Sun Yizhen was pregnant and became pregnant, and his face became fat!Live in Xuanbin 4th floor mansion

In a blink of an eye, Xuan Bin and Sun Yizhen have been in love for 8 months, but since they confessed their love, the two people seemed to have begun a low -key relationship after the two people fought.I hit and went to the restaurant to hit the festival together.But these days, Han Wang was rumored to be pregnant, and he has moved to a new home in Jiuli, Gyeonggi -do.

According to reports, Xuan Bin threw 4.8 billion won at the beginning of this year. He bought a large -scale 4 -story mansion with a large area of high -hidden secrets at Gyeonggi -do, which was bought for Sun Yizhen, especially the garden in the mansion.The beautiful flowers have been decorated for a long time, only to be married to the beautiful women, and even the media that Xuan Bin and Sun Yizhen have actually lived together, but they have not got married. In essence

Because some netizens have witnessed that in mid -August, the lovers had opened an open -air party on the top floor of this Gyeonggi mansion, and the two were in their spare time.Situation.

No wonder, after Sun Yizhen’s face has changed significantly recently, there will be media suspect whether Sun Yizhen is pregnant?It turned out that in Sun Yizhen’s latest advertisement, her face looked fat and dumb. It was in sharp contrast to the slender lines of the same advertisement in the previous few months, which also made her pregnancy rumors very loud.

In addition, it can be seen in daily photos that Sun Yizhen in the past two months is no longer uploading personal beauty photos on Instagram. Fans see food photos, and she is also taken.Shopping, even more doubts about her pregnancy, I do n’t know if she is really pregnant, or is she preparing to gain weight for pregnancy?

Sun Yizhen and Xuan Bin, who loved in private like gum, finished golf after the last time, after being photographed closely like a husband and wife, the two were also disclosed to share the same golf coach, and took a photo with the coach respectively to continue at the Golf Course.Sprinkle dog food.

In addition, Xuan Bin and Sun Yizhen have been encountered again when they went out to eat. The lucky encounter was a barbecue chef in Qinghendong, Jiangnan District, Seoul.He took photos of Xuan Bin and Sun Yizhen signed on the same plate, and wrote: "Xuan Bin and Sun Yizhen came to visit. Both were our loyal customers. They were honored.Will come again! "

It is worth noting that Xuan Bin and Sun Yizhen seemed to have a few drinks in the restaurant, and the two no longer avoided suspicion this time.No wonder the Korean media want to bring a collective rhythm, not only the marriage, but also the birth.

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