Suspected that Wang Xiaofei’s account exploded and Da S was three months pregnant, the two children had changed their mouths to shout Jun Jun’s father

Recently, the news of Big S’s pregnancy has been passed on, but because the parties have not expressed their position

So this incident was quickly calmed down.

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In the recent video, this netizen took out a close photo of Big S and Ge Junjun.

Then with Wang Xiaofei when eating spicy powder,

A line of red words: 46 -year -old big S broke his bottom line again in order to get pregnant.

Since Da S married to Ge Jun, news about her pregnancy has been passing.

But in fact, after a failed marriage, the big S publicly said,

The stomach is blocked, and I will never ask for children anymore, so there are media reports that the current mother -in -law has a great view of this problem.

He even opposed that Jun Jun was with her.And now, it is reported again to give birth to a family,

It is beyondly doubt that at the expense of danger and risk the risk of age.

It was also improved, and the children of Wang Xiaofei and Da S also recognized Gu Junyu, and also called him "dad".

I also said that if one day, what Wang Xiaofei did made Da S uncomfortable,

Maybe she will change this child’s surname to "具",

The masculine guy like Wang Xiaofei must be killed alive.

Regardless of the news of the big S pregnancy is true or false, this is an insult to her and Wang Xiaofei.

There are two villas of NT $ 600 million (120 million) of NT $ 60 million under the name,

In fact, before the divorce, I watched Wang Xiaofei’s career, and the big S had no nostalgia.

One person ate 10,000 yuan of Bai Songdu meals to celebrate his single life.

Big S has always been a person who knows what he wants to do next,

Now, every move of Gu Junzhang and Da S is the focus of attention.

At that time, as soon as I arrived on the set, the big S held Ge Jun’s hand,

Introducing you: "This is my new husband and my old partner,"

Gu Junyu is a facial pet. When filming, Ge Junyi will go to the scene to visit the big S for the first time.

After the filming, the two were holding their hands and shadows. During the media interview,

When Da S talked about his connection with him, he said without shyness: "I was startled by his phone,

Since we broke up, I have never changed my phone."After that, for more than a month,

Da S was moved and agreed, and he also told Gu Junyu that the regrets of 20 years ago finally.

A simple sentence reveals a lot of secrets.

Later things, as we all know, they have already received the certificate,

Whether it was a previous family or the last marriage, she was scared and nervous.

Many netizens left a message below: "Wang is now a joke!"

You know, when he was married to Wang Xiaofei, Big S said that when she saw Wang Xiaofei,

I can’t wait to marry her and have children immediately.And now, in order to give Ge Junye a chance, Da S,

It was intentionally concealed for 20 years and made Wang Xiaofei a "joke". It is no wonder that Wang Xiaofei would expose Da S on social media.

In order to give myself the current momentum, the predecessor of "face" is really true.

Big S also said that the breakup with Ge Junzheng was not willing,

There is a deep regret in her heart. Over the years, she has never been thinking about Ge Jun.

I feel lucky to marry my true love as I wish!Very exciting again!

Moreover, after marrying Ge Jun, Big S told the family about the news,

At that time, Big S’s mother was very angry, and Xiao S also blessed this.

But Gu Junye will go to Taiwan with Da S.

Previously, Big S and ex -husband Wang Xiaofei "separated two places",

Is it because she is not used to the life of the mainland, so she came to South Korea this time for Junjun?

But now, the two children of Big S and Wang Xiaofei live in Taiwan with Da S.

Looking back at the love process of Big S, although some people think she is a "love brain",

But it is undeniable that Big S is indeed "dare to love and hate" in love and dares to do what you like.

Gu Junzhang is 52 years old, and it is completely incompatible with the "handsome guy" of Da S

I am 7 years older than him, have not been in contact for more than 20 years, and did not meet. It can be seen that Big S really loves him.

When Da S met Wang Xiaofei four times, he decided to get married.

But later "separated the two places", and finally ended with divorce. This time, many people were thinking.

Why don’t Da S be in love, why should you marry so anxiously?

If it is inappropriate in the future, it will be troublesome.

However, Big S said that in fact, she was very insecure. From a young age, she has always been scared.

But since she met Oba, she has changed. At first, she was worried that her family would refuse Junjun.

But now, no one is opposed, which makes her very happy.Sometimes, I even feel that I am dreaming,

It is not true, but when you touch his head, you will find that all this is true.

In this regard, some netizens regretted Wang Xiaofei, and they said: "Since you two love it so much

And for 20 years, let Wang Xiaofei’s children come back."

Yes, if the big S likes others from beginning to end, it is still a kind of unfaithful marriage?

Isn’t this unfair to Wang Xiaofei?

Since Big S has found the person in my heart again, it is better to give this child to Wang Xiaofei.

For Wang Xiaofei, this child is too important to him.

In this way, Wang Xiaofei will not always remember his child,

It will not be complained, and both of them can live peacefully.

When Da S and Wang Xiaofei divorced, Big S was interviewed by reporters

It is also a embarrassment, often complaining that he is alone to take care of his children alone.

At that time, everyone felt that Big S was regretted divorce. Now it seems that she is more concerned. After the divorce

The popularity of the big S is higher, while Wang Xiaofei drops straight.

In fact, it’s quite pitiful!What do you think about this?

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