Sydney women gave birth to baby boys while taking a bath, but they did not know they were pregnant!The detection has always been negative

A mother in Sydney gave birth alone while taking a bath,

This is the most shocking thing in her life,

Because she didn’t know she was pregnant at all.

The 28 -year -old Dimitty Bonnet from Campbelltown is the mother of two children, and she has given up the hope of re -fertility.

Therefore, when she suddenly felt the impulse that she needed to work hard, she was completely frightened and caught the baby’s head between her legs.

Dimity and her 42 -year -old husband Jason are a signature writer. They already have two children, 5 -year -old Nate and 3 -year -old Darci. They think that their family is complete and no longer want to regenerate the childIt’s right.

DIMITTY’s menstruation is very regular, and even the pregnancy test performed a few weeks before the accident at 1:30 on February 26 is negative.

Her husband was on the bed at the time. When she called for help, he rushed into the bathroom and found that his wife was all blood, holding a baby in her arms.

She didn’t know what would happen, and it was not until she started to feel a little wrong until the night before her childbirth.

Dimity said: "My weight has always fluctuated, so when I got a few pounds, I didn’t think about that."

"I thought this was only within the normal weight range, and there was nothing too obvious."

"I took the plane a month ago, and even did X -ray check after the rugby injury before the childbirth."

"No one will think I am pregnant."

"In order to determine, I even tested once a month before production, and the result was negative."

Stomach discomfort

"The night before the child was born, I just felt a little disgusting."

"My stomach feels a bit uncomfortable, so I let the children go to bed and sleep early."

"I woke up at about 1 am, and I felt very uncomfortable. Just like I really need to go to the toilet, but I can’t go."

"The pain started to worsen, so I decided to take a bath and make myself feel better."

"I don’t want to wake up my husband, so I turned off the lights."

"I suddenly felt a kind of impulse to work hard, and then I touched a baby’s head."

In a state of shock and confusion, Dimitty managed to sit on the floor.

After the last force, her child was born in the early morning of February 26, 2022.

She called Jason and Jason rushed into the bathroom, shocked that his wife was holding their new son.

The panic couple called an ambulance, and the ambulance arrived after about 15 minutes, which could help Dimitty getting a placenta.

Surprise Boy Boy

The ambulance personnel brought the family to Campbelltown Hospital, where the mother and baby had nothing to do with them, where they monitored them for 24 hours.

Dimity and Jason named their sons as Harvey Eric Barry Timmins, weighing 3 kg.

During Dimitty hospitalized, they faxed Nate and sent a fax, telling them that their mother had a surprise to them, and then let them see their new siblings.

They are all very happy.

Dimity explained: "The impact this has given us too much, and we can’t believe it in the first few days."

"When we told them, my children were very excited, especially my daughter, because she always wanted to be a big sister. She was very caring and took on her new role well."

"Our family and friends are very supportive, because we are not prepared at all. In fact, we threw away all our old infant supplies a month ago."

"But everyone worked together to help us, ensure that we have strollers, clothes, diapers, etc.". "

Return to God

"It took about 24 hours to come up with his name, but we chose Jason’s grandfather’s name Harvey, which is really special."

"My other twice pregnancy is so different, so I never thought that such a thing will happen to me."

"My brain and body spent some time to deal with what happened, but now we have found our own state and feels more stable."

"He is a great child. With him joining our family, we are very lucky, even if they are shocked at first."

Jason added: "He is a precious little boy and the biggest surprise in my life."

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Source: 7NEWS

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