Sun Yan’s eyes were suspected of getting this disease. There were too many middle -aged women, and she had to take medicine for life!

OK mother said:

I don’t know if everyone has paid attention to Sun Yan’s drama in the past two years. Before, the face that has always been very beautiful and beautiful. In recent years, it has really appeared a little bit embarrassed.Many netizens have kindly reminded her to check whether it is hyperthyroidism.

Recently, in the interview program hosted by Cai Kangyong, Sun Yan finally responded to the Internet that he had to have hyperthyroidism.

Sun Yan said that after watching a lot of netizens’ messages, she would also be suspicious. Once I dinner with a doctor and friends, she asked by the way, "Netizens said that my eyes were too big, did I have hyperthyroidism?"

I did not expect that the doctor’s friend responded funny: "Your eyes are not the first day, and your eyes have been big since he was a child." However, Sun Yan finally went to the hospital to check it. As a result, he confirmed that he did not have hyperthyroidism.

Although this incident has made an oolong, the abnormalities of thyroid and thyroid function (the common diseases that can cause common diseases include hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, thyroid nodules, and thyroid cancer, etc.).Essence

At present, there are patients with nearly 200 million thyroid diseases in my country, and the prevalence of general adults of thyroid diseases is 50.96%. Among them, the prevalence of childcare women 18-49 years old reaches 58.9%, which means that 6 of each 10 children in childbearing age have suffered from 6 people. Such diseases.

The thyroid disease especially prefers women. First of all, because women’s emotional fluctuations are large, and bad emotions are high -risk factor that induce thyroid problems; on the other hand, pregnancy and child are inseparable from thyroid hormones. After childbirth, women suffer from thyroiditis.The chance of the chance will also increase.So we must pay attention!

Moreover, the symptoms of thyroid disease are still very concealed, and it is not easy to be perceived. The more obvious representation is that poor sleep, often sleepy, and weak, but in general, we will feel that it is caused by the pressure of work and life.It is believed that the thyroid gland has a condition.

But in fact, this is very dangerous, just like my friend Molly, Molly, the experience I shared with me a while ago made me sweat cold: only because of some of the sophisticated signals on my body, it was dragged for a while before going to go for a while before goingInspection, the doctor was informed that it was "Hashimoto’s thyroiditis" that he would take medicine for life.

So today I must share it with everyone!Because the incidence of this disease is too high now, especially among women with strong women and mental stress, it is easy to be ignored or not valued!

Text: Molly Mom


It has been 5 years diagnosed by the doctor’s diagnosis of "Hashimoto’s thyroiditis". I have to take a small pills every day, and I have to take blood every few months to check it.

Although the value has been stable, it has become a label that cannot be torn, always sticking to me forever.

Recalling that I was on the doctor at the time, I went to the psychiatric first, because my various performances made my family feel depressed.

The first is very sleepy.

At that time, the newly bought house was in the suburbs, and there was no bus or subway. He took 40 minutes of taxi for 40 minutes.I don’t know from one day, I started to be sleepy as soon as I got on the bus. I went to sleep very much when I slept and asked how I didn’t hear it. I didn’t hear it.

But after looking back, the degree of difficulty is actually abnormal.

First of all, I didn’t work too hard at that time; and I had high requirements for the sleep environment since I was a child, and I couldn’t sleep at all at all.

Slowly, my family and colleagues often say that I "remember so badly"?

I became 10 seconds ago, and I would forget what I turned around. Sometimes, even if I wrote it in the notepad, I forgot to check the notepad.

Before that, it has always been my strength to do things and good memory.Even if you run three or four venues a day and do the individuals in 10 people, 20 things in the workheet will be linked.

In addition, I started to be clumsy.

The most exaggerated time was to buy a barrel of oil home for packing. I don’t know what was thinking at the time. I didn’t hold my hands on the floor and cleaned it for 3 hours.

I told my friends about these situations, and they all asked me if I was stupid, and did not have it after the examination.

What happened?Occasionally I also doubt it, but I feel that there are many things, and it is not a big deal to make a sleepy. It lasted for a year or two.

Slowly, the personality seems to have changed a person, very indifferent.

It is no longer as energetic as before; no longer loves to talk and chat, but also lose a sense of humor; I feel excited about things I used to be excited before, and I lost interest …

I remember very clearly that the singers who worshiped in high school that year came to the concert and the whole city was sensational, and I even blessed to open the live videos sent by the circle of friends, and there was no wave in my heart.

And this indifference further affected my emotions and social.

I used to love to make friends, and I often meet each other every two months. If you care about your family, remember that your cousin and cousin’s birthday will give them gifts and often ask their work and study.

At that time, I didn’t like to contact my friends at that time, and I ignored the care of others.Once my cousin came to play with me, I was so indifferent to crying. I bought the plane that was left the next morning, and I was too lazy to comfort her.

It was impossible for me to be so "excessive" before and now, but at that time, I felt that IQ emotional intelligence returned to zero and could not start.

Finally, my husband also discovered that my state was abnormal, because no matter where he proposed to play and what to eat, I was no longer interested, and I no longer chat with him when I came home from get off work.

Under his analysis and suggestions, I also felt that I might need to go to the hospital.But at that time, I always thought it was a psychological problem, so I was hanging on the psychiatric department, but after listening to all my descriptions, I let me check the full set of thyroid function.

Here I also complained that the psychiatrist came up with the inspection form. The result was dumbfounded and hypothyroidism was obtained.

What are the symptoms of albums and hypothyroidism when you take out your mobile phone. At first glance, the word is attentive, which is just a portrayal of my current state.

What is hypothyroidism:

A hypothyroidism, hypothyroidism, is a disease with reduced metabolic metabolism caused by thyroid hormone synthesis and secretion, or the physiological effects of thyroid hormone.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism:

-The complexion, swelling of eyelids and cheeks, indifferent expressions;

-Memory loss, lethargy, slow response;

-Forf, afraid of cold, loss of appetite;

– Depression;

After looking for a doctor to read the checklist, the culprit of all the facts was hypothyroidism.In this way, I thought I looked at the spirit, and turned to the endocrinology department.


Except for a cold and fever, I have never had a serious illness, and I suddenly became nervous."Why is this? Do you want to be hospitalized, surgery, injections and medicine …?" The more you do n’t know, the more scared.

Tu is at ease and hangs the expert number.As soon as I entered the doctor’s doctor’s clinic, he just glanced at me. After I sat down, I touched my neck twice, and said directly: "The thyroid gland is so swollen."

I stunned it directly, I don’t know what to say, because I don’t know that there is something "so swollen" on my body. What makes me feel tears is that the doctor is very similar to the second half sentence "It’s difficult to treat "…

The doctor didn’t say much, and I opened a B -ultrasound for me to check.As a result, "diffuse enlargement" above showed it.

After the blood test report of the thyroid function came out, I showed it to the doctor. The doctor told me that the degree is no longer light. Specifically, the results of 3 o’clock diagnosis:

1. B -ultrasound has been showing thyroid enoplasm for a while, and the organ function has been destroyed;

2. The blood test report shows that I am now a "hypothyroidism" stage, and the secretion of thyroid hormones is insufficient;

3. The positive antibody indicates that I was finally diagnosed as "Hashimoto’s thyroiditis", which is a chronic disease, accompanied by life;

A bunch of professional names are only "chronic diseases, accompanied by lifelong", and the back of the spine is cold.

Under my brain that day, the specific doctor said what could only be recalled, and combined with me in the later period to check the information to support it. The information is as follows:

1. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is a chronic disease. If it is found to be a Hashimoto, you must pay attention before you have not got oracle. Do not eat a lot of seafood.

2. Early intervention treatment can be delayed.

3. Unfortunately, most people are the same as me. They do n’t pay much attention to early in the early days. Only those who pay attention to the thyroid gland can notice it.

Therefore, the biggest purpose of sharing this matter is that I hope that all mothers can be attentive about their thyroid conditions. Only by raising vigilance and inspection every year can we avoid the tragedy of "finding late".

Take a look at some of my performances in the hyperthyroidism period. Moms can refer to it. If there are similar situations, do not think that it is too tired to rest and need to rest.It has become a work pressure!It is better to be suspicious, and it is better than missing the treatment period. After all, missed it, that is, the lifelong medicine is taken.

My hyperthyroid stage performance:

-Enight suddenly reduced.I suddenly became 8 pounds at that time, and I was eager to lose weight without losing weight.

-The brain is very active at work, but it is difficult to concentrate;

-The emotion is easy to be excited. I have always had a good temper and I quarreled several times when they met with my colleagues;

-In sometimes insomnia at night, easy to be anxious;

-Apinnal intestinal stress, diarrhea if you can’t move …

Because my thyroid gland can no longer secrete thyroid hormones normally, it is necessary to replenish through drugs every day.

Although I was thinking about my second half of my life, my wonderful life had already "made" myself, and I had taken a lifetime of medication, but I could only face it in the end, and I had to open it.For example, tell yourself that it is not a tender -illness, and the reason is found, but it is just a step of taking medicine every day …

I no longer dare to neglect my body. It takes a year to take a frequent blood test and adjust the weight of the dose according to the value. Finally, it is stable at one day.state.

When it comes to fertility, you must also wake up. When preparing for pregnancy, you need to check the thyroid function. You must get pregnant under conditioning; then if you really find that there is a problem with the thyroid function during pregnancy, you must cooperate with the doctor for treatment.And to maintain monitoring, this is a very, very rigorous thing because it will affect fetal intelligence.

Besides, I returned to my improvement after taking the medicine. It should be said that the situation is controlled, but I have a subtle change in all aspects of work, life, personality, behavior, etc., only I know.

After all, it is an organ disease, just like an important part of a huge machine, how can it not affect the efficiency of operation?

And this year’s medical examination, I found that my thyroid gland had new situations and nodules.

In fact, the problem of thyroid disease is a cycle problem. For example, if I was not good at managing my pressure and emotions before, the chance of suffering from thyroid disease is higher; and thyroid diseases are often accompanied by emotional changes, so it further intensifies the occurrence of thyroid diseases.

Today, a good nor metamoritic (drug that helps to replenish thyroid hormones) has long become the habit of drinking a glass of water as I get up early, but if time can be retreat, I must be more sensitive to the abnormal signal of my body.

OK Mom finally said:

Molly’s mother shared more hypothyroidism, but everyone was different, so everyone should not just infer the problem of inferring themselves based on this push.We posted this article just to remind everyone to pay attention to the attention of thyroid and thyroid function.

For example, I have always had thyroid nodules, so I check it regularly every year. It is still the same sentence. I would rather be suspicious of our body. Do n’t care about ourselves. Our body is the basis for the most stable family.

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