Symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy are on the seat. Congratulations to you at 3 o’clock

Pregnancy is the most anticipated and nervous thing for every woman who wants to be a mother!Thinking of a cute life lying in the body, I unconsciously raised a strong motherly love ~ So how do you find that you are pregnant?These symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy, see how many of you are in the middle of pregnancy?

1 Stop menopy, slight lower abdomen falling pain

Seeing that my aunt day passed for a few days, but she couldn’t come to menstruation. If it was a sisters with a stable menstrual period, they needed to pay special attention to whether they were pregnant.

In terms of my experience, in the first month of my aunt, for a while and after, I was often accompanied by a slight abdomen pain, which was very similar to the dysmenorrhea. I always thought that my aunt was coming.IntersectionIt was a little strange, and Auntie was so strong.I also asked the doctor deliberately, and she said that indeed many people will have this slight dysmenorrhea in the early days of pregnancy.Therefore, the sisters who prepare for pregnancy do not feel that they must not be pregnant because they have dysmenorrhea.

2 retider, nausea, nausea

There are often girls on TV representing the plot of pregnancy. Presumably this is also the first symptom of pregnancy.But this is different from person to person. I really envy those expectant mothers who have no symptoms of retching in the early days ~

When I was five weeks+, I gradually developed symptoms of sorrow and nausea, and I was the most serious in two months.It is often accompanied by a sense of mental weakness and groggy. It is recommended that expectant mothers can prepare more low -calorie and low -sugar soda biscuits. This is really the best partner I have supported in the early pregnancy!

In addition to the helplessness that can’t be eaten, sometimes you need to pay attention to the diet cannot be excessive.Some expectant mothers just felt appetizing for the first three months and ate.I have a long time.Once I felt that the state was better, I wanted to go to the mall to eat troops hot pot. At first, I was surprised by "wow, I was completely eaten". As a result, I did not control the delicious support.Straighted into the bathroom, and this meal almost spit.In fact, the state of the stomach has not completely eased at this time. It is recommended that expectant mothers still need to pay attention to diet control ~

3 Basic body temperature changes

The sisters who are actively preparing for pregnancy must pay great attention to the basic body temperature. Generally speaking, the temperature after ovulation will increase slightly by 0.3-0.5 degrees, and the body temperature will gradually decrease to normal level.Essence

△ How many of the above symptoms are you hit?Sisters who are really uneasy, go to the pharmacy to check the pregnancy inspection stick or go to the hospital to take a blood check ~

Sisters who are preparing for pregnancy, please relax, baby will soon come to you ~

If you are an unexpected expectant mothers, remember to eat folic acid immediately!

Finally, I wish you all a good pregnancy!

Author: a pound of flash (original)

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