Sun Yan: "Whatever pregnant women want to eat, they must eat immediately." Netizen: I want to eat spicy shrimp

Sun Yan plays Xia Bing in "The True Story of the Spicy Mom", and Zhang Yi plays Xia Bing’s husband Yuanbao, and they are married.Suddenly one night, Xia Bing said thirsty, and ingot opened a bottle of soy milk confused. At this time, Xia Bing said that she was hungry and wanted to eat spring rolls, and it was bean paste and three fresh flavors.Yuanbao wrote the taste with a pen.But Xia Bing said that he wanted to eat now and asked him to buy it now.

Yuanbao said to Xia Bing: "More than two o’clock, tomorrow, buy you tomorrow."

Xia Bing said, "I was a little bit in the middle of the night before, did you go out for me when I wanted to eat duck neck?"


Xia Bing: "But I am a pregnant woman now, what pregnant women want to eat, and they will eat immediately, otherwise they will not be able to sleep."

Knowing a netizen said:

I want to eat spicy shrimp tonight, but my husband thinks that I do n’t want to buy it for me now. I am getting more and more troubled. In the end, I have no way to buy it for me.It was bad, and I couldn’t control some unhappy things before.

After pregnancy, the mood of expectant mothers is emotionally unstable due to the changes in hormones, and it is easy to be caused by the influence of the outside world and leads to negative emotions.

Therefore, when pregnant women want to eat something, if her husband does not agree, he will be in a bad mood. Some expectant mothers will think wildly and doubt whether her husband does not love herself?

Yuanbao bought the spring roll back in the middle of the night. The mother -in -law took it and fry it and then gave Xia Bing ate, but Xia Bing smelled oil, but he didn’t appetite and said he wanted to vomit.

So Yuanbao complained: saying that you eat you, what you can’t say is you.Have you ever been like this?

The taste of pregnant women changes, and some expectant mothers do not like spicy food before pregnancy, and they like to eat after pregnancy.Some Baoma doesn’t like sour before pregnancy, and she likes to eat after pregnancy.For example, I like to eat sour when Huaibao. At that time, I ate a lot of lemon.Some Baoma likes to have a heavy taste when she is pregnant, and she has eaten spicy hot pot, and she has even eaten instant noodles.

Suggestion: The expectant mothers who are pregnant are best to avoid their mouths during pregnancy, and they are also good for children.Spicy and cold foods can be eaten without eating, try to eat lighter.I am a Hunan girl who likes to eat spicy, but I am not afraid to eat it during pregnancy.I didn’t touch any heavy taste.

What if it’s too much, what should I do?My suggestion is tolerance, or just look at it.

Mom, do you want to eat something after waking up in the middle of the night?If you do n’t eat it, have your husband have been angry?Welcome to leave a message for discussion.Late -night code is not easy. Please forgive me if there are wrong words, or correct the message area. Thank you for pulling!

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