Straight hit the actress’s pregnant belly photo, Lin Xinru dyed hair during pregnancy, but Li Xiaolu’s pregnant photos netizens are a little worried

In fact, when I am pregnant, it is the happiest time for each Baoma. Because I am great, I will soon usher in the most important one in her life!Of course, you must also miss Zhang’s belly to miss it ~~~

Chen He’s wife Zhang Zixuan’s pregnancy photo.This figure is really thin!I just want to say that Chen He did not urge your wife to eat more?I have to say that the following plain skirt outlines Zhang Zixuan’s figure.I only know that pregnancy can be so beautiful ~

Yao Chen’s photo, chopping, this wet hair to take a photo is also a kind of charm, it is really sexy and atmospheric!What is not good is that the makeup is a bit thick, but it should be a bit of the beauty of the beauty of the shot ~~~~

When Cao Ying took a pregnant photo, it seemed to have painted makeup. Seeing her bright smile, she knew how good the mother was!I have to say that at that time, she was not too fat with pregnancy at that time, but now she is a bit blessed ~~~

And Sun Yan’s pregnancy photo is a bit different, but people are taking a sweet and playful route ~~~

Let’s take a look at Huang Lei’s wife Sun Li’s pregnancy photos. This belly really looks very big, like a twins, there are wood and there are ~~~

The happiest thing is Ye Yisian. The above are all their own photos. They have her husband Tian Liang. Don’t be too happy!IntersectionIntersection

And the gestational photos of Big S are very lucky. She is an elderly mother and her belly is so large that it is definitely not easy!I have to say that it is great to be a mother ~~~

Let’s take a look at the young mother’s pregnancy photos. The pregnant photos of milk tea are very happy. It seems that people and Liu Qiangdong are true love ~

Lin Zhiying’s wife Chen Ruoyi’s pregnancy photos are sweeter. Although Lin Zhiying did not show too much love in Weibo, their love is in their hearts and will not easily show it!IntersectionIntersection

Lin Xinru’s pregnancy photos also come!On the day of her daughter "Little Dolphin", Lin Xinru took a pregnant photo on Weibo, and lamented that the time was so fast ~ Attentive netizens found that a problem was dyed during pregnancy ~ It may be pregnantEarlier!But now the little dolphin is cute and healthy

Next, let’s take a look at the pregnancy photos of Sweet Xin’s mother Li Xiaolu. Before Li Xiaolu was pregnant, she still dyed brown hair. Netizens were worried about it, but don’t worry, Xiaotianxin is not very lively, healthyah!Haha, can you see Li Xiaolu with such a cute baby across the belly?IntersectionIntersection

It has been born now, who do you like the baby the most ~~~~

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