Symptoms during pregnancy: Is the pregnancy line beautiful?Teach you a few tricks to fade it

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After some women are pregnant, they will find that their belly has a black line, or thick or fine, deep or shallow, which makes some beautiful pregnant women panic.In fact, this is the so -called "pregnancy line".

Why is there a pregnancy line?How long does women usually appear after women’s pregnancy?Is there any way to dilute?

What is pregnancy line?

The pregnancy line refers to the vertical line from the perineal to the belly button between the middle of the belly between 2 and 4 months after pregnancy, and some even extend to the chest upwards, which will be more obvious after the second trimester.

Because each pregnant woman has different constitutions, the length of the pregnancy line is different, the color and shades of the pregnancy line are not the same, and even the time to appear is different.

Some pregnant women only found that the pregnancy line appeared on the belly during the third trimester, but some pregnant women did not appear throughout the pregnancy.

Causes of pregnancy lines

The pregnancy line is actually a normal pregnancy reaction, mainly due to the changes in hormone levels during pregnancy and the increased activity of tyrosinase, which causes melanin deposition of the skin base cell cells. Generally, it will slowly change within one year after childbirth.Fade, disappear.

1. Hormonal level

Pigmentation during pregnancy is mainly due to the increased secretion of melanocyte stimulating hormones during pregnancy, and a large amount of estrogen hormone has melanin cell stimulation effect, which causes melanin to cause the pregnancy line.

2. Tyinase activity

Tyrtinase is a key enzyme for melanin synthesis. Tyinic acid in the human body generates Daboba under the oxidation of tyrosinase. After a series of oxidation reactions, melanin is finally generated.

But in fact, regardless of whether men and women are pregnant or not, everyone can see this line faintly on the stomach, which is white. This is a normal physiological pattern, but most women are lighter when they are not pregnant and cannot see it.

How to lighten the pregnancy line?

Although most of the pregnancy lines on the stomach of pregnant women, most of them will fade down within one year after childbirth until they disappear, but there are also some pregnant women who have not disappeared after gardening.Therefore, pregnant women can try the following methods to help dilute the pregnancy line.

1. Eat more foods rich in vitamin C

Vitamin C has a strong reduction effect and can inhibit the production of melanin.Therefore, pregnant women can eat more foods or fruits rich in vitamin C, such as broccoli, kiwi, etc. to help dilute the pregnancy line.

2. Hot compress massage skin

After taking a shower, pregnant women can apply a hot towel on the belly, keep it for half an hour a day, and then gently massage the abdomen with their hands to promote the metabolism of the abdominal skin, improve the color of the skin, and dilute the pregnancy line to a certain extent.

3. Laser removal

If all aspects of the body are recovered, you can consider going to a professional hospital to remove the pregnancy line through laser, but you must go to a regular hospital to avoid improper laser operations to have other side effects on the body.


The pregnancy line is actually a pregnancy reaction during pregnancy. Most of them will slowly disappear after giving birth, so don’t worry too much.

Pregnant women can also promote the diluting of pregnancy lines by eating more foods rich in vitamins, massage abdominal skin, and take health products appropriately.

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