Sun Yan’s house is fitness, challenging 2300 skipping rope, indirectly denied that the official borrowed from the mouth of Xiaohua announced the third child

On May 3rd, Sun Yan and Deng Chao’s daughter Xiaohua’s sister officially ushered in her 6th birthday.On the same day, Sun Yan, the mother, also posted a small composition to celebrate his daughter’s birthday again, and took a picture of kissing the little flower sister with her husband Deng Chao. The family was in the same frame, and the picture was funny and warm!

In the text, Sun Yan also drew the growth dynamics of Xiaohua’s sister very much. Sun Yan said that Xiao Hua’s sister now knows that she wants to make up, and also insists on leaving long hair.In terms of learning, Xiaohua’s sister is also very patient and directly use her brother as her own learning goal.

However, compared to the growth of Xiaohua’s sister recorded by Sun Yan, netizens seem to put all their points on the birthday wishes of her sister Xu.younger sister.

After seeing Sun Yan’s birthday desire for Xiaohua’s sister, netizens have left a message to guess, "It should be about to announce the news of the third child, just say hello to everyone in advance" "Is it the rhythm of the official announcement?"The fetus, why don’t you say that, give you a needle prevention in advance. "I have to admire this, and the smell of netizens is really keen!

But having said that, although the news that Sun Yan borrowed from Xiaohua’s mouth was promoted to the three days, the news has been circulating for the past two days.

Until the afternoon of May 5, Sun Yan went online again.Sun Yan’s post lamented that people’s physical fitness really had unlimited potential, and she also said it.Sun Yan said that it was very tired that he could only jump 500 in his own skipping rope, but after a period of persistence, the number of skipping rope also increased from 500 to 1000, 1200, to today’s 1800, or even 1800.Want to challenge 2,300.

You should know that the three -day babies were rumored to be very fierce two days ago. Today, Sun Yan throws out a dynamic dynamics of skipping rope fitness. Therefore, I do n’t know if Sun Yan is indirectly denied that the third child of Xiaohua ’s mouth is announced?

After reading this, netizens also commented on comments, "It’s amazing, use the little flower sister’s little hand to give you 666", "fitness blogger · 俪 certification, continue to praise you", in addition, some netizens have fun, "Deng Chao can jump 50 50"Is he clear, can Xiaohua sister help?"

Having said that, Sun Yan and Deng Chao, who have been married for many years, are already full of children. A family of four lives is super happy. If you can really pursue another baby in the future, then happiness is naturally doubled.In short, no matter whether there is a third child, the Sun Yan and Deng Chao’s family is worthy of being blessed!

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