Super actual childcare APP recommends a must -have for big gathering mothers

Super Parenting APP Recommendation

In the era of science and technology, various APPs have emerged endlessly, making people look eye -catching. Today, my mother searches for recommending a few self -use parenting APP for everyone ~ Don’t miss it!

1. Education Academy

Record your baby’s daily schedule, learning parenting knowledge, baby growth and development evaluation, growth curve records, supplementary food recipes, etc.You can also consult your doctors and members online. You can also learn various parenting courses.It is now used from birth to now ~

2. Baby grapefruit

Pregnancy is used, and the tools are super complete.Can you eat, baby supplementary food, confinement meal, preschool education, parenting knowledge.The homepage shows that the baby ’s corresponding exercise is developing the height and weight, and at a glance, the novice mother GET baby’s current development is at a glance.

3. Meng cooking

After the baby eats supplementary food, think of the menu every day to think of the brain explosion?If you have a cute cooking, you can worry about it ~ Corresponding to the recipes of the moon age, the graphic and text are full of graphics, and the mother no longer has to worry about the baby does not like to eat ~

4. Qitian Mo

Picture books, music, stories, Chinese studies, and English are all ~ there are Japanese -style courses, sound classes, and so on.It is great to grind your baby’s ears ~

5. 啦 呱

Instead of English Enlightenment ~ Enlightenment routes can be used for free.There are many nice English songs and videos called parents and babies interact.Starting from very simple words, parents don’t have to worry about their pronunciations badly ~ I learned a lot of English songs with Ji Liya.

The English songs in music can also be downloaded offline, and you can listen to Wi-Fi without Wi-Fi outside.

6. Koalaye

Parents watch childcare videos, learn the baby’s discipline methods and concepts, etc., and see more about the parenting methods of their own family.When the baby watchs various learning materials animation, you can pass the time and learn knowledge.But too small babies do not recommend watching the video for a long time.

7. Early teaching game app-shapes

The mini -game that the baby can play, understand the shape and color, and exercise the little finger.English.

8. Early teaching game app-busy shapes and colors

You can also understand color and shape, English/Chinese can be optional.

9. Little peanut

If you recommend this, you can look at the recommendation of your baby’s picture book. Look at the recommendations of other mothers and then buy picture books, so it is not easy to buy it wrong ~ The popular and unpopular picture books will not miss it!

10. Sound Sleeper

The white noise app, the newborn baby has this, it is easier to sleep!You can use it when your baby is in trouble!The regular white noise creates the environment in the uterus for the baby, so that the baby has a feeling of returning to his hometown, and the sense of security is doubled.

11. Good doctor online

Looking at a doctor online, sometimes the baby is just a little skin problem or a small problem. We will worry that the environment in the hospital is complicated and it is easy to cross infect other diseases.So this app is great, you can make an appointment for excellent doctors across the country online.You can video with your doctor online, online consultation to solve our troubles.The disadvantage is that sometimes the doctors who make an appointment are very busy and have to wait.

12. First AID

First aid knowledge video graphic, English.Authoritative majors, teach us how to deal with when emergency situations occur.

13. Niu Listen

Niu listening is a early education software, which collects various types of fairy tales, English nursery rhymes, classic ancient music suitable for children …

It can also be turned on remotely, customized daily influence courses, and reviewed according to Ebbinhaus’s forgetting curve.

These 13 practical parenting APPs can be downloaded. What else do you have to recommend together?

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