Strange and interesting cold knowledge, I don’t often hear or see it, but they all exist

01. Rabbit has several special skills. For example, they can repeat pregnancy when they are pregnant, and they can also imagine that they are pregnant to accelerate the development of thymus.

02. There is a disease called Fanyou syndrome. People with the disease cannot accept a person to eat alone.

03. Oaks are more likely to be attacked by insects than other trees.

4. Every day, there will be about 275 million new stars.

05. Katar’s syndrome, also known as the syndrome of living dead, belongs to a kind of mental delusional disease. Generally, patients will think they have died.

06. The Rubik’s Cube has only 54 color blocks, but there are more than 400 billion changes.

07. Some survey data shows that the name with the highest domestic reputation rate is "Zhang Wei".

08. In fact, the status of the lion on the African grassland is not high, and many large herbivores will not take the lion in their eyes.

09. Stewon pepper is not a vegetable, but a kind of fruit, and the vitamin C content is very high, which is about four times that of lemon.

10. The flower of passion fruit is very gorgeous.

11. When the snake is molting, the eyes will molt a layer of skin.

12. The "ancestor" of lemon is citrus and bitter orange, and its "spouse" is Lai lemon.

13. Wipe the stainless steel appliance with shabby stockings, which will have unexpected effects.

14. At the beginning of the appearance of steel pipe dance, men were mainly performed by men.

15. Hongxin Old K is the only old K in all the old K of the poker card.

16. Eating green vegetables before eating meat is more helpful for digestion.

17. The lower the temperature in the bed, the more difficult for a person will fall asleep.

18. There is a small apartment on the top of the Eiffel Tower.

19. Some household appliances will not be wasting without opening.

20. The longest flight time recorded by the currently recorded is 13 seconds.

21. If many cattle gather together, the gas generated can blew the cow.

22. The strongest and powerful muscle in the human body is the tongue.

23. Turtle eggs are very special. After cooking, it will not solidify like other eggs.

24. Watermelon is vegetables, not fruits.

25. The time for mice to drink water is longer than the camel drinking water.

26. The refreshing effect of an apple is better than a cup of coffee.

27. In Japan for nearly 60 years, there have been no new rabies cases.

28. Dreaming and snoring will not happen at the same time.

29. Pain passes through your body at a speed of 106 meters per second.

30. To produce 1 calorie beef protein, you need to consume 78 calories of oil, and if you want to plant 1 calorie soybean, you only need to consume 1 calorie oil.

31. The ostrich’s brain is very small, but it is almost impossible to believe to to what extent. As shown in the figure, the ostrich’s brain is not as large as its eyes.

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