Symptoms and five solutions of pig stomach accumulation

During the breeding process of pigs, it is easy to encounter poor pig digestion. Piggy indigestion is also called stagnant stagnation, mainly caused by improper breeding.; Some are because they eat more feeds that are easy to expand and fermented, such as soybeans, soybean cakes, and cream, etc., and drink a lot of water after eating.In addition, because the feed suddenly transforms or feeds the moldy feed and mildew, it can easily cause indigestion.Bleak

Main cause: Due to the disruption or obstacles of the digestive system organs, the gastrointestinal digestion and absorption capacity of pigs are reduced, appetite is reduced or stopped, which is collectively referred to as indigestion.

The digestion of pigs is not many occurred in piglets, and other pigs also occur, but they are rare.There are two aspects of poor digestion of piglets. One is that it is not good for pregnancy sows. The lack of protein, vitamins, and certain minerals in the feed, so the normally developed in the mother’s body is affected.Low force, it is easy to get indigestion.

初 On the other hand, it is improper management of newborn piglets, too late to eat colostrum, cold and humid pigs, and poor sanitary conditions are also important factor in indigestion of piglets.In addition, suddenly changing the feed, or feeding too cold in winter, long -distance transportation, excessive fatigue, cold or other parasitic diseases, which is also an important cause of indigestion of other pigs.

常 Pig stomach accumulation is a common type of digestive disease. The main symptoms of this disease are manifested as abdominal distension, the digestive function is hindered, which seriously affects the growth of pigs.It is found that there are pig stomach accumulated food and should be treated in a timely manner to be effectively cured.In addition, if prevention is usually strengthened, the disease can be avoided.

The symptoms of pork stomach accumulation are characterized by gastrointestinal drums. They suddenly occur. The abdominal distension is like drums, and the stomach wall expansion, causing digestive disorders.After eating 15-20 minutes, the symptoms were manifested. The sick pigs were accelerated, the eyeballs were congested around the eyeballs, and they were eye-catching.The symptoms of mild symptoms disappeared for 15-20 minutes. In severe cases, the limbs were not spiritual.There are groups of distribution, red skin red, blue purple.

1. Strengthen breeding management, feed it as needed, and give the material balance.Prevent overshoot, maintain the foundation and growth needs, and the feed formula is reasonable and stable to prevent mutations.

2. When you need to change the feed variety, you need to transition for 3-5 days to prevent suddenly changing the feed variety and cause the change of material stress.

3. When feed changes and sudden changes in the weather, you can add electrolytic multi -dimensional, vitamin C, glucose powder and other anticipated drugs to pig drink water.

4. When the pig weighs more than 75 kg, add 0.3%salt to the feed and stop the feeding 1 meal within 1 week to increase the drinking water of the pig.The drinking water of pigs should be kept clean and hygienic, and the height of the free drinking water heater should be adjusted with the growth of the pigs, and it is better to be higher than the back of the pork spine 15-20 cm.

5. It is forbidden to feed moldy and deteriorate.

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