help and support them.Here are some suggestions:

Learn the process and skills of childbirth

It is very important to understand the process and skills of childbirth.You can participate in childbirth preparation courses before pregnancy, communicate with doctors and midwives, and obtain more knowledge and skills, which will help you better cope with all stages of childbirth.

Give emotional support

During childbirth, women need emotional support and comfort.You can give them warm hugs, encouragement words and affirmative praise, making them feel that you have been with them and support them.

Help relieve pain and discomfort

Women will experience strong pain and discomfort during childbirth. You can help them relieve pain and discomfort, such as massage them, provide hot compresses or cold compresses, help them adjust their breathing, and so on.

Take the housework and take care of the children

After childbirth, women need full rest and recovery. You can bear more housework and take care of children’s responsibilities, so that they can get full rest and recovery time.

In short, pregnancy and children are a difficult journey, and women need more effort and patience.As their partners, we should give them more care and support to help them spend this difficult journey and let them feel our love and warmth.

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