Story: The daughter of pregnancy is missing, the police are looking for no success, but a medical record list brings new clues

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1. Missing

In the morning, Zhou Qing drove to her daughter’s house and wanted to drink the stewed soup to the pregnant daughter.

She stepped on the crushed reflection of the sun and pressed the password lock skillfully.At the porch, a woman holding a vase and a smiling flower stiffened in place like a clay.

Zhou Qing looked at the good -looking woman in front of him, and asked with a smile: "Are you a new housekeeper?"

As soon as the sound fell on the ground, it burst into a sharp weapon, and stuck it on the woman’s belly.

Zhou Qing stared at the bulging belly of the woman behind the vase, where there was a life waiting for an advent, but at that time, Zhou Qing saw the death of the shell in an instant.

She still had a barely smile, trying to ask if she was a friend of Zhou Si, but the son -in -law appeared urgently, making her unspeakable words become a loud noise in the bones.

Lu Jing would protect the woman behind and whispered a few words, and the woman went upstairs without looking back.

Until the panic out of the corner, Lu Jing told Zhou Qing that he divorced Zhou Si a month ago. Now he already has a new life, hoping that Zhou Qing can understand.

"Zhou Si will not let me tell you. She plans to tell you after a while, but now that you have discovered, it will …"

Lu Jing’s voice did not fall, and Zhou Qing threw the insulation box in front of him.

"Zhou Si, let Zhou Si come out and tell me!"

"After taking the divorce certificate, we didn’t contact it. I don’t know where she is now."

Zhou Qing angrily took out the phone to call Zhou Si’s call, but the phone was shut down.

Lu Jing explained: "She said that she wanted to go away. She should be traveling now. I don’t think you need to worry about it for the time being."

"She has a five -month -old belly and where can I travel!" Speaking of this, Zhou Qing looked sharply at the second floor. "The belly of the Primary Three also looks like five months old, Lu JingDid you make my daughter? Isn’t it! "

Lu Jing stopped Zhou Qing who wanted to rush to the second floor, and his voice was unable to restrain the anger: "The moon is not a junior!"

For the first time, Zhou Qing saw such an angry Lu Jing, and she was scared. Lu Jing calmed down and continued: "Our business, Zhou Si will tell you at that time, you are compared toI’m going to find Zhou Si first. "

When Zhou Qing couldn’t break through, she planned to go to Zhou Si’s work to find her again. She hoped that Zhou Si was at work and ignored her mobile phone.

After Zhou Qing left, Lu Jing immediately replaced the password. Before, he was very tired of Zhou Qing’s self -proped claims and broke in without authorization, but because of Zhou Qing, he was still patient.

By the window, Qin Yue carefully hid behind the curtains to peep at Zhou Qing’s driving car.

Lu Jing went to the room, embraced Qin Yue gently into his arms, and used the most devotional tone to tell the helpless "sorry".

2. conceal

In the afternoon, Zhou Qing led the police to return to Lu Jing’s house again, but was informed by the security at the door. They went to the hospital.I was worried that they were not safe to drive on the road like this, and they called my colleagues to drive them. Hey, my colleague just came back. "

At this time, the security of the help of driving in the car hurried out and said, "It’s not Mrs. Lu, the boy’s face is blind, and he remembers it wrong." He glanced at Zhou Qing again, "It should be just Mr. Lu’s friends, female friends."

Seeing this, let Xu Yang leave the situation where he understands Lu Jing’s family, he and Zhou Qing went to the hospital.

When promised to receive the disappearance of Zhou Qingbao, his heart hung up instantly.As a famous criminal lawyer in Nancheng, Zhou Si promised to have contact with her in some cases.

It has been promised to be the criminal police for almost two decades. The various people have seen countless people. Zhou Si is the kind of person who can make him shine.

Some people have wrinkles on their faces, but they are empty. Some people, just like Zhou Si, their youthful and soft faces have a pair of eyes remembering the vicissitudes of the world. There is a magnificent sea in the eyes.For a long time, you will find that fish seduce you to fish, but when you sprinkle the net, the only one that is broken by it is the back.

If this kind of person becomes a demon, it will definitely chaos in the world.

They saw Lu Jing outside the emergency room of the hospital. He leaned against the wall, and the apron around his waist was loosened. If this face was seen, he would be stunned if he saw the person who was familiar with Lu Jing.Lu Jing’s parents.

Xu Naochen’s identity asked Lu Jing to cooperate with some of his inquiries, but Lu Jing didn’t say a word, silent and depressed, like a storm swepting pass by.

Promised to emphasize: "Lu Jing, now Zhou Si disappeared. As her ex -husband, you have to cooperate with our investigation."

Lu Jing heard the words, took the mobile phone to make a promise, and the screen stayed on the call interface. It showed that Lu Jing called Zhou Si more than 50 calls, but no one answered.

"I’m sorry, I want to find her too, but I can’t do it. In addition, my lover is rescued. I can cooperate with the investigation, but I hope it is after her."

Zhou Qing was angry with Lu Jing’s indifferent words, and yelled at him: "Isn’t you doing what to do with my young three, isn’t it? You are the beast! Zhou Si is with you from high school.Until now, 15 years, how can you bear it! "

The people around were attracted by these fierce words and looked over, but the eyes they explored only stayed for two seconds, because they really thought about it, and they were also people who cared about themselves in the emergency room.

Xu promised to quickly pull Zhou Qing to the corner, persuaded her to calm down, and let her think about it again. In addition to Zhou Si contacted her last weekend, there were other communication.

Although Zhou Qing calmed down because of meditation, she promised that she was turbulent.On the way to the hospital, he received a call from his colleagues. They went to Zhou Si’s work in the law firm to confirm that Zhou Si left the employment two months ago. She did not reveal any special information to her colleagues.Everyone thought she just wanted to raise a baby at home.

"Zhou Lu was a workaholic before, so when she left the job with me, to be honest, I was surprised. She said that this child was not easy and wanted to give birth to him. But for our law firm, she, she, sheIf you suddenly leave, there will still be a great impact, so we discuss it to reduce the work and take a few months before leaving. Zhou Lu is also a good understanding. People who take care of the overall situation are willing to cooperate with us. "

In the eyes of Zhou Si, Zhou Si was just a fierce work in his work, but in the relationship between the husband and wife, she was a full little woman. "Although I rarely see her, from the age of 22, she started our law firm.I often see her calling with her husband, and only at that time her expression would really relax. Sometimes I was also curious, how should it be a good man, so that Zhou Lu can give up this future and give up this futureInfinite job. "

The statement of colleagues Zhou Si surprised Xu Nao.If Zhou Si loves Lu Jing very much, if Lu Jing is really like Zhou Qing, if you derail in the marriage and have an illegitimate child, Zhou Si’s blow is like a crack in the sky.

And Lu Jing said that he could not contact Si Si, would there be the possibility of being short -sighted?Or did Lu Jing really do for Zhou Si for Qin Yue?

Naito was allowed to think that Lu Jing’s parents came, and Zhou Qing informed it.

But after knowing the ins and outs of the matter, their first reaction was not to worry about Zhou Si’s safety, but to ask Qin Yue’s children to keep.

Lu Jing still stared at the door of the emergency room and ignored his parents’ inquiries.

Zhou Qing expressed incredible the attitude of Lu Jing’s parents, but Lu Jing’s parents bluntly said: "Since Lu Jing and Zhou Si have been divorced for a month, Lu Jing really does not know Zhou Si’s whereabouts. You chase him and ask him.There may not be any results, and you have already called the police, then let the police investigate. "

"If we know what, it must be a word, but the reality is that we can help it."

In the face of this scene, Zhou Qing suddenly realized: "You have known that there are women outside Lu Jing, right, there are children, you have known it for a long time, your family together to deceive my daughter!"

3. Period

With the permission of Lu Jing, Xu Yang was able to search for their homes to check their chat history, and even the driving recorder and other fine branches.He and Zhou Si never contacted again.

Zhou Si’s things in the house are still there, so after the divorce, he did not change the password for the time being, just to facilitate Zhou Si to pick up things.

However, Lu Jing still said nothing about the relationship with Zhou Si’s husband and wife.

Fortunately, the police found a breakthrough in Zhou Si’s daily activities.

Zhou Si bought a property near the law firm. She lived there on weekdays. Except for family gatherings, she rarely returned to Lu Jing’s home.Although Zhou Qing also knew Zhou Si’s property, he thought it was just a temporary residence of Zhou Si for the convenience of work.

Small Zhou Qing, who was fainted in the hospital because of depression, felt bitter, Zhou Qing’s eyes: the daughter -in -law’s career was successful, family harmony, happiness and happiness -in fact, it was the illusion that Zhou Si carefully piled her.

Xu promised and Xu Yang went to Zhou Si’s apartment. When he saw the unpacking courier, he also took it into the house.

A bedroom, a study, a living room, no kitchen, except for the necessary tables and chairs, there are no extra ornaments, black wall decorations, empty, no wonder Zhou Qing thinks that this is just a temporary residence.

"It looks more" single "than my single apartment." Xu Yang couldn’t help sighing.

I promised to take away the courier, "less nonsense, you can see if you can open it."

There are some learning supplies in the courier, books, pen, canvas bags and the like.

When Xu Naina checked what trademarks above, Xu Yang called in quickly.

Xu Yang found a website she used most often on Zhou Si computer. After logging in, it showed that Zhou Si was a signing writer of this website.

Open the creative sector and show that Zhou Si has published 768 articles, about 8 million words.

Previously, in the inquiry of the people around Zhou Si, everyone said that she did not find that Zhou Si had any hobbies, or a place where she preferred leisure and entertainment, "her entertainment activity is to do public welfare activities, as long as she does not have a job arrangement, she does not work.Will go, the wind and rain will not change. "

Zhou Qing mentioned that Zhou Si had congenital heart disease when he was a child, and he had had heart transplant surgery at the age of ten.

Later, Zhou Si was also tortured because of her illness. After the disease was good, with the help of her father, a "Inspirational Foundation" was established to help poverty, illness or helpless children.Therefore, Zhou Sihui spent a lot of time to take care of the various affairs of the foundation.

But with the reading of Zhou Si’s article, her kindness and justice and love of public welfare have slowly cracked in promise to promise them.

4. West

Police restored Zhou Si’s action trajectory after leaving the Civil Affairs Bureau with Lu Jing.

On October 25, I did not go out after returning home from the Civil Affairs Bureau;

On October 26, 10 o’clock in the morning, came out of my home, and carried a suitcase to drive to the foundation point of the foundation;

From October 27th to November 10th, he has not been out at the office site;

At 3 o’clock on November 11th, a man met a man near the office site, and returned to the office point after 1 hour;

On November 13, at 6 noon, driving away from the office point and reaching the village in a city outside the fifth ring at 8 pm. After the car was parked on the side of the road, after the phone with Zhou Qing, I got out of the car and entered the village in the city.There are no items or backpacks on it.

So far, on November 23, Zhou Qing has never come out of the village in the city, the vehicle is still on the side of the road, and during the period, there is no call record.

M promptment to have three questions about this: what happened during this period of Zhou Si at the office of the foundation; who was the man who met Zhou Si in the end; whether Zhou Si was still in the village in the city.

After assigning the task, Xu promised to take the team to the village in the city. Zhou Si, who lost contact for ten days, her personal safety was entangled on the promise nervous.

As soon as half of the drive, the information of the man who finally met Zhou Si was surveyed.

"Zheng Benyu, 35 years old, taught in the north, operated a restaurant in Nancheng, but the debt closed down two years ago. He also ate a lot of lawsuits."


"But there is no relationship between him and Zhou Si in the information. I asked them to check if Zhou Si was involved."

"Is there any other information?"

Xu Yang continued to drop the information, "Also, the last registered address is …"

Before Xu Yang’s dialect was finished, the two glanced at each other.


At the same time, a team of policemen went to the foundation to investigate.

The office site was a three -story small building. It was set up in the early stage of Zhou Si’s father in the founding of the foundation. The real estate was registered under Zhou Si.According to the staff, the first floor is a cafe, which is also used to do various public welfare activities, such as popular science preaching, salons, free consultations and the like; the second floor is where they work.

"The third floor is the place where lawyer Zhou, we do not allow in and out." They said that in the early days of the founding of the foundation, Zhou Si was young and her body was not healthy, but she was very enthusiastic about public welfare.If you can’t bear it, a private lounge is set up on the third floor.

"But she asked us not to tell others, including her parents, if someone asked, it was said that it was an employee lounge. For more than 20 years, she was cleaned by herself. Sometimes she felt that the third floor wasHer real home. "

The police opened the door and did not find that there were any abnormalities in it, but it was too tidy, like cleaning it.The suitcase that Zhou Si pushed at the time was still in the room.

When asked about Zhou Si’s emotional life, everyone said it was not clear, only to know that she was married.

Xu promised to reach the village in the city. They first asked the neighbors around. Is anyone in and out of Zheng Benyu’s room recently, but the neighbors said that they were busy every day.It was moved two years ago.

"At that time, there were many debt collectors who came to make trouble all day and noisy, but in us, this kind of thing is actually very common. You see, the monitoring in the village and the corridor is smashedBad, the police are coming, it is useless.

Xu promised that the situation was not good. He quickly called the landlord to knock on the door, but no one answered. After opening the door, he found that there was no one in the house.

"The monitoring of each intersection did not take pictures of Zhou Si and Zheng Benyu out. Zhou Siqian has always been holding it. They cannot disappear out of thin air. Ask it from house to house, and see if there are any shops that are installed by monitoring."

"Xu Yang, you contacted the bureau. Since Zhou Si entered, the surrounding monitoring can be taken. The vehicle information in and out of each intersection, even a tricycle and a motorcycle.In particular, his consumption records, transfer records, and information information must be thoroughly investigated. "

5. Past

Xu promised to call Lu Jing again, hoping to learn about Zheng Benyu from him, but when Lu Jing answered the phone, he said he did not know. When he was ready to hang up, a soft female voice came out: no matter whether there was any or not is there any?Use, we all make it clear. Now the most important thing is to find Zhou Si.

Promise rushed to the hospital alone, but not the last hospital. Lu Jing had been transferred to a private hospital. This was the first time he had seen Qin Yue.

"Sorry, Police Officer Xu, let you run again, we are not intentionally concealed, but we also have difficulty saying."

Qin Yue’s gentle tone made Xu Promise have been loosened a little. "You are willing to cooperate with our investigation. Thank you very much. We are now confused. By the way, what are your body, how can you suddenly faint?"

"In fact, it’s okay, just a little worried about Zhou Si, a bit unstable, leading to a little stress reaction."

Maked on to stare at Qin Yue, and her eyes motioned for her to continue.

"After Zhou Si’s mother left, I received a call from Zhou Si. She said she was grateful to me and was sorry for me. They really wished us happiness. I asked her where she didn’t speak.The phone was hung up, and her voice sounded very weak. "

Zhou Si, Lu Jing and Qin Yue were classmates in high school. Lu Jing’s high school was Qin Yue, not Zhou Si.

At that time, Lu Jing and Qin Yue secretly dated the equipment room. The inspectors found that they had to escape. Lu Jing was also in a hurry to put his jacket on Qin Yuetou, so only Lu Jing was seen.

Lu Jing was invited to his parents, but he would not tell Qin Yue, because he knew that his parents would definitely let Qin Yue drop out.His parents wanted him to find a door to a household, even if Qin Yue achieved good results, her birth was doomed to be acceptable.

At that time, Zhou Si ran to the teacher to confess, saying that it was her who fell in love with Lu Jing.The parents of both parties did not have a sword after meeting. Instead, they were very happy. The transactions between Zhou Si and Lu Jing and Qin Yue were silently reached.

For more than ten years, Zhou Si covered them. As for why Zhou Si did this, Lu Jing knew that it was just a little bit.

"Because she also has a lover who will not be accepted by her mother. Although we have never seen that person, I can be sure that he must be with Zhou Si very early."

This made Xu promise think of the "gentleman" that Zhou Si turned into a little woman in the mouth of Zhou Si.They checked the call records of Zhou Si and Lu Jing, and there were two or three links a month.Therefore, it promised that Zhou Si also had a secret lover.

Xu promised to verify the incident from Lu Jing. Lu Jing admitted that they had little contact. They usually called to communicate or discuss how to confuse her mother.

Until five months ago, Zhou Si told them that she was pregnant. Although the child would affect her own health, she said that she had to be born, and she said that this was the only chance in her life.To this end, he and Qin Yue must also be synchronized to children. Fortunately, they were pregnant half a month later.

"I wanted to confess this relationship very early, but Zhou Si disagreed. Now she is fully capable of fighting her mother. Unfortunately, she has been suppressed by her mother for too long.Come to prove herself and that person. "

Xu promised to turn out the notebook and asked, "I saw the attitude of your parents that day. In fact, they knew your relationship, right?"

"Yes. As soon as they graduated from college, they matched us to get married. I couldn’t bear it. They said to them all. They said that they guessed, but that’s not important.It would be fine when Yueyue was born. They said that during that stage, Zhou Si’s parents helped them in business and fame. "

"As for divorce, it was also requested by Zhou Si. She said she was tired and she looked away. At that time, I only thought she was going to travel with her child’s father, and then confessed to her mother after returning.Thinking that she was missing directly, I and Qin Yue had exhausted all the methods and couldn’t contact her. Police Officer Xu, I did n’t say before it was because we promised Zhou Si to help her conservative secrets, sorry. "

Xu Nuo listened quietly, and imagined in their minds, how they lived secretly in the past ten years, and felt a little dreamy or even drama.

"Do you recognize a person named Zheng Benyu?" Xu promised to show them the photos, and both shook their heads.

"Then do you know what information of the person who is close to Zhou Si, such as names, appearances, telephones and the like?"

"Sorry, I used to check it curiously, but you also know that Zhou Si is a lawyer. She has ideas and means. If she really wants to hide someone, I can’t find out."

M promised that when Lu Jing spoke, Qin Yue’s eyes were a little erratic.He asked Qin Yue euphemistically, saying everything she knew, regardless of the size of the matter.

"In the past, the three of us often went to the library together. One time Zhou Si felt uncomfortable. After going to the toilet for a long time, I didn’t come out for a long time.I took medicine from her bag, and I was too panicked at that time.

The next day she asked for sick leave, but when she returned, her face was worse than before.She said it was okay, I dare not ask more, but I was a little bit thought -provoking, would she go … "

The ward fell into death for a while. Although this was only Qin Yue’s speculation, according to Zhou Si, "the child is hard to come" and "the only opportunity in this life", it is likely that the once abortion has affected her fertility.

6. disappear

The mobile phone number to Qin Yue was registered under the name of someone who had worked in the "Inspirational Foundation" and promised to find out the mobile phone number of flowing water. It was found that in addition to the last time Qin Yue, this time, this time, this for 22 years.The number is only allocated to one number, and the number is also registered under the name of a founder of the foundation, and the same is only a call object.

Both staff members said that the phone card was opened for the foundation. Although they had left the employment, Zhou Si asked them not to cancel, and there was a telephone card, which had no effect on them.Essence

M promptment to go to the South City Hospital that Zhou Si has been treated with treatment to obtain medical records. He intuitively disappeared and had a lot to do with her children. She cherishes this child so much that she will not walk around during pregnancy. Unless herWhat are the children?

Zhou Si will do a check every month. The last time was on October 12th. I promised not to understand those terms. Except for the last diagnostic opinion: endangering the life of pregnant women, the pregnancy was needed immediately.

The pregnant daughter disappeared, and the police were looking for no results, but a medical record brought a new clue

"Child, can’t keep it?" Xu promised to find Zhou Si’s attending doctor with a medical record. He wanted to know the situation of Zhou Si, but was told the doctor to take a vacation.

"When will he come back?"

"We don’t know this. Director Qin was originally going to leave, but the dean did not agree, so he approved a month of leave first. Starting from 26 last month, it should be returned in two days."

I promised to come to Qin Li’s mobile phone number, but the other party kept shutting down.

From the cardiovascular surgery, Xu Nuozheng saw Qin Li’s promotional video in the lobby, and he always felt that he looked a little familiar.

After an afternoon investigation, Xu Yang finally found a suspicious vehicle.

The vehicle belongs to a private handling team. The person in charge said that a woman contacted them and asked them to place a large packaging box at the door of the room at 6 pm on the 23rd, and then she was nearby, and when she notified to drive in, she went inMove luggage.

At about 1 am, they received the notice and went up to move the packing box. According to their description, the box was about 70kg.As for what they are inside, they do n’t know, and they do n’t ask more. After all, they are not formal. They do things as a matter of money, and the woman gives a lot of money.

"Anyway, she and the box were loaded to a far place, looking like an abandoned factory.

Xu Yang showed them Zhou Si’s photos. They confirmed that they were the same person, "And the woman is still a big belly, and it looks a bit sick, but her eyes are very fierce. When we came back, we guess the box.Could it be pretended to be a husband. "

"Then you still move!"

"We also collect money! And she looked white and cleaned, and she was holding a computer. At first glance, she was a cultural person. With a big belly, we also said that it was happy."

7. Killing intention

Xu promised to find my father last Zhou Si, who wants to know more about Zhou Si’s interpersonal relationship and emotional life, but the other party said straightforwardly: "Now I have a new family, I need to consider a lot. If you need me to provide funds and materialsI am sure of the support, but I really can’t do anything in myself.

For so many years, in addition to seeing several times at the Foundation’s party, we no longer contact, I don’t know where she will go, and I don’t know how she lives."

"For Zhou Si, I owe it very much. I can only give her only money. In the past, unless she came to me, I couldn’t take the initiative to find her. Her mother, my ex -wife, I really couldn’t really be againFacing her calmly, she made me feel suffocating. "

"At the beginning, Zhou Si had a very successful heart transplant surgery, and he had a good recuperation. I sent her to the relatives of the country in the countryside, and then fought a divorce lawsuit with her mother. At that time, I proposed to abandon most of the property and took Zhou Si away.Her mother disagrees, but I have a chance to compare.

As a result, she took her child to the court overnight and forced the child to choose her. At that time, Zhou Si was ten years old. The scars on her chest had not disappeared. In the end, even the judge couldn’t stand it!"

"But there is no way. For various reasons, I compromised, the child left her, and I no longer meet her."

"And seeing Zhou Si, I will think of her mother, which is also a kind of torture for me."

Judging from the disappearance of his biological daughter for so long, he did not take the initiative to contact the police. It was promised that they could basically have no intersection. He overestimated this blood relationship.

But from the words of Zhou Si’s father, he understood why Zhou Si wrote such an article that hates his parents and hates himself.

Before leaving, Xu promised that he suddenly thought of a place name mentioned by Zhou Si’s father -Northern Education.

"I talked to her mother for almost a month, and she lived there for a month. I remember very clearly, because after the founding of the foundation, the first batch of funds was the children of Beijiao."

Xu promised to call the foundation to inquire. They confirmed that Zheng Benyu was on the first batch of funding lists.

At the same time, the police had a major discovery on the clue of Zheng Benyu’s capital flow.

Half a year ago, Zheng Benyu’s bank account was suddenly transferred to 500,000, and Zheng Benyu immediately transferred the money to other accounts. Through the investigation, he determined that those accounts belonged to the loan platform of his arrears.

After that, there were about 20,000 in the account, and he lost all kinds of gambling websites.But every month, Zheng Benyu’s account will receive 20,000 yuan, and he is also used for gambling.

It was an overseas account that was transferred to him, and the police could not find the information of the household.And Zhou Si may have this channel.

Xu promised to return to the police station and summarized all the survey materials. It was speculated that "Zhou Si met Zheng Benyu during the Northern Education. After returning to Nancheng, he established a foundation to support him to school.Zhou Si began to help Zheng Benyu pay off his debt, but Zheng Benyu was stained with gambling, and Zhou Si also brought people to the factory because of his child who could not keep it.

Xu Yang has rushed to the factory that the handling workers said, and there is no news yet.Maybe I always feel that something has been missed, and it is not right.

8. Good people

Xu promised to take out the notebook and read the record.

When they received the report, they suspected whether Zhou Si had been retaliated. After all, as a lawyer, they should be resentful by some defendants or their families.

Sure enough, Zhou Si’s colleagues mentioned that four years ago, Zhou Si was attacked by a certain defendant’s family, but fortunately, she quickly escaped.At that time, everyone asked her to handle it strictly, but Zhou Si said that the man was not very mentally state, so let’s understand.

It didn’t take long before that, the man was put in a mental hospital, and he hasn’t come out until now.

In addition, when Zhou Si’s trace was discovered, he promised that he didn’t pay attention to this clue, but now he feels that he has to investigate again.

When I went to the mental hospital, I promised that the man was knelt on the ground and hoeed his head, and he thought of his words.Watching said that every day at three o’clock in the afternoon, he would kneel for an hour. In addition, he was sitting without communicating with others at all, and he would not have much ups and downs in emotion.

"Do you know what he is talking about?"

"Like the scriptures, the sound is very small, and it feels like praying. The specific content is not clear."

"Will anyone come to visit him?"

"There is a doctor, once every two months. It is the doctor who saved him to the hospital. I heard that when others were soaked in the bottom of the bridge for many days, they were about to die.After there is a problem with a mental problem, we are sent in. Except for a younger brother who is in jail, he has no other relatives. His treatment costs are donated by an inspirational foundation. "

"Do you know what the doctor’s name is?"

"Director Qin, Qin Li, working at Nancheng Hospital, a very kind doctor."

Xu Naima rushed to Nancheng Hospital again. After asking for a circle, he was paralyzed on the driver’s seat, and his head was still thinking about the answer of the medical staff.

"The impression of Director Qin? Young is young and exquisite, only 35 years old, but his research on cardiovascular is top. Director Qin can be said to be overwhelming on the road to medicine."

"Director Qin is very patient and gentle about the patient. He has never been rude, and his regeneration can also maintain a good cultivation."

"Lao Qin’s emotional life, he seems to have a girlfriend who has been talking for a long time. As long as he is free, he will call her to send a message, but he is very stingy. We have been a colleague for so many years.See for me. "

"Qin Li, how do you say, clear high, many private hospitals want to dig him away at a high price. He sees that he does not look at it. People also have love and often do volunteers. There is a inspirational fund.All donate money. "

"Dr. Qin, we have known each other since college, and we have been connected until the doctor graduated from the hospital. When he first entered college, he was like a god, either studying or working.When I go to bed. I have a good personality and have no temper.

But once I almost turned around with me, when we finished playing the ball and changed clothes, I saw that there was a tattoo in his chest, like a girl, I was curious to pull it. As a result, he punch it.Almost sent me to the hospital.From then on, we all know that he has a girlfriend, but he cannot mention it."

"Many people say that Qin Li is a genius and a divine doctor, but I don’t think it. As his brother, I know very well that he can go to this position and pay, and it is something that all of us cannot imagine."

"I don’t know why he suddenly left in this little Qin Na. Although I left him toughly and gave him a month of leave for him to think about it again, but I knew that he really wanted to leave.Where would he go? I was too clear. He never showed what was interested in other things other than medicine.

In terms of feelings, I know that he has an object he talked about, and I think that he has taken the road to school medicine, and his object is a big cause."

… …

9. Truth

"To be honest, where is Zhou Si!"

"I really don’t know, I am the victim, she is going to kill me, I can see you alive and see you."

Xu Yang and Zheng Benyu can be said to be "encountered."

Xu Yang searched all the way according to the positioning provided by the handling team. As a result, a man with a backpack with a backpack and a dirty whole body on a township road asked the man if he needed help. As a result, when the man looked up, they looked at each other.It’s right.

"Okay, then we said from the beginning. What do you have to do with Zhou Si?"

"I have nothing to do with her."

"She has funded you to go to school, start a business, meet you in the cafe, go to your house, take you away, and want to kill you, you say you don’t have it!"

Zheng Benyu looked at the information that Xu Yang dumped into him, "Just, my relationship with her is what you said, she has funded me, we have seen two sides like this …"

"You are squeezing toothpaste here, I said something you admit. Zheng Benyu, now his life is in the sky, and Zhou Si is still with the child.

"But I really don’t know where she would go, what I said! She wanted to kill me, and would she tell me where she was going!"

Just then, promised to enter the interrogation room.He put a stack of information in front of Zheng Benyu, and then sat down opposite him.

"Then let’s not talk about your relationship with Zhou Si first, let’s talk about your relationship with Qin Li."

When it comes to the word Qin Li, Zheng Benyu shakes obviously.

Speed up to say, "You had Qin Li’s number half a year ago, don’t you?"


"What are you looking for him?"

"see a doctor."

"Think about it, whether it is a case or your bank account," when it comes to this, Xu Nuoton, "We have all found it."

"Just borrow money."

"Are you familiar with it? You find him borrowed money in the morning, he will transfer 500,000 in the afternoon, and then give you 20,000 every month, let you gamble."

"No, no, I … I don’t know why it will become like this, I …" Zheng Benyu said, lying on the table and crying.

After crying, after calmness, he took out the matter.

Two years ago, Zheng Benyu misunderstood his friends and failed his investment. The restaurant liabilities that had been in business for 8 years closed down. In the next year and a half, he tried his best to arrears.Inadvertently, he saw Qin Li on TV. He checked and found that Qin Li was so powerful now, so he was famous, and he wanted to find Qin Li to borrow money.

"In addition to your fellow hometown, what else is there, why did he borrow money to you?"

"There is no connection. We met when we were young and never seen it for more than 20 years. He borrowed money because I threatened him."

Qin Li was not a native of Beijiao. He was picked up by a homeless man in Zheng Benyu Village. Some people said that it was the tramp.At that time, Qin Li was five or six years old. He looked dull and dirty. Zheng Benyu’s group of children often bullyed him as a village.

"One day, my dad didn’t know where to get a second -hand mobile phone to play with me. If you can take pictures, I take it to take photos everywhere and take a video. I want to not climb on the mountain to take a sun sunset.When I saw the tramp and Qin Li behind a tree, I felt very funny, so I took it down. After I grew up, I knew … I knew … "

"So you threatened Qin Li?"

"Yes, but I just want to try to borrow him. I swear, I really, even if he doesn’t borrow it to me, I will not send it out."

"Then you threatened him again and again for money, right?"

"No, after he gave the 500,000, I deleted the video with trustworthiness. I also wanted to use the rest of the money and live a good life, but I was so lucky.It should be very good, just go to bet, as a result, after all the loss, I wanted to borrow it again, I asked him again, of course he was unwilling to give me, I said I went to Zhou Si for. "

"Do you know that Zhou Si is in contact with Qin Li?"

"I don’t know if you know, when Zhou Si was about ten years old, he came to the north to teach to live for a while. The little girl from the city, we all want to play with her, but she only played with Qin Li, rightOnce, Qin Li did not call Qin Li before. He had no name. We all called him a fool. The name Qin Li should be taken from Zhou Si, because she also set up an inspirational foundation behind. "

At that time, Zheng Benyu was very jealous and curious, why Zhou Si had to play so well with Qin Li.One night, he was in a daze in the yard, and when he saw the two of them secretly went back to the mountains, he followed.

Then he saw the stray man lying on a big stone and motionless.

"At that time, it was very dark, and they ordered a candle. I couldn’t see it. They seemed to laugh very happily and talked for a long time. I was far away.Essence

Later, the stray guy seemed to have disappeared on earth. We thought he had run to other villages, and at that time, because of the funding of the foundation, Qin Li went to Nancheng to go to school.I also waited for me to grow up, and after knowing what was heart disease, I guessed what they were doing that night."

"So what do you think they are doing?"

"That position, that size is the heart."

"Then you have no idea of calling the police and reporting?"

"No, my dad was arrested for theft, my mother remarried, I had no money to go to school. It was Zhou Si’s foundation funding me to go to school.

Xu Yang laughed angrily.

"I, that’s a moment of impulse, I also regret it these days, why did I come to this step."

M promised to knock on the table, "Since you have regretted these days, you will talk about what happened these days."

On the 11th, Zheng Benyu received a call from the Foundation, saying that he had to do a questionnaire survey, and he was invited to the coffee shop. As a result, he was waiting for him to be Zhou Si.Zhou Si told him that he asked Qin Li for money, and she knew all. She didn’t want everyone to entangle again, saying that she had a way to help him re -start a business.

"She told me so much, I must be willing, she has money and connections, and then we will talk to my house at 8 pm on the 13th.Don’t let Qin Li know, let me tell him. "

After the two met, they talked a few words. When Zheng Benyu got up to pour the water, Zhou Si tied him from the back. Zheng Benyu felt that his whole body was numb. It didn’t take long for him to faint.

"When I woke up, I was already in that old warehouse. As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw Zhou Si holding a needle tube on me. She said that she was looking for a position to make me feelThe torture of the drug is slowly dying. "

When Zhou Si was looking for a good position, Qin Ling came.

"I thought he was here to save me. As a result, he asked Zhou Si to give him the needle. He didn’t want Zhou Si to kill." Speaking of this, Zheng Benyu’s lips trembled, "But Zhou Si did not give it, she said Qin Li saidThe hand is used to save people. "

Zhou Si’s needle was still pierced. Zheng Benyu struggled and waited for death.

Qin Li asked Zhou Si to go back to the car to rest, and let him come to clean up the scene.After Zhou Si left, Qin Li took out a bag of things from his clothes and put it behind Zheng Benyu, telling him that there was a knife and some supplies inside.

"He told me that the needle was dropped by him. I won’t die, but if I want to live, I find my own way to cut the rope.. Things are like this. "

Xu promised: "Why did Qin Li save you? What else do you threaten him?"

"How could he make Zhou Si a murderer?"

Zheng Benyu’s question made Xu Naid and Xu Yang silent.

In the end, Zheng Benyu told them that Qin Ling seemed to be a RV.

10. Ashes

They found that on the day of the departure, they bought a RV, many drugs, and even a ventilator, and then parked the RV to the parking lot near the inspirational foundation.

After he entered the foundation, he never left.

This was not noticed by the police before. The foundation comes every day. When they check the monitoring, the focus is on Zhou Si.

On the evening of the 27th, Qin Li also moved out a few boxes of things from the Foundation. At that time, he promised to ask casually. The staff said, "It should be the hospital with activities. Dr. Qin came to our supplies.We are still diligent at work. "

Xu promised that I remembered why Qin Li was so familiar before.

On the evening of November 13th, after Zhou Si drove away, Qin Li also left the foundation at around 12 o’clock to pick up the RV. During the monitoring, Qin Li shook his head from time to time and patted his face. It seemed that Zhou Si gave him medicineEssence

With the goal of a RV, they promised them to find out quickly that they stopped and stopped on the 14th to 20th, but they all opened in the direction of the north. Finally, there was no trace after going out from a fork.

"On the 20th, the day of the report was Qin Yue received the last phone …"

Xu Yang took the team to find along the way. She promised to be in the office. After concealing her face for a long time, she got up to Zhou Qing’s house.

At first, Zhou Qing had been affecting the police investigation, and promised to tell her the website written by Zhou Si, let her take a good look, what kind of attitude Zhou Si lived with.

When Zhou Qing saw the promise again, her eyes were dull, and she promised to tell her the current investigation.

Zhou Qing shook his head, nodded again, and finally cried and laughed, "I am an artist, I have countless awards, countless awards, countless … but I am a daughter of Zhou Si, meOf course, she hopes that she is perfect. But as soon as she was born, she was destined to have cracks.

As my mother, I should fill the crack, isn’t it?Why do you think I am controlling her?Why do I think I impose my will to her?Why……."

"I don’t think you understand what she wants to express the most. She is on the surface to accuse your power, her father’s selfishness, but she actually thinks that her birth is a sin, ‘My blood will be your mother’s youthBurning into ashes, I built my own life ‘on her ruins’. "

After a sigh of sighing, she was about to get up and say goodbye, but the phone rang, and Xu Yang came.


After connecting, it was silent. "Find it. On a very remote hillside, even the car brought people to the light. There were two mobile phones on the stones on the side, which was their last words."

"Qin Li, Zhou Si, and children who are not born

We are suicide

Trouble the police

we are very sorry"

Small to hold the phone, slowly got up, didn’t look at Zhou Qing’s eyes, and walked to the balcony step by step, "Okay, you know, it’s hard."

"team leader."

"After the meeting, I will return to you later."

As a mother, she can’t keep her child; as a doctor, she can’t save her lover; as lovers, they will never get blessings of their loved ones.

The sunset, the sunset murmured in the cold wind for a moment, and no longer sounded.(Original title: "Hidden Love")

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