Sui remarriage or second child will be free marriage examination and pregnancy examination

On the 29th, the author learned from the Guangzhou City Health and Family Planning Commission that Guangzhou City has implemented a new policy for free pre -marital and pre -pregnancy eugenics health inspection policies from January 1, 2018, and incorporates the remarried personnel and the two couples in the policy into the free inspection objects.

Recently, five departments such as the Guangzhou Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, the Civil Affairs Bureau, the Finance Bureau, the Laisui Management Bureau, and the Women’s Federation jointly formulated and issued the "Implementation Opinions of Guangzhou Free Pre -Marriage and Pre -pregnancy Equipment Health Inspection Projects" to the original free pre -marital medical examination projectOptimized and integrated with pre -pregnancy eugenics health inspection items.

The "Opinions" will expand the target of the free marriage check -up treatment from the first marriage crowd to the remarriage.

At the same time, blood type (RH yang/negative), thalane detection (hemoglobin electrophoresis, genetic testing) projects and HIV screening and "semen inspection" projects were added.

According to different objects, the free inspection is divided into two packages.Package 1 includes 17 items including eugenics health education, physical examination, leucorrhea routine inspection, and thalane tests, and the subsidy standard is 550 yuan per couple.The male and female parties or two parties are a Guangzhou household registration, and within 3 months before the marriage registration to one month after registration (including first marriage, remarriage), you can enjoy a free inspection service for one set.

Package 2 includes 28 items including eugenics health education, physical examination, leucorrhea or semen routine examination, rubella virus IgG antibody measurement, Mediterranean anemia test, gynecological ultrasound routine test, and the subsidy standard is 915 yuan per couple.Couples that meet the fertility policy and plan to be pregnant, one or two parties can enjoy a free package second inspection service for the Guangzhou household registration before each pregnancy;Family planning service management in the place of residence (street) can enjoy one free package second inspection service before each pregnancy.(Reporter/Zhu Xiaofeng Li Xiuting Correspondent/Suiwei Countercation)

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