Sun Yan likes the "quirk" when she is pregnant, and she likes to eat this kind of fruit

Some time ago, Sun Yan exposed the quirk when he was pregnant on the Internet.

After seeing it, netizens asked whether the pomegranate was suitable for pregnant women?

As we all know, pomegranate belongs to a kind of berry. It tastes a sweet feeling, and each particle has a lot of water.The juicy and delicious pomegranate is also very rich in nutrition. Eating pomegranate during pregnancy can not only supplement some of the nutrients required during pregnancy, but also help pregnant mothers absorb, which can alleviate some early pregnancy symptoms.

Netizens not only care about Sun Yan’s health, but also attentive netizens point out the inconvenience of pregnant women to eat pomegranate.

That is, there are too many seeds of pomegranate, and pregnant women are inconvenient to move. It is okay to eat pomegranate more.If you accidentally slide until pregnant women, it is a lot of trouble.

Netizens do not know that there is a pomegranate called softseed pomegranate now, and no seeds need to be spit.

The high -quality variety in this soft seed pomegranate is Tunisian softseed pomegranate.

Some friends can’t help asking, is this soft -seed pomegranate from China?Isn’t it a variety of mutation or genetically modified?

Although Tunisian soft seed pomegranate is named Tunisia, the origin is indeed China.

Tunisian pomegranate varieties were given 6 pomegranate saplings presented by China with my country in 1986, thereby introducing the planting in my country. It has become the king of domestic pomegranates!

China’s Tunisian soft -seed pomegranate planting area is located in the semi -humid climate zone in the Western Asia in Central Asia. It has sufficient sunshine, rich in calories, large temperature difference between day and night, strong evaporation, concentrated rainfall, clear and wet seasons, and has the natural ecological growth conditions of high -quality pomegranates.

Fruits, thin skin, large grain, many juice, soft, sweet, rich flavor, rich flavor, good quality, strong aroma, and delicate dregs."The reputation, also known as" pomegranate that can be drunk. "

The red pomegranate series created by the internationally renowned Estee Lauder Cosmetics Company comes from pomegranate materials and is called "beauty sacred product"!Therefore, Tunisian soft seed pomegranate is also called "Estee Lauder that can drink".

So how should we distinguish between Tunisian soft seed pomegranate when we buy pomegranate?

First of all, looking at the appearance, there is a word to describe it: Tunisian softseed pomegranate first saw it, a girl like a flower season, wearing tender yellow dotted pink coats, fresh and elegant, ashamed.

It shows that his appearance is not as beautiful as ordinary pomegranate, pink, and a little tender yellow at the bottom.

Look at the pomegranate seeds and describe it in one sentence: when you see you, the pink coat is faded, and the opposite heart is like a hot girl, the gorgeous big red, like a charming and sexy big red lips.

It can be seen that Tunisian softseed pomegranate fruits are red, which is not available in other pomegranates.

Friends who like Tunisian soft seed pomegranate must pay attention to distinguish.

Nowadays, the era of eating pomegranate that is chewing slowly, and eating pomegranate can also be rushed to be very fast."Tunisian soft seed pomegranate" is deeply refreshing consumers’ awareness of traditional pomegranate.

At the 2019 Harvest Shopping Festival, Tunisian soft seed pomegranate was unanimously recognized by consumers and shined in the harvest festival.Interested friends quickly pay attention!

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