Strategy during pregnancy!It is recommended to collect backup

What examinations do I need to do after pregnancy?Let’s talk to you today.


Early pregnancy test strip is preliminarily determined that after pregnancy, you need to draw blood to check blood HCG. After confirming that you are pregnant, you need to review the blood routine, blood condensation, infectious diseases, HCG, liver, thyroid function, etc.To fully understand the health of expectant mothers, if there is a problem, it should be treated in time. If there is no problem, regularly follow -up HCG and progesterone before 7 weeks of pregnancy, eliminate ectopic pregnancy in time, or understand whether the embryo development, and adjust the medication in time.If you raise pets at home, parasites need to be added.There is no need to repeat the inspection items that have been done in the early stages of pregnancy.

Tang Si must do

When you can do the B-ultrasound to understand the germ and fetal heart around 7-9 weeks of pregnancy. I believe that when you see that the B-ultrasound is determined to be pregnant, it must be a very happy moment when the expectant mother and prospective father are very happy.But it is necessary to check regularly.Pay attention to the pregnancy time, do not miss NT examination and early Tang sieve at 11-13 weeks of pregnancy. This can exclude some common diseases.During this period, if necessary, you need to review blood conventional+liver power+infectious disease+nailing+blood condensation.In the past, there were incomplete conditions of cervical machines. From 14 weeks of pregnancy, the cervical function was followed up, and timely treatment or surgical treatment was treated in a timely manner.What everyone is doing at 15-20 weeks of pregnancy is that everyone is very concerned about the medium-term Tang family screening to exclude the possibility of Tang’s syndrome. If the result is not closed, it is necessary to check the non-invasive DNA or amniotic seductive test.

22-24 weeks of pregnancy is the highlight of the four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound. I believe that when the expectant mothers and the prospective dads see the child’s appearance, they must be very happy.Carefully measure the fetal fence, abdominal circumference, see the length of the thighs, and check whether the spine has congenital abnormalities.By 24-28 weeks of pregnancy, you need to screen for pregnancy diabetes. The weight gain is too fast, all day long, delicious, overweight, and expectant mothers who like sweets should pay special attention.By 30-32 weeks, the uterus seems to be relatively small for the fetus. The fetal activity will be significantly restricted, and it may cause the umbilical cord around the neck and pressure.In danger, you can judge the fetal activity in a timely manner by counting the movement of the fetus. Whether the fetus is ischemia and hypoxia will tell the mother through his own actions, so you should care about the baby’s activity.At the same time, the fetal development is relatively fast and requires sufficient nutritional supply, so you also need to understand whether the expectant mothers have anemia and adjust nutrition and medication in time.

From 35-36 weeks of pregnancy, fetal heart monitoring is required once a week. From the specific situation of the examination, the child’s size and weight can be estimated, the method of childbirth is estimated, and the childbirth plan is guided.Speaking of which, everyone knows!

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