Taboo during pregnancy, everyone should carefully distinguish, let’s talk to the pregnant mother today

Pregnancy is a wonderful time. The first pregnancy is the real journey of exploring the unknown.Pregnancy is a stage that we must go through. Only after experiencing that we know that our parents are not easy, the arrival of the baby also allows us to get a growth ourselves and find our own imperfections in our children.

There are countless taboos and precautions after Huaibao. It seems to be free, free, and even loves crazy. The "woman" like the "wind" disappeared in an instant., Can’t drink and can’t be carnivated, even watching movies and singing K can’t do it.These things and taboos during pregnancy are rumors or scientific theories.How to spend the pregnancy correctly and comfortably and not cause harm to the body?Let’s take a look at it.

The effect of computer radiation is very small

Regarding the issue of radiation.I often hear that a mother asked the doctor for B -ultrasound to check whether there is radiation. Does this affect the development of children?First of all, there is a point of view here that everyone should know that B -ultrasound check will not affect the development of children.Mother can conduct conventional B -ultrasound in accordance with the doctor’s advice.

Computers commonly used at home will not affect children’s development.Unless you work at a strong microwave or a signal station, you don’t need to pay special attention to the radiation problem.Radiation protection is a probability problem. The radiation -proof clothing we use is a clothing with a wire inside.The wires generate a signal barrier to achieve radiation protection.If you work in a special environment, the top three of pregnancy should have good radiation protection.

Do not use whitening cosmetics anymore

Can cosmetics be used?In fact, many cosmetics are ordinary chemicals.Real biological preparation cosmetics are really not good for Bao Ma. Although they are only suitable for faces, they are not orally.Even if you use it every day during pregnancy, her skin absorption has a certain amount, so use some lead -free skin care products to use as little whitening products as possible, so it is best to use the moisturizing effect.

It’s best not to dye your hair

I accidentally dyed my hair during the baby.The hair follicles and hair roots will absorb these hair dye.If you say that you dye once a month before pregnancy, you should minimize the number of hair dye.If you say that I have dyed my hair throughout the pregnancy, this time I will not have serious consequences to the dolls in my stomach.However, it is recommended that female friends who are already pregnant during pregnancy do not dye their hair during pregnancy. It is really a dangerous thing, which is easy to cause children’s malformations. If you have already dyed, pay attention to the later examination.

Drink, quit it too

The impact of alcohol abuse on the child in the stomach during pregnancy.The alcoholism we said is to drink every day and get drunk every day.In this case, long -term drinking will have a certain impact on the quality of men’s sperm, and severe will often lead to unable to conceive.Alcoholism may affect children’s brain development, or it is an adverse factors affecting other aspects of its own development.If you drink alcohol once in the first two months of pregnancy, have no drunk, no alcoholism or other serious clinical consequences, the impact on your baby is not great.But during pregnancy, it is best to quit smoking. Don’t drink alcohol.

Make a good checkup

To be sure, during the pregnancy of women, especially in the first three months, the embryo is relatively fragile, and the necessary protection and measures in life must be available.During the entire pregnancy, many habits may cause harm to the fetus and mother. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the life habits of Baoma. Some bad habits before are still corrected.We can bear it first, after all, children are the most important now, isn’t it?

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