Suddenly burst of fire!Doctor reminds …

Hold your hands to support the ground, cooperate with your feet

Formation of limb interactive crawling action

If you see on the road

Someone is doing such a "return ancestor" action

Don’t be surprised

Because they are "sports"

This is a few years ago

The popular "crawling campaign"

There are still many fans so far

Recently, it’s hot again!

It is said that it is because it can "cure all diseases"

Not only is it beneficial to the spine, especially the lumbar spine

It is also conducive to the heart, the brain, etc.

Even hemorrhoids can cure

There are so many magical effects

Is it true?

Young people began to try "crawling fitness"

Recently, more and more young people have exposed their "reptile records" on social media.On the social platform, some people showed their own video crawling in the park. Some people released their experiences of climbing at home in the middle of the night, and even some netizens called on the Internet to host a "reptile contest."

Deng Xinyu, who was in his sophomore year this year, was exposed to "reptile and fitness" when he entered school.In a freshman, the physical education class she had taken was Sanjia.Every time you go to class, the physical education teachers will let classmates climb three laps around the Sanda Hall as a warm -up event.

"At that time, I felt weird, and my physical fitness was not good. I was very tired every time I crawled. Some students with good physical fitness would feel the body stretched." After a semester, Deng Xinyu alsoSlowly feel the joy of crawling.Even after going home on holiday, she would crawl at home.

Deng Xinyu’s father had puzzled her daughter’s crawling exercise."I explained to my father that this is a way to exercise. Different postures will have different exercise effects. Although he is still full of doubts, he also said that ‘young people can find a suitable decompression method.’. "

After returning to school, because the dormitory space was too small, Deng Xinyu could not "crawl and fit" in the dormitory."No one had proposed to go to the playground before, and I was embarrassed to climb in public alone." Now, crawling has even become a popular thing.Deng Xinyu also looks forward to "fitness" with her classmates in the grass.

△ Netizens showed a video of crawling in the park

Is this fitness method really good?

After "climbing" for more than a year, he felt that his cervical spine was extremely easy. The previous back pain was not easily committed, his body became more and more relaxed, and his sleep and appetite were improved.Nowadays, Zhang Laobu has at least half an hour a day, with a crawling distance of at least 1,000 meters.At the same time, he also brought two apprentices and crawled with him.He said that he must go to the end.

Master Li, a retired worker in Zhengzhou, was 69 years old, crawled for 6 years, blood sugar was low, and had stopped injections. Even the signs of cerebral infarction was gone.Yan also disappeared because of crawling.

As for the reason, the explanation circulating on the Internet seems quite reasonable.

"Capture and fitness can disperse the body’s weight to the limbs to reduce the load of all parts of the body, especially the lumbar and knee joints.","

"The upright posture makes the brain at the highest position, resulting in the brain’s prone to ischemia and hypoxia; because the heart only performs some chronic exercise with a complicated physiological strength, it also gradually reduces the adaptability of the heart.Heart disease. "

Some people even say that people’s hemorrhoids are because of an upright walk to put pressure on the perianal perianal. If they can climb away like animals, the perianal pressure is reduced, and hemorrhoids will improve.

Curbing is beneficial to the lumbar spine?

"Let me first say a very real case." Said Pan Hao, chief physician of the Department of Orthopedics of Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

A few years ago, he diagnosed a female patient from Cixi who suffered from lumbar spinal stenosis. If he walked 500 meters, he had to rest for a while. The doctor suggested surgery.Later, the patient went to California, the United States to live. In addition to bringing the little grandson, she fell in love with the crawling campaign.At that time, it was very popular in the United States. Later, when she returned to China to find Pan Hao again, the lumbar spine was narrow, and she had no difficulty walking.

Pan Hao also feels amazing: "According to the reason, the scientific basis lacks this piece of scientific basis.It is also amazing. "Of course, one -third of patients will improve by themselves in lumbar spine disease, one -third of the condition will increase, and the rest will remain unchanged.The part of the person.

Tong Peijian, director of the Department of Orthopedics of Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, further explained: "In fact, this crawling is from Huayu’s" five poultry dramas "." Five poultry opera is an important method for Chinese traditional guidance of health. Under the guidance of the five elements, imitationThe five animals and actions of tigers, deer, bear, ape, and birds were used to combine limb movements and breathing vomiting to form a good health exercises with good fitness, preventing diseases, and longevity.

In popular terms, the action of crawling is similar to the behavior of apes, in a primitive state."People have evolved from animals, and crawling is also returned to nature." Tong Peijian said.

According to the structure of the human spine, under normal circumstances, there are 4 bending spine. From the side, it is S -shaped.When the human body is standing, the spine bearer is equivalent to a pressure of 100%weight; when bending down, the spine bears 200%pressure; when the spine is carried by 150%of the pressure, when the body is leaning forward (such as using a computer), the body is leaning (such as using a computer), and when using the computer (such as using a computer),, when using a computer), the body is leaning (such as using a computer).The spine carrys 250%pressure.

In fact, these daily actions are still very serious to the spine.

"When crawling, the head is raised, and the waist is hung downwards, showing a relaxing state, so that the entire spine is restored to a physiological state. Therefore, for those patients with lumbar disc herniation, this kind of exercise is really effective for treatment.It’s better than standing and sitting. "

Tong Peijian emphasized that the benefits of crawling do not have evidence of "white paper and black words", but from a clinical point of view, for people with poor lumbar spine, people with poor lumbar spine are still beneficial.

Is crawling good for heart and blood circulation?

So, is this ancestral behavior good for heart and cerebral blood circulation?

Looking at the online explanation, Wang Ningfu, chief physician of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine of the First People’s Hospital of Hangzhou, laughed: "The blood circulation of the human body is very strong, and it will not change because of simple actions." He further explained that when people are standing, he is standing.Most blood is absorbed by the brain and the heart, and the blood supply to the limbs is less than 10%, and it is not even as good as a kidney absorbed.So don’t worry about changing the original distribution because of crawling.

Instead, crawling is not a good thing for blood pressure.Wang Ningfu introduced that when people are lying flat, blood pressure will rise. When standing upright, blood pressure will be lower. When crawling, blood pressure will rise, so people with hypertension are not suitable for this movement.

Zhou Ye, the attending physician of Hangzhou First People’s Hospital, also said that crawling was a hard -working exercise. Because of the gravity, it was easy to overly fatigue and was not good for the heart, head, and cardiovascular.

"I said before that someone was good because of crawling diabetes. This kind of thing must be exaggerated. The control of diabetes still requires drugs. It is basically impossible without taking medicine." Zhou Ye said, after all, crawling needs to be needed after all.There are some physical strength, so those with weak constitution and coronary heart disease are not suitable.

As for the treatment of hemorrhoids, it is even more nonsense.

Zhang Jian, deputy chief physician of the Gastrointestinal and Our Surgery of the First People’s Hospital of Hangzhou, introduced that there are many reasons for inducing hemorrhoids, such as hard bowel movements, women’s pregnancy production, and spicy foods.

"Sitting and standing for a long time is a factor that may cause hemorrhoids. Changing the position can prevent hemorrhoids to some extent, but it does not mean that climbing all day can make hemorrhoids better."

Is "crawling and fitness" an emotional vent?

Many people expressed puzzles about the rise of "reptile and fitness".Xu Hui, 44, does not understand why this action has been popular since childhood; Chen Chuanzhi, a college student Chen Chuanzhi after 00: "There is a better way to exercise the body, why choose this?"Young people said that crawling can relax the spirit.

19 -year -old Huang Ya planned to try to crawl after seeing the photos posted by his classmates.On the evening of November 11th, Huang Yala went to the grass of the school for an hour of "reptile and fitness" on the grass.Although she felt "a little pain on her knees", she said that crawling brought herself spiritual comfort."Climbing with friends is not like exercising, it is more like an entertainment activity, a way of venting."

In addition, Huang Ya said that she had a dysfunction of sleep, "I used to lie on the bed and flipped through the bed and couldn’t sleep. I accidentally slept well that night."

After 00, the college student Lu Lu saw the post released by a blogger on the Internet that "I was afraid to crawl on the ground because I was afraid to crawl on the ground and scared innocent passersby."

At the beginning, Lu Lu felt a little embarrassed, but it was adapted after climbing in the dormitory.In Lu Lu’s view, crawling is a very primitive action, with the purity of "returning to the truth", so that she no longer thinks about other things."When I was climbing, I only considered this matter, and I didn’t want to have other troubles." That night, Lu Lu immediately sent a message to her friends: "It is recommended that everyone crawl together, uncleanly!"

Doctor’s reminder:

"Capture Training" requires special person guidance

Don’t follow the wind blind

The rehabilitation therapist of TCM Rehabilitation Department of the 8th People’s Hospital of Nanning said that the correct crawling training can play a role in stabilizing the trunk and strengthening the core forces.

Lin Qiqi introduced that crawling is also divided into many models, such as bear climbing, crocodile climbing, worm climbing, etc.But crawling is a training action that has basic requirements for body function, and it is not a generally applicable mass training method."If there is a lack of guidance, it is easy to make mistakes, which eventually leads to pain in the cervical and wrist joints, especially the lumbar spine causes pain."

Simple crawling exercises cannot be cured by disease

And it may be because of this sport

Induced other diseases

■ Friends who are damaged and infected with hands, feet, knees, and infection are temporarily not practiced. Patients such as severe hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, cerebral arteriosclerosis, and position anemia are not suitable for this exercise.

■ Before crawling, it is best to warm up.

■ Performing on a carpet or grass, climb on the hard ground to wear knee guards and gloves.

■ Do not pursue speed and distance. When you get up, you should slowly, so as not to suddenly stand up and cause the brain to faint instantly.

■ This exercise method should not be performed after meals, especially to avoid food reflux in the intestinal tract of middle -aged and elderly people.

■ In addition, it is recommended to crawl twice a day, each section of each section, each section should not exceed 10 minutes, and the cumulative does not exceed half an hour.

Young people’s home fitness can be self -taught to become fitness exercises."For example, traditional Tai Chi, Eight Duanjin, etc. can exercise well in all parts of the body. Exercise for 20 minutes a day to maintain a good physical condition." At the same timeSeeking a consultation and training after seeking professional guidance. Comprehensive Zhejiang Online, Surging News, etc., Xinhua News Agency Daily Telecom

Source: Voice of West Lake

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