Su Li blinded her heart and was blind, supporting her husband and Jun ascended to the high position, but it caused her family to destroy people, and a dead body and two lives.

As soon as the stunning daughter opened her eyes, the royal groups of various countries spoiled [Ninja Winter Vine]

In the thirty -three years of Tianqi, the cold winter, cold wind.

Imperial City State Master’s Mansion.

A sorrow broke through the long sky.

"Zhao Huai’an! Su Yue! You are not human!"

The dark and humid in the Chai Fang, a crushed body with a shirt and a unkempt, struggled to rush forward.

The amplitude of the movement is larger, and the slightly raised abdomen is more obvious.

But before the door, I was torn by the chain on the body, and had to stop it.

The iron chain was dragged by ‘rushing’, and the woman who was penetrated by the pipa bone could not care, and she wanted to step forward with the iron chain.

At the door, Jinyi man disgusted everything in front of him, and his side was still on a beautiful woman.

Under their feet, there was a corpse.

Su Li watched the girl who said, "Miss, don’t be afraid, slaves to save you" the girl, at this time, no vitality.

She looked at the two people at the door, her eyes were endless hatred.

"Brother An, sister is so scary!" The woman’s weak body was closer to the man.

The man held her and comforted: "Don’t be afraid of Yueer, she can’t get it up."

The man turned his head and said coldly: "Su Li, hand over the soldiers, will make you die happily!"

Su Li laughed at the sky, and the long hair on the woman’s face slipped, revealing a long scar on her face.

Although the scar was stunned, her eyes were amazing.

"Zhao Huai’an, you can have today, relying on my Su family! It is my Su Li! What is Tianqi the first ploter, without my Su Li, you fart are not!"

Zhao Huai’an gritted her teeth, this is why this woman damn!

He could climb from a showcase to the position of Tianzi and the close, and he could not do without this woman.

But because she was at good, she had to die!

Now that the new emperor is on the throne, he also gets what he wants, and this woman should also retreat!

"Oh, sister, our woman, we have to take men as the sky, so what is so strong? Besides, you are so strong, in the end, isn’t it the end of this?"

Su Yue’s words pleased the man, but he was angry with Su Li.

Su Li waved the chain’s "rushing", watching her sister who was the most loved by: "Su Yue, you are mad! That’s also your father! You have to go down!You are not as good as beasts! "

Su Yue laughed with her lips: "Sister, it seems that your girl has told you. Your father and grandfather’s family have already disappeared from Huangquan, and still died miserable."

"You don’t know, your ancestors, the blood flowed to the ground, and the whole execution ground was stained! Your grandfather’s head was still hung by the emperor to show the public, alas …"

Su Li’s eyes were congested, and she shouted with heartbreaking: "Jun! Flying Jun! Fainting Jun !!"

Seeing Su Li, Su Yue was even more excited and continued: "Also, sister, tell you the truth, although I shouted the man who was more than ten years, but he was not my father! Besides, he did not helpI am a daughter! There is only your dead ghost mother and you in his eyes! "

Su Li’s eyes widened and dared not say: "Poison! What do you mean? Dad always has a bowl of water flat, with a copy of me, and never short of you! Dad’s life is clear, you let him be inIs the stigma, or is it still?! "

Su Yue sneered: "There is never a shortage of shortage? Then your dead ghost mother passed away, why didn’t he correct my mother, let me have been pressed by you as a daughter?Ascended the throne, once the emperor and the court, naturally he could not tolerate him and your ancestors. Blame them just have your good daughter and a good granddaughter, you can’t complain! "

Su Li took a step back.

Yeah, blame her!

It was she who did not listen to her father’s dissuasion, and was alone, and married Zhao Mansion, who was poor.

It was her plan to make suggestions, assist her husband, and help the new emperor succeed.

The rabbits are cooked, and the birds are hidden.

is her!Everything is because of her!

Seeing her dead ash, Zhao Huai’an said impatiently: "Yue’er, why bother to say more with her! I see her a moment of disgusting."

Su Li’s eyes were cracked, and the man still hugged her not long ago, and made her promise to her.

Now he abandoned her.

For him, for the first time, she resisted her father for the first time.

For him, she begged her grandfather to invest in the six prince Junye’s camp.

In the end, what do you get?

For him, he couldn’t reach a pair of skin!

"Zhao Huai’an, there is your child in my belly, you are not afraid of playing thunder and thunder?"

Su Yuejiao laughed: "Sister, child, how much I want, how much I want, how much I will give him in the future. This can not threaten Ang Brother, that’s still obediently handing over your grandfather’s soldiers, and you can suffer less guilty."

When Su Li gritted her teeth, when her grandfather gave her the soldiers to her, Qian Dingwen told that she could not give it to anyone.

"Take care! I just die, and I won’t handle the articles!"

If the Bingjian fell into the hands of these people, how could the people in the world escape the suffering of war!

Zhao Huai’an rubbed his eyebrows and said, "Forget it, don’t make it if you don’t make it, but there is a less object to please the new emperor. You can take the book of the soldiers and accompany your grandfather’s family!"

Su Yue was happy, and said, "Brother Ans, you go first, my sister and I have a sister after all, I will give her finally."

Zhao Huai’an nodded and turned out of the yard.

When Su Yue saw him out, the smile on his face disappeared. She turned her head and looked at Su Li resentfully.

"Su Li, Su Li, do you know, I can’t see your eyes the least, obviously so ugly, but have such beautiful eyes, you don’t deserve it! Yu Qi, dig out her eyes!"

The girl standing behind her was embarrassed, and she dared not look at Su Li.

Su Li also looked at her.

"Why? Unwilling? Is it distressed by your former master?" Su Yue said coldly.

Yu Qi squeezed his fist, suddenly raised his head, and he gathered courage to look at Su Lidao: "Miss, sorry!"

Su Li’s hands were bound, the pipa bone was penetrated, and she could not resist. She could only watch the former maids approaching step by step.

"Ah -ah !!!"

With a scream accompanied by Su Yue’s laughter, it seemed particularly weird in this snowy night.

Su Li almost fainted in pain, and he did not fall down with his hatred.

"Hehehe, sister, this looks much more harmonious."

"Sister, in fact, my sister is also a little bit distressed by my sister. You are savvy for half a lifetime, but you are confused. Do you know why I want your life? Because you have blocked your sister’s way, just like your mother blocked my mother.Road, my mother is going to her life! "

Su Li heard a shock.

Doesn’t the mother become worse and worse because of slipping the fetus. Do you eventually let go?

It was because of this that she was then drunk.

It seems that she did not have enough hitting, and Su Yue continued: "Also, can my sister know how your cousin died in the end? It was killed by the officer soldiers LJ.I’m still asking me to let me let you go, you are ridiculous? "



Can’t bear it anymore, Su Li sprayed a bite of blood, fell to the ground, and then vomited blood that could not help out.

Blood water was red, most of her body.

"Zhao Huai’an! Su Yue! Jun 洄! I won’t let you go as a ghost !!"

He shouted this sentence, as if he was exhausted to dry his whole body, and finally fell to the ground, but there was no life.

Yu Qi trembled forward and touched her nose.

"Madam, she … dead …"

Su Yue smiled sweetly, gentle: "Throw away the burial post and feed the dog."

Yu Qi shook and lowered his head: "Yes!"

The two slaves outside the door came in and dragged the body out.

The wind stopped and the snow stopped.

"Lord, this seems to be the granddaughter of the old father!"

Then I heard the sound of the wheel sounded.

Just hear a sigh.

Then, Su Li only felt warm.

She could feel a big puppet falling on her.

"Keke … it’s also a pitiful person, let’s go."

"Master … cold disease …"

The sound of human voice and wheels in the snow gradually drifted away.

She seemed to see that the white back of that month was integrated with the heavens and the earth, and she had no stains.

Jun Mo, I’m sorry …

It was her presence to let the cold illness of this amazing man worse, and in the end, she could only be accompanied by wheelchairs all year round, and she lost her qualifications to compete with the throne with the king.

The first emperor’s four sons, the former prince died of illness, the three princes were drunk, and the only thing that threatened Jun was the seven prince Junmo, who was loved and capable of his ability.

Therefore, she presented a poisonous plan.

It is ridiculous that at the last moment, it was him who gave her warmth.

It is also retribution to this point!Intersection

Jun Mo, if there is a life, I will return you!

Su Li has no longer power to make any noise, with his shame to his loved ones and Jun Mo, hate the enemies and herself, and swallow.

"Miss, why are you sitting on the window again? You are just right, but you can’t see the wind!" Siqin came in and told the window.

I do n’t know what happened to the lady. I woke up a nightmare and screamed in a nightmare a few days ago, and got a small cold.

After holding a few girls, they cried and laughed for a while, and the lady, who hadn’t said much, became even more silent.

Several girls secretly guess quietly, did the lady encounter any dirty things?

But the master went out to the public, and his wife went to the temple again, which made them feel sad.

Su Li still felt dreaming, such an incredible thing happened to her!

Can you even see God, let her come again?

She was reborn!

She returned to the year at the age of fourteen!

Mother is still there, she hasn’t met Zhao Huai’an yet!

Jun 洄!Zhao Huai’an!Su Yue!My Su Li is back!

It’s really eye -catching!

In this life, there are grace, revenge and revenge!

Su Li touched the scar on her face. This was half a year ago that she and Su Yue went out, the carriage turned, and she fainted, and she woke up with this scar.

Thinking, it was not an accident that time, but the careful design of Xiyuan’s mother and daughter!

Although she later studied medical skills with Master, she could not completely remove because of this scar for too long.

Now with her medical skills, it is not time to remove this scar.

Because of this scar, she became cowardly and inferior, and she could not leave the house all day.

However, Su Yue, all day, was shaken by Huazhi.

She really made her a little name.

Tianqi Simei?


In this life, with her Su Li, Su Yue wanted to take the lead!

"Siqin, wait for me to accompany me with ink painting."

Siqin, who was sorting out the bedding, was willing to go out?

Since the lady’s face has fallen this scar, she hasn’t loved out.

"Ah? Okay, slavery is shouting ink painting."

At this time, the girl came in with the fruit.

Siqin said happily: "Hey, ink painting, I was going to find you, the lady said that let us go out with her."

Ink painting put the fruit on the table and said, "That may be out later, when the slave is returning, she is seeing Miss Er who come here."

As soon as the words of the ink painted fell, Su Yue’s voice came from outside.

"Is my sister awake?"

"Wake up, Miss Er is just right!"

Yu Qi led Su Yue to enter the door with a respectful face.

"Sister, my sister came to see you. Is my sister better today?" Su Yue asked with a sweet smile and worried as soon as Su Yue entered the door.

Su Li looked at her, holding her hands tightly, and letting her nails fall into her palm, and she didn’t feel pain.

People who do n’t know how much do she care about her sister. Did n’t she be cheated by this well -being and weak in the previous life?

The woman with this snake scorpion hurts her sister’s sister for so many years!

At this time, Su Yue was only twelve, and her acting skills were so good. It can be seen that her aunt didn’t work hard.

Seeing Su Li’s face looked at her heavy, she quickly laughed: "Is my sister who blame my sister to see you these days? That’s because my grandfather’s long time, my sister He Shou went.I heard that my sister was sick, and I immediately came to see my sister. I hope my sister. "

After speaking, he grabbed Su Li’s sleeves and shaken.

Su Li tried to hold back to tear her impulse and suppressed her look.

Inadvertently retracted his sleeves, and said, "Sister can come to see my sister, the sister is too happy, how can you blame you. But my sister, your grandfather should be the man of the Guo Gongfu, not the Xia family, but let’s not talk about it.Wrong, make people laugh. "

Listening to Su Li said so, Su Yue slipped through a hint of jealousy, but quickly laughed forward.

"My sister said, my sister wrote down. Sister, three days later, it was Tianqi’s annual Qionghua banquet. The sister prepared a set of blue clothes, but she was suffering from the same color head and face. I saw it a few days ago. I saw it.Sister’s one has a set of emerald head, which is very suitable. Can my sister borrow me? "

Su Li sneered at the bottom, and every time this good sister came, she had to follow her something from her.

Sometimes it is jewelry and sometimes material.

In the past, she thought that she couldn’t go out anyway. She couldn’t use it. Every time she asked, she gave it.

Said to borrow it, but who had been back?

This time it was the lion’s opening. This jadeite head and noodles were the birthday gift from her grandmother to her, which was worthy of the city.

Su Li said faintly: "Sister, I’m afraid this is not possible."

Su Yue smiled and stood up, and felt that she did it too obvious, and she hung up again.

"Sister, just borrow it."

Su Li still shook his head and said, "This set of jadeite heads and face is valuable. The grandmother said that it was passed down by the Wei family’s ancestors, and my mother also made me live."

As soon as Su Li said, Su Yue even wanted to get this face.

Wei Guogong’s ancestor is the founding hero. How expensive it is!

"Sister, Wei Guogong is also my grandfather, and I just borrowed it?"

Su Li frowned, for the sake: "This …"

Su Yue said coquettishly: "Sister ~ OK?

They just borrowed it once, and returned to her sister when Qionghua banquet passed."

Su Li thought about it: "Well, just you have to write an IOU, my mother asked, I would have a good explanation."

Su Yue was stunned, and she had never said that Su Li’s jewelry had never said.

Su Li laughed: "This slope is really valuable. I’m afraid that my mother will ask, I can’t explain, rest assured, this is just to deal with my mother."

Su Yue said happily: "Okay, I will write an IOU for my sister."

After writing the IOU, Su Li ordered the ink painting: "Go to the head and face to Miss Er."

Mo Hui hesitated: "Miss …"

That’s a whole set of twelve pieces!It is said that it is borrowed, but which time is not a meat bun beating a dog, there is no time to go back?

Su Yue looked at Mo Popular dissatisfied: "Sister agrees, what are you still doing?"

Su Li looked at Mo -painting: "Go."

Ink painting helplessly, he had to turn around to get his head.

Su Yue looked at the back of Mo Hua to Su Lidao: "Sister, your girl is too rude. If the girl in my house dares to question my decision, see if I don’t appreciate their mouths!"

Su Li looked at the lack of her hands and pretended not to hear.

Soon the emerald head and noodles were taken.

Su Yue couldn’t wait to open the box.

"Wow! It is worthy of the twelve jadeite! It’s so beautiful!" Su Yue sighed with her head.

Ink painting and Siqin were calm.

Anyway, she is also the lady of Shang Shufu, and every time she came to Miss Lady’s house to fight the autumn wind.

Su Yuehe went to the box: "Sister, then I will go back to the house and see you again!"

After saying that Su Li answered, he held the box and took the girl out.

"Miss, you are generous! The emerald head and face are so expensive, just give it to what you say!" Siqin said dissatisfied.

At this time, Zhishu came in with a snack and heard Siqin’s words, and surprised: "Miss, did you give you the twelve pieces of the emeralds that Mrs. Guogong gave you?"

No wonder she watched Miss Er holding a box and smiled so fast.

Su Li looked at the heavily: "It’s okay, I have a few in my heart."

I’m afraid of the twelve jadeite, she can’t stand it!

After listening to this, the three girls were suddenly died.

Yu Qi stepped forward and laughed: "What are you doing so stingy? Two ladies and sisters are deeply affectionate, what is a set of emerald head?

Su Li glanced at Yuqi, so early Yuqi and there were hooking with there?

The previous life Yuqi kept saying good words in her ear, because this girl was sweet and her mouth was coming, and she also loved her most.

But who knows, this turned out to be a white -eyed wolf?

Thinking of the pain of digging, Su Li slipped through a trace of cold.

"Little … Miss, slavery is right?"

At that moment, Yu Qi only felt the back of the back, and did not come.

Su Li laughed: "No, you are right!"

Yu Qi was relieved and laughed: "I said, our lady and Miss Er are the best sisters in the world."

Su Li sneered, indeed the sisters of the "best" in the world!

Su Li stood up: "Siqin, go to bring me the cap, ink painting, and call the door to prepare the car."

"Yes, lady."

Yu Qi was surprised: "Miss, are you going out?"

Su Li nodded: "Um."

Yu Qi stepped forward: "Miss, go with Miss Yu Qi."

"No, this time I went to Siqin and ink paintings, and you and Zhishu stayed with the yard."

Yu Qi was dissatisfied with her lips. She felt that the lady became strange these days, and she would not let her wait for her.

She watched the three of them, did the three of them say to the lady?

Su Li turned her head to look at her, and she quickly looked back.

Su Li Dao: "Go you next time."

It is easy to clean up Yuqi, but she still has to stay in this pawn, which is very useful!

When Yu Qi saw her saying this, she became happy again: "Miss, you can rest assured, I will keep the yard well."

Su Li got on the carriage with her girl.

"Go to Xinglin Medicine Shop."

The driver responded and walked forward.

Xinglin Pharmaceutical Shop is the largest pharmacy in Beijing, where she should be able to match her medicinal materials.

Her scars need medicinal materials, and the person’s cold illness should be very serious at this time.

She had to find a chance to go to the palace of the King.

Jun Mo’s cold illness should be left at the border four years ago.

Bei Yan suddenly became difficult four years ago.

I heard that the border is cold and bitter, and it was also a hardship.

That war lasted a year and a half, and the news of the death of Jun Mo’s death, but in the end, Bei Yan signed a decline in the book, Junmo triumphantly, and celebrated the country.

Jun Mo set up his military merit, the emperor was happy, and he immediately gave the king of Feng.

This is the first king of the four princes except the prince.

Thinking of Jun Mo, Su Li’s heart was strong guilt and a little warm.

For a while, my heart is sour and astringent, not a taste.

"Miss, are you uncomfortable? What do you go to the medicine shop?" Siqin asked worriedly.

Su Li shook her head lightly, leaning on the wall of the car closed: "Just buy some medicinal materials."

Siqin and Mo paintings are a little puzzled. When did the lady understand medical treatment?

But when she didn’t want to say more, the two girls stopped asking more.

Listening to the hawker’s yelling and the children’s laughter, Su Li felt a little more real.

Soon, the carriage stopped.

"Miss, here."

Siqin and Mo painting got out of the car first, turned around carefully and helped her out of the car.

The three master and servants entered the medicine shop.

The medicine shop greeted: "Whether the lady is looking for a doctor or a medicine? Let’s take a doctor for a doctor.

Su Li Dao: "Grab medicine, give me a paper, I list the medicinal materials I need."

"Hey, wait a little bit."

The medicine shop is handed on the paper pen.

Su Li held the pen and listed her own herbal materials.

"Give, grab the weight above." Su Li handed the medicine to the guy.

The guy took the medicine list, glanced at it, and looked up at Su Li again.

This lady not only sounds good, but even the words are so well written. Unfortunately, she wore an curtain and couldn’t see her appearance.

"What’s wrong? Is there any problem?" Su Li asked, and asked.

The gang came back to God.

"Ah? Oh, no, the little one seized the medicine for the lady, and the lady waited a little."

When the three master and servants were waiting for the medicine, there was a noise outside.

"Doctor, help! Save my son! Baoer, you stick to it! Doctor! Doctor !!"

"Let! Please let it !!"

When Su Li turned back, he saw a man holding a child about two or three years old, followed by a woman with tears.

The child in the man’s arms was green and closed.The slightly undulating chest proves that he is still alive.

The man shouted as soon as he entered the medicine shop, "Doctor Changchun! Save me soon! Doctor Changchun …"

The medicine shop came out of the counter and asked, "What’s wrong with this?"

The woman cried and shouted, "It’s all my fault. I’m cooking. I didn’t look at the child for a while. The child was like this. After I went to several medical halls, the doctor said that I had a mistaken golden grass, and I shook my head.Say it is not saved. Oh my God! I just have this one Miaoer! If there is a three -long and two shorts, I will not live !! "

As soon as the words "Golden Grass" came out, the onlookers were discussing.

"Golden grass? That is poisonous grass!"

"It’s a pity that this mother is also a big heart. How can you let such a small child leave your sight."

"I haven’t heard that I can save it after eating golden grass. This child is afraid of being more fierce."

"Doctor Changchun is the best doctor in Beijing. Maybe there is a way."

The man holding the child shouted at the guy: "Doctor Changchun! Let him come out !!"

The guy stunned: "Doctor Changchun went to the clinic! You have to wait for a few hours to say less."

As soon as the words came out, the couple were desperate.

"What can I do! This is the heavens who want my Wang family!"

"Baoer! Mother’s Baoer! You are your life! Baoer, don’t be afraid, mother will accompany you!"

"Hey, it’s pitiful."


The man looked at the guy: "You send someone to ask Doctor Changchun to come back! Life is close to the sky !!!"

The medicine shop shook his head and said, "It is useless, even if the doctor of Changchun comes, it is useless. Last year, someone was eating the golden grass by mistake, and the doctor in Changchun was helpless."

As soon as this fell, the man fell to the ground, but he was holding the child in his arms tightly.

The tight string was broken and wept with his wife.

"Let me try it!" A crisp sound sounded behind everyone.

Su Li was reluctant to take a lot of nosy. She is not abundant now, and it is not too much noticeable.

But seeing the couple was so painful, thinking of the dead baby who was holding prematurely in his previous life, he changed his thoughts.

The crowd opened a road and saw a woman with a cap.

Although I can’t see the appearance clearly, the amount of body is just a little girl.

The couple looked up with hope, and when they saw Su Li, they were a little disappointed.

Siqin and Mo painting quickly stopped her.

"Miss, this is related to life, you don’t know about it, let’s leave soon." Siqin whispered.

"Yeah, if you think they are pitiful, the slaves give them some silver, let’s go quickly." Mo painting also attached.

Su Li comforted the two people: "It’s okay, let me see."

Going forward to the husband and wife: "The situation can’t be worse than now, isn’t it? Let me try it, maybe there is still a hint of hope."

The woman doubts: "Are you a doctor?"

Su Li said faintly: "I have studied medicine for many years."

She didn’t lie. After her mother died of illness, she worshiped the teacher to study medicine.

The man glanced at the child who was in his arms, and gritted his teeth, and said, "Okay! Try it!"

The woman was surprised: "Furniture?!"

"If you go on like this, the child is gone, and you might as well let the lady try it." The man looked at the child in his arms painfully.

Seeing the couple nodded, Su Li watched the medicine shop guy: "Borrow your place to use it."

Then let the man put the child on the chair of the medical hall.

Su Li prescribed the prescription and handed it to the medicinal room: "Follow the medicine and fry the medicine above, so fast, do you have a gold needle in your shop?"

The gang took the medicine prescription and said, "Yes, a little wait."

The gangs were brought to Su Li with a gold needle, and then quickly grabbed the medicine.

Su Li opened the gold needle and opened it.

Although it is not as good as her previous life, it is also complete.

Holding the golden needle was about to lower the needle, his wrist was caught by Siqin.

Both girls are about to cry, what happened to the lady?

Not only did it give people a disorderly prescription, but he also took a needle to poke to the children.

At that time, the child is gone, how much trouble will the lady be!

Su Li said faintly: "Hold your hand away, I have a sense of weight."


"take away!"

Siqin had no choice but to hold his hand and watched his lady falling on the child.

After applying the needle, Su Li’s forehead was sweaty, and she raised her hand and wiped it.

Mo Hui hurried forward to sweat for her.

"Take a needle after a minute." Su Li looked at the child and said coldly.

The woman stepped forward and looked at the child, and looked at Su Lidao doubt: "Is this good?"

Su Li coldly said: "No, this is just to make the toxicity no longer spread, and in the end it has to be cleared."

At this time, the budget of the medicine shop came over.

"Miss, medicine."

Su Li nodded and said, "Wait for me to take the needle, and then feed him to drink."

The people surrounding the people have not dispersed for a long time.

"Isn’t this girl messing up? The old man I have lived for seventy or eighty years, and I have not heard of the poison of Golden Grass!"

"No, this child is going to go, and in the end he has to be guilty."

"Don’t say, I think this girl is very professional, and there should be two brushes."

"What about two brushes? Can you even solve the poison that Changchun can not solve?" Can this little girl solve? "

Su Li ignored these people, and when she arrived, she began to get a gold needle.

"Take the medicine over."

The woman stepped forward to support the boy and let him lean in his arms.

Su Li was relieved. Fortunately, she could swallow itself.

After drinking medicine, the child suddenly struggled and looked uncomfortable.

"Girl, this is …" The man asked hurriedly.

Su Li raised his hand to interrupt his question.

Suddenly the child was crooked, and "Wow" vomited.

"Ah! Child! My child!"

The woman immediately shouted and shaking her child.

The man took two steps in the first two steps and stared at Su Li coldly.

"How is this going!"

Su Li calmly said: "Don’t shake the child, put him on the lounge chair, this is vomiting. Most of the poison has spit out, and some residual poison needs later drug conditioning."

The couple glanced at the child again, and she turned out to be so scary.

I saw a few times and fell asleep.

Su Li stepped forward for the child, and said, "There is no risk of life, I will open a recipe, and it will be okay to eat two doses."

In fact, the poison of this golden grass is not difficult to solve, but no one can use a gold needle to block the spread of poison. This set of needle is the original of the master and other people.

Thinking of the weird old man, Su Li was warm.

The woman took care of the child and looked back at Su Lidao: "Thank you Miss! You are the great benefactor of our family!"

The man stepped forward and knelt on the ground, and said, "The lady saved the dog, which is equivalent to saving my Wang Wei family’s life.Don’t say! "

The man’s kneeling, Siqin and Mo painting who had not successfully saved people from the lady’s success.

Su Li said faintly: "Get up first."

The man shook his head and said firmly: "The lady does not promise me to follow the left and right, and I won’t get up. I don’t have anything to do, but there is still a brute force.

Su Li thought for a while, and said, "Get up first, are you from the business bank?"

Seeing a few small words "Yunqi Shang Fang" embroidered on men’s clothes, Su Li had this question.

Male said: "Yes, there is a business team next."

Su Li thought about it, and said, "You take care of your child first, and go to the drunk fairy house to find the shopkeeper there later seven days."

The man arched: "Yes!"

Wang Wei got up and turned to see his child.

Su Li said to the two maids: "Let’s go."

When the three went out, the crowd automatically opened a way.

Several people came out, and there was a burst of applause.

"Someone can really solve the poison of golden grass!"

"Such a little girl, the medical skills are above the doctor of Changchun, incredible!"

"Woohoo, if I encounter this girl earlier, my cousin will not die! Woohoo …"

After getting on the carriage, Su Li said to the driver: "Go to drunk the fairy."

Looking at her for a moment, Su Li smiled slightly.

"Just ask what you want."

Siqin stopped talking, but ink paintings couldn’t hold curiosity, and asked, "Miss, when do you learn medical skills?"

Several of them have been with the lady since they were young, and they never knew that the lady would have medical skills, and it was very powerful. Even the poison of golden grass could be solved.

Su Li leaned on the wall of the carriage and said lazily: "Your lady has the fairy care, and an old fairy in the dream teach me."

The two girls glanced at her angrily.

"Miss, you are our three -year -old child!"

Su Li looked at these two girls. She did get the gods to be reborn.

"I learned myself, there are so many books in my father’s study, there are many medical books in it."

This is true. Since she left this scar from her face, she has rarely went out.

The most daily thing is to go to the father’s study.

Seeing the two girls looked at herself in distress, Su Li laughed: "It’s okay, Sang Yu, who lost the east, you see, am I not doing a medical skills?"

Siqin remembered the affairs in the house and said, "Miss, although you don’t like to go out of the house, there is no need to give all your clothes jewelry to Miss Er. Besides","

Su Li smiled and laughed: "The twelve pieces are not so easy to wear. She is a niece and wearing such precious things to attend the Qionghua Banquet, haha …"

Ink painting his eyes brightened, and said, "Miss! Slave understands! If Miss Er really wears twelve emeralds, she will definitely become the target of the criticism.

Su Li sneered, yes, no one for those noble women can be clearer than her.

After she was disfigured, it was not shrank in the house at first.

But every banquet has such an accident, and although she is distinguished, those noble women secretly make the stumbling stumbling.

She is noble and so noble, not to mention Su Yue.

In this Qionghua Banquet, others did not know, but she knew it was to choose a concubine for the prince.

The prince’s lingering couch has been for several months, and the palace is helpless.

Seeing the increasingly serious condition, Qin Tianjian put forward the suggestion of choosing concubine.

Su Yue wanted to make her out and let her go. She raised her aunt, and the queen looked down on her eyes.

"Miss, drunk fairy is here." The driver’s voice came.

Siqin and Mo painting helped Su Li out of the carriage.

Siqin asked: "Miss, what do we come to Drunk Fairy?"

Although Drunk Fairy House is a lady’s industry, the lady has never been in these trivial matters.

"Check the account." Su Li gently spit out two words.

"Check the account?"

Seeing that the lady was unwilling to say more, Siqin no longer asked more, and followed Su Li’s body to get into the drunk fairy house.

Drunk Xianju is one of the best restaurants in Beijing. The daily guests are full.

As soon as he entered the drunk fairy, there was an old man in his forties greeted.

"Miss, why are you here?"

Su Li Dao: "Lin Bo, my mother is out of the door, I will check this month’s account."

The shopkeeper laughed: "The lady really grew up, and she knew how to share it for his wife. Yesterday, Mr. Xia said that the ledger was ready, let’s go, let’s go to the account room."

Su Li nodded and walked in front.

"Lin Bo, who introduced this Mr. Xia?"

The shopkeeper Lin thought: "It was arranged by the master, and said it was very capable."

Su Li sneered at the bottom of her heart, and she really had the ability. Otherwise, how could she wipe out the book so smoothly and let her mother not notice it for so long!

Unfortunately, I met her!

Mr. Xia is actually the brother of Aunt Xia, Su Yue’s kiss!

Half of the silver he moved into the pockets of Xiyuan’s pockets!

Su Yue’s golden brocade and expensive jewelry wearing are from here.

When I arrived at the account room, I saw Xia Jiang in the room.

"The lady came to check the account and took out the ledger." The shopkeeper faced Xiajiang Road.

Xia Jiang laughed: "Well, Miss, please sit, wait a moment."

Su Li sat down on the chair, and Siqin and Mo painting stood behind her.

Su Li looked at Xia Jiang, looking at the old stability, who knew it was really a dark heart.

In the previous life, this man rolled up the money of the drunk fairy and fled. Another face of Xiyuan cried and asked his father and mother to forgive him. When she was deceived by her brother, she knew that this person turned out to be Su Yue.Dear.

"Miss, this is this month’s account, you please see it."

Xia Jiang looked respectful, but the contempt of the bottom of his eyes was clearly seen by Su Li.

This is a loophole that she can’t see her mother, and she can’t see it?


Su Li laughed: "Mr. Xia, please take it to me to see the ledger last month."

Xia Jiang froze for a moment, what can she really see?

But I also thought that a lady who couldn’t get out of the two doors should not know about these.

"Hey, wait a little bit."

The two -month -old ledger was placed on the table. Su Li took the ledger and looked at it slowly.

"How long have a long time for Mr. Xia?" Su Li asked like a chat.

"Back to Miss, it’s almost two years."

Two years?There is a little swallow!

Su Li put the ledger on the table.

"Bang" was shocked and shocked Xia Jiang.

"Miss, but what’s wrong with this account?" Xia Jiang carefully.

Su Li looked at him coldly, and said, "Mr. Xia really thinks that no one can see this account that can be seen?"

Xia Jiang immediately turned his face and shouted unjustly: "Miss, I have been diligent in Drunk Xianju for two years. What does Miss mean?"

"What do you mean? Then you talk about buying a batch of food at the end of the month. It is enough to use drunk fairy for a month. You bought another batch at the end of the month.Buy again in mid -February, and buy again at the beginning of the third month, what to explain? "

Originally, it was enough to buy a batch in January. In this way, I bought three batches in two months, but the check -up was checked, so the mother did not find this loophole.

Xia Jiang’s face suddenly turned white, wiped the sweat on his forehead, and said, "Miss, this summer, the food is cheap, you need to buy more, for winter."

Su Li laughed: "Oh? What about the food?"

Xia Jiang wiped the sweat and said, "The small one makes people pour it in the warehouse outside."

Su Li laughed with a smile: "Give me all the books of these two years."


"How? Nothing does the owner check the ledger? Or is Mr. Xia who has a ghost in his heart? Do I need me to report to the official?"

Siqin and Mo painting opened their eyes in surprise. Is this still the lush lady in their family?

The shopkeeper Lin also looked at Xia Jiang, saying, "Don’t go! The lady is going to check the account, what do you push three obstacles to do it? Do you really have a ghost in your heart."

Xia Jiang’s heart was bitter.

I thought this was a Miss Cao Bao, but I didn’t expect it to be a thorn.

If you don’t get the book, you must report to the official.Take the account book, it will also be a big trouble.

Regardless, let’s go before you go, and then find your sister to find a way.

Xia Jiang turned around and took out a ledger.

"Miss, this is the ledger of these two years."

Su Li has passed the ledger.

Laughing: "Mr. Xia really considers the drunk fairy house. Since last year, food has been tuned. There are hundreds of thousands of pounds of food outside the warehouse outside? Then I don’t need to buy it this winter. Three days later, I went to see it.Look at this batch of food. "

Xia Jiang was dumbfounded.

"What? Is there a problem?"

"No … no problem." Xia Jiang wiped sweat.

Su Li stood up: "That’s good, okay, I should go back, come again three days later."

When I went downstairs, Lin’s shopkeeper apologized: "Miss, sorry, I didn’t find that Xiajiang had a problem."

What tun food!He didn’t even know.

If it weren’t for the lady to check the account, hundreds of thousands of pounds of food would not fall into Xiajiang’s pocket.

Su Li laughed: "Lin Bo doesn’t have to blame himself. This person is recommended by my father. Of course, you will rest assured. However, Lin Bo, this Xiajiang is the brother of Xiyuan."


Su Li Dao: "Lin Bo, look at him in the past few days, don’t call someone to run!"

The shopkeeper Lin immediately said: "Miss is assured!"

Su Li is of course relieved to the shopkeeper. This restaurant is a dowry of her mother, and Lin Bo is also a grandmother for her mother.

"By the way, six or seven days later, a person named Wang Wei will come to you. You can let him help in the restaurant first, and I have another arrangement to him later."

"Yes, lady."

After getting on the carriage, Siqin couldn’t wait to ask: "Miss, Mr. that account room is obviously a private swallowing money. Why don’t you report it?"

Su Li Dao: "Report the official? The one in our house can push things and do things. I gave him three days and spit out all the embezzlement."

You know that the big head of this money is all in Xiyuan. Naturally, she doesn’t want to live a good job over there, so she has to break her wealth first!

When Xia Jiang hollows out Xiyuan, she sees how happy the mother and daughter!

"But Miss, what if Aunt Xia will not get out of life?"

Su Li laughed: "She will take it!"

Xia Jiang has helped his sister’s hiding more than one or two things over the years. With this handle, Aunt Xia dare not get it?

If he was reported to the official, he was anxious and let his brother die in the cell. I believe that Aunt Xia can still do it.

At that time, where would she go to ask Xia’s secret?

She still remembers Su Yue’s words before the previous life, saying that she was not the daughter of her father at all!

That is, more than ten years ago, there was someone outside the aunt Xia!

When I returned to the house, I saw a beautiful woman rushing over when she entered the door."Lier, I heard that you are sick? Let’s see your mother!" Su mother pulled her daughter’s hand and looked up and down.

She dare not get too close.

The daughter was not very close to herself, and she became more lonely after scarring on her face.

Looking at the mother -in -law who was living in front of her, Su Li’s eyes were pantric acid, and she pierced into Su’s arms.

"Mother, daughter miss you so much!"

Su Mu was froze and couldn’t help surprise.

This is the first time my daughter has been so close to her in the past few years!

Mother Su hugged her daughter and stroked her back gently: "Lier is good, it’s a strange mother, your sick mother is not with you, but now it is better?"

Su Li exited Su Mu’s arms, and stepped forward to hold Su’s arms and walked towards her yard.

"Mother, my wind is already good. Mother is also for my grandmother. How can I blame my mother?"

These days are the grandmother of my grandmother. Every year, my father and mother go to the temple for seven days.

Su mother laughed with relief: "We are really growing up, and we all know that we are considerate of my father and mother."

When I arrived at the room, Su Li solved the hat.

The sun was sprinkled into the house, and when she looked at the daughter in the sun, Su Mu shook God for a while.

Her daughter was a little more beautiful than when she was young.

"Mother, what’s wrong?" Su Li turned to look at her mother and asked softly.

Seeing the scar on the other half of her daughter, sighing in her heart.

"Lier, women’s appearance is not so important. The most important thing is the inner. You don’t have to hide in the house for such a little scar. You should go out as you go out, and you will feel better."

Su Li knew that this was what mother comforted herself.

How can the appearance not important?

How much did she pay because of this scar in last life?

But it was precisely because of this scar that she saw the people around her.

Su Li laughed: "Mother, I know, don’t worry. I already want to open it. I do n’t get married, and I will accompany you and my father in my life."

Su Mu’s pity, said: "Silly girl, Liang Lier is so good, she always meets a person who doesn’t care about appearance and really loves you."

Su Li didn’t answer.

In this life, she no longer wants love.

Her mission is to revenge and protect her family!

Su Lixian smiled at the topic: "Mother, I went to check the account of Drunk Xianju today, what did you guess?"

Mother Su opened her eyes in surprise.

"Lier, you went to Drunk Xianju and checked the ledger?"

This girl never wants to appear in a lot of people or communicate with others.

This time I could go out and help her check the account, how can this not surprise her.

Su Li helped Su Mu to sit down and poured a cup of tea for her.

"Mother, I have been too sensible in the past six months. In the future, my daughter will never let you and my father worry."

Su mother was so excited that she was so relieved. When she went out, her daughter was so sensible.

Su mother pulled her daughter to put her into her arms again.

"Lier is very good, always very good!"

The mother and daughter were tired for a while, and Su Li raised her business again.

"Mother, I checked the account and found something."

Mother Su said with a smile: "What’s the matter?"

Mother Su did not think of this matter, thinking that she was the daughter’s little girl’s heart, and checked the account to pass the time.

But thinking that her daughter was willing to go out and walked, she left her.

Su Li Zhengye said: "Mother, her daughter found that Mr. Drunk Fairy Tower’s account room entered the food three times every two months, and the mother did not find anything wrong?"

After listening to this, Mother Su’s face was a little bit.

Looking back carefully, it seems that sometimes it is made of food once a month, sometimes twice.

Su mother was shocked.

This summer shopkeeper is the person recommended by the master, so she is so relieved.

As soon as Su Li looked at her mother’s face, she knew what she was thinking.

"Mother, Dad didn’t know the man of this Xia shopkeeper, but only knew that his person did have the talent of managing accounts. The daughter also accidentally learned that the man was the elder brother of Aunt Xia."


Getting started, she was a slave, and her family never went to Shang Shufu.

As a mother Su has never seen Xia Jiang.

"Lier is good, you rest first, and your mother has a busy time!"

Su Li didn’t stop it.

Let the mother go to see it in person, otherwise, like the previous life, I really think that Xiyuan is a honest score!

But I do n’t know that the mother and daughter have been hiding their hearts, and they are the devil wearing human skin!

When Su Mu went out, Su Li got up and picked up the buying herbal materials and walked out of the room.

"Keep in the yard, don’t let people come in."

After saying this to a few girls, he pierced the partial house.

Yu Qi stretched his neck and looked in, and said, "What is the old lady doing?"

Siqin said coldly: "If you don’t ask, don’t ask."

Recently, I have been annoying this Yuqi. Every day I talked about the good words of Xiyuan in front of the lady. I do n’t do it every day, and I will only invite the pets.

Yu Qi skimmed his lips and said, "Siqin, what do you mean? I just curious to ask what happened?"

Siqin sneered without answering.

When Yu Qi saw that she didn’t speak, she felt that she had the same reason.

"Siqin, you won’t think that the young lady lets you go out, you can replace me? Tell you, think! Miss is inseparable from me!"

Ink paintings and knowledge books quickly came over to persuade.

"What’s wrong with you? Everyone is for the lady, don’t make trouble."

"That’s whispering, it’s not good to make a noise."

Yu Qi was so angry: "It’s not that Siqin is jealous of my favorite pet, talks about yin and yang …"

"What are you!"

Several people were noisy, the door of the partial house was suddenly opened, and Su Li’s cold voice came.

"Little … Miss."

A few girls suddenly lived.

Su Li looked at Siqin and said, "Siqin, you say."

After disturbing the lady, Siqin knew that there was a mistake, and lowered her head to admit her mistake.

Yu Qisheng was afraid of her sue, so she cheered first: "Miss, Sister Siqin may be dissatisfied with the slaves. The slaves just care about the lady and ask, Sister Siqin scolded the slaves."

That look, alive like the second lady of Xiyuan.

Su Li glanced at Siqin: "Siqin, is this that?"

Siqin looked up: "Miss, slavery knows wrong."

Su Li laughed, this silly girl.

"Miss, don’t blame Sister Siqin. She must be because the lady took her out today, and she was proud of the slave." Yu Qibaba looked at Su Lidao poorly.

Su Li never felt that Yu Qi was so annoying.

"Go to the yard for two hours." Su Li said with a fluttering look.

Yu Qi looked at Siqin proudly, saying: "Sister Siqin, did you not listen to Miss said? Miss asked you to kneel for two hours."

There are so many people outside the yard to come and go, how shameful it is!

Su Li suddenly looked up at Yu Qi, and said coldly, "I’m talking about you!"

Yu Qi couldn’t turn around for a while.

"What … what?"

Su Li said coldly: "I still need me to repeat it?"

Yu Qi didn’t dare to believe, and said, "Miss, why? Obviously Siqin did something wrong!"

Su Li sneered and said, "You are right? Inquire about the master’s affairs, accuse her of people, and talk about things, you are right? The master does not ask you, you just intervene, you are right?Do you need a reason? "

Yu Qi’s face was pale. Before, she also talked casually in front of this young lady. The young lady had never been pursued. What happened today?

Su Li looked at her and said coldly again: "What? Do you have something to say? Do you want me to send you to the deed to the tooth, and send you to find another master?"

Yu Qi quickly said: "The slaves are wrong! Slave goes to kneel! Kneeling until the young lady is satisfied!"

After speaking, he turned out of the yard and knelt down at the door.

Su Li looked at Siqin and said, "Siqin, are you wrong?"

"Miss, Siqin knows the wrong, and Siqin goes to kneel." After Siqin said, he would walk out of the yard.

Su Li said helplessly: "Come back!"

Siqin stopped, looked back at her, and doubted: "Miss?"

"You know what are you wrong?"

Siqin thought for a while, and said, "The fault should not fight with others and disturb the lady."

Su Li sighed in the bottom of her heart: "The three of you listened. The only girl I believed was the three of you. My person must not be weak! No wrong, no matter who the other party is, you don’t need to admit it, listen to it, listen to it, listen to it, listen to you understand?"



Su Li looked at Siqin and asked: "Do you know where you are wrong now?"

This girl, in the previous life, married her into Zhao Mansion.

Zhao Huai’an’s beast was spoiled, and Su Yue also said that she seduced it.

In the past life, she believed in, and resentful in her heart, and she also alienated her.

Unexpectedly, in the end, the girl gave up her thief and stole the key of the firewood house to save her.

Unfortunately, the two dogs were killed.

When she was not married, she was framed and stole Su Yue’s jewelry and sold.

The ink painting is a lame cousin with Su Yue.

In this life, Su Li will never let the people around her repeat the same mistakes!

Looking at Su Li’s heavy eyes, Siqin raised his head and said firmly: "The slave knows it! The slaves are right, the wrong one is Yuqi!"

Su Li nodded and looked at the three watery girls.

Her personal maid was carefully selected by Su’s mother, and in recent years, Su Li also learned to read and recognize words.

As a lady’s big girl, she does not have to do rough work.

It can be said that these girls are better than the ladies of Xiaomen and Xiaochen.

The soft -hearted ink painting: "Miss, this day is a bit poisonous, let Yu Qi kneel for two hours, and the slaves are afraid she can’t bear it."

Su Li sneered: "There are two -hearted slave, let her kneel for two hours, it is really cheap!"

If it wasn’t for her to keep her useful, at this time, she was in a small life!

The three girls widened in surprise.

"There are two hearts? Miss, have you made mistakes? Although Yu Qi was proud, it was still good for the lady." Zhishu was surprised.

Su Li said coldly: "I won’t make a mistake! The four people’s monthly money is the same, but her dress is better than you. Where are those money? Remember, Yuqi is not credible."

The three girls couldn’t help but believe it.

No wonder Yuqi is so diligent in Xiyuan.

The three of them shouted ‘Miss’, but Yu Qi called ‘Ms. Miss’.

Once a person is doubtful, some of the small things that seem to be unusual at the time have gradually become unique.

The three also gradually understood that Yuqi was in the cover of Xiyuan.

Knowing the book angrily: "This food is stepping out!"

Siqin said: "Miss, you can rest assured, we will prevent her. She shouldn’t know what she wants to go out of us."

Since the lady has been ill, it seems that it is open, and it is no longer so enthusiastic about Xiyuan.

The lady must have discovered the false affection of Er, and the three of them’s persuasion in the past was finally valid.

Seeing that they understood what they meant, Su Li said, "Keep the door, don’t let people know what I am doing."

"Yes, Miss!"

In fact, the three of them did not know what the lady was going to do, but only knew that the lady took a lot of medicinal materials in.

Yu Qi knelt in the yard, and his subordinates who came to whisper.

"What to see!" Yu Qi shouted angrily at those subordinates.

I am extremely dissatisfied.

The young lady did not know which muscles were not right in the past two days, and why they suddenly changed their attitude towards her.

Even if Siqin was favored, she also asked her to kneel outside the yard, and was pointed by these small hoofs.

It ’s good for Miss Er, gentle and generous for the subordinates.

Yu Qi kneeling outside the yard also passed on to Su Yue’s ears.

"It’s a god to help me! Liu Er, wait until the sky is later, you send some medicine to Yuqi, what should you say, don’t you have to teach you," Su Yuejiao said.

Although her voice was gentle, the girl Liu Er still replied sincerely: "The slaves know."

Su Yue looked at himself with satisfaction and smiled: "I thought that the girls of the big sister were copper wall and iron wall.

The sky gradually darkened, and the yard also had a lamp.

Su Li finally opened the door.

Holding the small porcelain bottle in his hand, he hooked his lips with satisfaction.

The scar removal medicine is well matched. I believe that after January, she does not have to go out to bring the veil.

"Miss, just forgot Sister Xia to come to pass the words, calling Miss to go to the lady with meals." Mo painted forward.

Su Li nodded, "Let’s go."

After leaving Siqin in the yard, with the book and ink painting to the gate of the courtyard, he saw Yu Qi kneeling there.

"Miss, the slaves knew it was wrong. Please ask Miss to spare the slaves this time!" When he saw Su Li, Yu Qi begged.

"Kneeling for two hours." After throwing this sentence, Su Li took two girls and walked straight beside Yu Qi with a diameter and went out of the yard.

Yu Qi looked at the backs of those people, and her eyes gradually floated unwilling and resentment.

Her Yu Qi is theoretical knowledge, and she is stronger than the lady who destroyed Rong.

She would just go to the abortion and cast it into the lady’s belly!

Liu Er hid behind the tree looked at her unwillingness, and after people left, she walked out of the tree.

Su Li went to Su’s mother’s yard.


Mother Su got up and laughed: "Come? Sit, let’s eat together for a long time."

Su Li walked over and helped her, and guilty: "That Lier came here to kiss the meal in the future."

Mother Su patted her daughter’s hand and said, "Okay, your dad believes that he will return tomorrow, and our family will get together."

Su Li nodded: "Um."

Holding Su Mu, sitting down, putting the tableware for her, and sitting next to him.

Mother and daughter, you come to me to hold the dishes for the other party.

Mother Su looked at her daughter’s changes, and she ironed in her heart.

Since her daughter’s face was left on scars, she did not eat with people, and Su’s mother also understood.

Now seeing my daughter picking off the veil to dine, she was surprised and happy.

"Mother, what’s wrong?" Su Li looked up and asked.

Su mother laughed: "Nothing, the mother is just happy, and Lier thinks about it."

Su Li smiled and said, "Mother, the daughter was not sensible before, so she was worried. By the way, did the mother go to Drunk Fairy in the afternoon?"

Su mother looked at her lovingly, thinking of going to the drunk fairy house in the afternoon, and learned from the shopkeeper in the afternoon, and said, "Go, check the ledger again.Let go of the matter. Why not report the official? Is it concerned about Xiyuan? "

Lier has gone very close to Xiyuan in recent years, and is more relatives than her mother and mother over there.

But as soon as she thought of these, she couldn’t swallow it.

I thought that Xiyuan’s honesty was, or when Li Er was good, she was also willing to give Xiyuan a bit thin.

Who knew that such a thing came out and said that Xiyuan didn’t know it, she didn’t believe it.

No wonder Xiyuan’s pair of mother and daughter has a good life, and her feelings are leaving with the silver in her shop.

She asked herself to be harsh, and she should have never deducted it to Xiyuan.

But the aunt’s monthly example is also limited, but she hears that Xiyuan’s reward for the subordinates has always been generous.

She thought it was her mother -in -law, but it turned out that she ate black money.

Su Li laughed: "Mother, her daughter is not afraid of Xiyuan, but she wants to let Xiyuan spit out the silver first. Three days later, the mother went with me to see Mr. Xia’s food for our drunk fairy."

After speaking, he blinked playfully.

Su Mu laughed and thought of three days later: "Three days later is the Qionghua Banquet, don’t you go?"

Su Li shook her head and said, "The daughter is not going, not because of inferiority, I just think that these banquets have no meaning, and go to see that the noble women secretly compare themselves."

Mother Su looked at her daughter’s intact left face and sighed: "Lier, do you remember the details of the misfortune half a year ago?"

She used to not doubt Xiyuan at all, but because she now opened the gap in Xiyuan’s doubts, she thought more.

That day, her daughter was a carriage with her. Su Yue called her daughter to her carriage. When the car turned over, when she got out of the car to check, her daughter had a bloody face.

Su Li did not expect that her mother would be able to give up, and thought about it, "Mother, everything has passed, even if there is something doubt now, there is no evidence."

In fact, she knew in her heart that this scar was more like a mule.

She always knew that Su Yue was jealous of her appearance.

Several times she saw Su Yue looking at her face to show her hateful eyes, but Su Yue used to cover up. She was stupid before, and she thought it was wrong.

She wanted to destroy her appearance, but she was not as good as her!

"Mother, this time the reason why Aunt Xia dared to give birth to such a mind is that the mother is too tolerant and generous. You understand her and let her have her own kitchen in Xiyuan.Almost, who do you think of the main mother so generous? "

I feel that her daughter is not making sense. What she thinks is that she is generous, and her house is peaceful.

But some people, the more you retreat, the more you have to go in.

Su Li no longer said that she knew that her mother was an extremely intelligent person, and she followed her grandmother.

The mother was suspicious of Xiyuan’s heart, and naturally she would pay more attention to the mother and daughter in the future.

Next is the father’s side.

After dinner, Su Li chatted with Su Mu again for a while before leaving the girl.

As soon as I returned to the room, Siqin stepped forward: "Miss, after you left, I stayed in the room without going out, so I noticed that Liu Er beside Miss Er came to find Yuqi and gave her a bottle of ointment."

Zhishu and Mo painting instantly widened their eyes, and the lady really did not get wronged.Essence

The four of them followed the lady when they were young. The lady was dedicated to them.

Su Li hugged her lips and said coldly, "She will be a good person."

Knowing the book came forward: "Miss, do you want to knock on and beat Yuqi?"

Su Li shook his head: "No, what I want is to hook up, you secretly pay more attention, Siqin, my close -fitting clothes must be kept, and tell me what you lack in time."

Siqin nodded: "Miss is relieved!"

In the early morning of the next day, Aunt Xia took the girl out of the way.

When Siqin came to report, Su Li just smiled slightly.

"It should be debt collection."

Siqin is unknown, but he didn’t ask much.

Mo painting and knowledge are dressed in Su Li.

"No need to spend it, and it won’t look good again." Su Liping said faintly.

I thought the lady was sad again, and Siqin felt sore: "Miss …"

"I’m okay. Today, I’m going to the grandfather’s palace, so I wore the set of Shu brocades that my aunt gave me."

She was really not sad, and the scars on her face would sooner or later.

Xia’s rushed to the restaurant, went up to the second floor of the familiar door, and pushed the door of the private room.

"Brother, you are so anxious to find me to do it? The faith is not clear." Xia’s complained.

Seeing her in, Xia Jiang quickly got up and said anxiously: "Sister, something happened! You can save me this time!"

Aunt Xia was still anxious, but now she walked to the table and sat down and poured herself a cup of tea.

Xia Jiang snatched her cup and said, "My aunt, you still have to drink tea! It’s all burning with eyebrows! The young lady in your family didn’t know what wind was drawn."

Aunt Xia wiped the tea on her hand with a handkerchief, and said, "What else is it? She checked the account and let her check it. Even her mother -in -law could not see the problem.! "

When Xia Jiang saw her still a light and light style, she suddenly said loudly: "What can’t be found! She checked the account clearly, and also limited me to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds of food within three days!"


Xia’s unable to sit still and stood up.

"How is it possible? Can the fool still have this ability?"

Xia Jiang said angrily: "Why is it impossible? Can I lie to you? I will make up for only twenty -thousand silver, and you will give me 50,000 again."

Xia’s screaming: "Fifty thousand! I have 50,000! There is no five thousand!"

Xia Jiang sinking down his face: "Xia Qingyuan, you have to have conscience! I have given you more than 50,000 silver in the past two years! Don’t you take it, do you want to wait for your wife to report to the official?Even if I squatted, you can’t run! "

After listening to this, Xia’s voice quickly said, "Brother, we are brothers and sisters, can I not help you if I have money? I am not so much?"

Xia Jiang’s face was finally a little better, but he still said coldly: "I don’t want you to do those things by my brother -in -law, so I pay it!After the prison, you have no dependence on the mother’s family. Parents will still drag you, are you worth it? "

Xia’s head looked down and thought about it, gritted his teeth, and said, "I go back and make up."

Xia Jiangdao: "Fast! Be sure to put the silver today! I will buy food after day!"

Xia’s impatiently said: "I know, I know!"

Su Li knew to Su’s mother, and took the two girls of Siqin and Zhishu.

Before going out, Su Li left Yu Qi in the house on the grounds of injury to her knees, leaving ink painting and looking at her.

The carriage went all the way. After two minutes, the carriage finally stopped.

"Miss, the state government is here." The driver’s voice came.

The two maids picked up the curtain and got off the carriage.

Turn around and carefully get out of Su Li.

Su Li went down the station and looked up.

I saw the pink walls outside the courtyard, the green willow was drooping, and the "Wei Guo Gong" plaque was hung on the door of Zhu Qi.

"Grandfather, grandmother, uncle, mother -in -law, and cousin cousin. I was stupid in the past.

Just after her thoughts were thousands of hours, the interrupted questioning of the correction interrupted her.

"Who are you?"

Knowing the book came forward: "Are you new? Don’t you know the cousin?"

The door was suddenly surprised: "Ah! It turned out to be Miss Cance. The little eyes were clumsy, Miss Cance forgive."

Grandma was married and had only a daughter.

When it comes to Miss Cance, it is naturally the Shang Shu who has rarely appeared this year.

Su Li laughed: "Don’t blame you, I have not been in the country for more than a year."

When he said, he entered the door with two girls.

Only when I went in, I encountered Mrs. Guo Gong who came.

"Is Lier here?"

Su Li’s corner of the corner of the corner, dumb shouted, "Grandmother!"

Su Li was full of blame in his heart.

From disfigurement to death, she never came to see her grandmother.

The grandmother in front of me is older than in memory.

Mrs. Guogong pulled Su Li’s hand tightly, and his lips trembled.

"Lier, it’s really my Li Er!"

The daughter is the mother’s heart, and the granddaughter is the eyes of the grandmother!

"My grandmother has always wanted to see you, but unfortunately my legs are not angry! I have a pain in such a little bit." Mrs. Guogong hammered her legs.

Su Li quickly covered his hand and stopped the way: "Grandmother, Lier had drilled the horns of the horns before, and Lier would come to see you in the future."

Speaking of helping her walk towards the main hall with her girl.

As soon as he sat down, the girls went to tea and snacks.

Mrs. Guogong pushed the snack in front of her: "Lier, grandmother remembers that you like pineapple cakes the most, you can eat!"

When Su Li was talking about talking, a hearty voice came.

"Listen to the person, Lier is here?"

During the talk, a beautiful woman in her thirties entered the main hall, and she followed a blue girl behind her.

Su Li got up, and Fu body was ritual: "Mother, cousin."

Wang stepped forward and held her hand: "Good boy, you have n’t been here for a long time, but unfortunately your grandfather and uncle went to work. If they know you are coming, you do n’t know how happy you are."

The blue girl said coldly: "Where can she remember a foreign ancestor!"

Wang looked back at her daughter and cursed: "Yao’er, how do you talk! Apologize to your cousin!"

Su Li laughed: "My aunt, don’t annoyed my cousin, she said right, Lier was too dislike this year."

Then he looked at the woman in the blue clothes again: "I know my cousin is missing me."

Wei Yuanyao said coldly: "Oh! I don’t want you!"

She went to her aunt’s house. This cousin made people stop her outside the yard and did not let her go in to see her, but her sister -in -law went in!

Su Li stepped forward and pulled her hand and shook it: "Good cousin, you forgive your sister, the sister is also provoked, and recently I thought about it. If my cousin is still angry, you will hit me!"

When he said, he picked up her hand and waved on her face.

Wei Yuanyao was startled, busy recovered, proudly: "Okay, it’s really afraid of you! What do you have been wearing a veil to do? You change your person, it’s not like your aunt’sdaughter!"

The Mansion of Weiguo has been from Rong for generations, and even her daughter has a vitality.

With Wei Yuanyao, he could not see that his cousin was so complained and shrank.

Seeing that her daughter started to her mouth, Wang’s scolding said: "Yao’er!"

Mrs. Guogong laughed: "Okay, the younger sisters are playing, what do you keep her?"

Wang nodded: "The mother said, just this Yaoer was stubborn, Lier was so quiet, I was afraid she would be bullied."

Su Li laughed: "Auntie, rest assured, my cousin will not bully me! She hurts me too much."

She was so indifferent to her in the previous life, but in the end, she was so embarrassed that her cousin was still asking Su Yue to put her at the last moment.

Wei Yuanyao laughed: "Who hurts you! Don’t be ashamed!"

Seeing that the granddaughter has always been wearing a veil, the grandfather of the country said: "Lier, there are no outsiders here, you take off the veil to let the grandmother look at it."

She heard that the grandson daughter destroyed her face, but she had never seen to what extent.

It’s just heart pain.

How good her Lier was. Although she was only eleven or two years old, she had already settled.

If you are at the age of the same time, it will definitely be even better.

Who knows something like this …

Seeing the distress of Mrs. Guogong and her aunt, Su Li was warm.

Slowly take off the veil.

"His!" Wei Yuanyao took a breath.

Unexpectedly, the scar on the cousin’s face was so long, from the corner of the right eye to the chin.

Because Su Li’s skin was fair and delicate, the scar was more conspicuous and ugly, lying on his face like a tadpole.

No wonder the cousin will get rid of the horns. You must know that the cousin was a first -class beauty before, and it became like this. She was unwilling to see her.

The grievance in my heart was long been distressed.

"Cousin, can’t you really go to this scar?" Wei Yuanyao stepped forward and covered her hand, comforting her silently.

Wang sighed: "Well, I heard that your uncle invited Qiu Taiyi from Tai Hospital, and he was helpless."

Seeing the tears in the eyes of Mrs. Guo Gong, Su Li quickly put on the veil, stepped forward and squatted in front of her, holding her hand and said, "Don’t be sad, this year I hid in the house and didn’t idle. IAfter turning through the medical book of my dad’s study, I found the method of cure for the face. After a month, this scar will not be visible. "

Mrs. Guogong only when this was an excuse for comforting her without wanting her to find her sadness.

"Lier, the appearance of her daughter’s family is important, but the character and knowledge are more important than the appearance. Besides, what about my Lier even if there is no beauty? Grandma will find a good relationship for you!"

Su Li knew that her grandmother did not believe that she could cure her face, after all, she couldn’t even cure the medical.

Su Li Dao: "Grandmother, Lier didn’t lie to you. You don’t believe in asking ink to paint them, but they saw me save people with my own eyes."

Mo Hua quickly stepped forward: "Mrs. Mrs. is true. Our lady still saved a child who had eaten golden grass on the street yesterday!"

Mrs. Guogong’s eyes lighted up, but he didn’t believe it after thinking about it.

It is okay to say that other poison is okay, it is the poison of golden grass, without solution to poison.

Mrs. Guogong and Wang did not believe, but Wei Yuanyao believed.

"Grandmother, mother, cousin has always been intelligent, she will not lie."

Su Li watched Mrs. Guogong: "Grandmother, can’t you walk without walking in your legs?

I have a set of techniques that can alleviate your illness. With the medicine soup, you must walk for half a month."

Mrs. Guogong stroked his knees and smiled bitterly: "Don’t coax my wife, I’m an old age."

Su Li Dao: "I try it for my grandmother, do you lie to you?"

Seeing her vowing so much, Wang also advised: "Mother, let Lier try it, maybe it is really useful!"

Wei Yuanyao said: "Grandmother, try it."

When Mrs. Guogong saw several people looking forward to her, compromised: "Okay, then try, Lier, you don’t have any burden, this is a stubborn disease, it doesn’t matter if you can’t cure it."

Su Li nodded, and stepped forward to hold his pants leg for Mrs. Guogong.

Mrs. Guogong’s leg disease is really serious, her calf is full of raised vascular green tendons.

Su Li pressed it lightly in a unique method.

At the beginning, Mrs. Guogong still felt a little painful, and gradually it might be adaptive, and she didn’t feel pain, and even a little comfortable.

After a minute, Su Li stopped and asked, "Grandmother, do you feel better, the calf is hot?"

Mrs. Guogong was surprised to find that her calf was indeed warm and warm. The main thing was that her feet were warm!

You know, even in midsummer, her feet were cold in the past.

Wang and Wei Yuanyao also watched Mrs. Guogong curiously.

"It’s amazing! It’s really effective!" Mrs. Guogong exclaimed.

Wang quickly stepped forward: "Lier, you press again, I want to learn well, and press to give a mother in the future."

Wei Yuanyao also squatted down: "I also learn!"

Watching the daughter -in -law and the two little girl were so filial, Mrs. Guogong smiled.

Su Li pressed again and taught it while pressing.

When the two basically mastered the essentials, Su Li got up and said: "You are familiar with you twice and press it several times a day. I will prescribe a prescription for another half a month.

Mrs. Guogong blushed with joy.

"This is really good. Lier said that she could cure her face. I didn’t believe it at first, but now I believe it!"

Wei Yuanyao laughed: "The cousin cured her face, it must be a big beauty, so everything in Beijing has to stand on the side!"

They believe this, after all, her mother -in -law was a beautiful beauty when she was young.

Su Li smiled, prescribed the prescription, and gave it to the niece to catch the medicine.

Several people laughed in the front hall and laughed for a long time, and the maid’s lunch was ready.

"Lier, go, today’s aunt told the kitchen for a special trip, all you like to eat."

Wang said with a smile.

"Thank you Auntie."

Several people went to the dining room, cleaned their hands, and were preparing to eat.

"Ziyan came just!" A nice male voice came.

Su Li’s back was stiff, and she also said that the antidote was done before they came to the door. However, they did not expect that they met.

Jun Mo, Zi Ziyan.

Everyone quickly got up and saluted.

"I have seen Wang Wang."

Jun Mo laughed gentlely: "Don’t be more courteous. I also encountered Yuanling when I went out of the palace. I just asked him to talk about something, so I was disturbing with her face."

Su Li stood behind people and looked at it through the gap.

With a moon white brocade, under the thick and light sword eyebrows, the bright eyes seemed like spring water, the gentleness was like a spring breeze, and the corner of the mouth slightly raised, even more gentle and noble.

Su Li has always knew that no matter whether it is the appearance or ability, Jun Mo is the best among several princes.

It seemed to be aware of her eyes, and Jun Mo looked at it at once.

Su Li quickly lowered her head.

This is an instinct, guilt instinct.

The crowd got up, and Mrs. Guogong and Jun Mo grew up, letting his grandson greeted him to seat.

"King Wang, please take the seat, Ling’er, you should send someone to the government earlier, this rough tea and light rice, neglecting the king."

Jun Mo refused to say: "The old lady doesn’t have to be so polite. I and Yuan Ling are friends. You treat me as a junior.

Mrs. Guogong was still polite and was interrupted by Wei Yuanling.

"Grandma don’t have to say more, Ziyan doesn’t care about this, he hasn’t been here."

Wang laughed: "Then everyone will take the seat."

Tianqi is pretty enlightened. Such a small family banquet does not have to open a seat for men and women.

"Cousin?! Are you cousin Lier?" Wei Yuanling looked out at Su Li.

He hadn’t noticed that at this time, he found that there were still masked women standing behind everyone.

Those eyes can look like a 10 % of their aunt.

Su Li blessed his blessing and shouted well: "Cousin."

Jun Mo also looked over, with a smile on his face, and his smile was alienated.

Su Li lowered her head.

Jun Mo, in some aspects, is a bit like her.

They are wearing a mask.

She is camouflage, and he is gentle and harmless as a mask.

Wei Yuanling laughed: "No wonder I see my grandmother’s face today, and it turns out that you are here."

Wang laughed: "Just take a seat."

Mrs. Guogong sat at the top, and everyone entered the seat in turn.

Su Li noticed that when Jun Mo sat down, he felt subconsciously touching his knees.

It turned out that his leg disease was so serious.

Su Li had scars on his face, so she wore a veil.

I saw that she took off the veil with generosity, and everyone relieved.

She thought she would be embarrassed because of Jun Mo, but she did not expect that she was so generous.

Mrs. Guogong looked at her and nodded silently.

Even Junmo’s eyes were surprised all the time.

After lunch, Wei Yuanling and Jun Mo went to the study to talk about things!

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