Story: The county owner Feng Guanxia marries into the general’s house. On the night of the wedding, the husband stayed alone to keep the empty room alone

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My Jin, I would like to come to life and we won’t miss it.——Shen Tingyu

1. Daxi

It was the winter of plum blossoms. Under the plum trees that were red -eyed, a handsome young man stood under the tree, and the hem was blown up by the cold wind.

Not far away, a red figure was from far to near.

"A Jin, I am back late." The red figure was close, and Shen Tingxuan’s eyes were burning, for fear of removing a glance, this woman who was thinking about her mind would disappear.

Even so, the rest of his life may only bury this love in his heart.

An Rujin sighed lightly, "A few days later is a lifetime."

"I want to ask the emperor. I don’t want any other rewards for military merits." Shen Tingzheng looked up at the distance, his eyes were firm.

"The Shen family has reached its peak, and there are not a few staring staring in the hall. What do you think of the sacredness?" An Rujin frowned. "If you put it because of the private affairs of the children, the Shen family will go up and down a few times.The lives of Baikou people ignore it, I only die. "

"Then you can bear it to let me watch you become someone else’s wife?" Shen Tingxuan couldn’t take care of the generous men and women, and grasped An Rujin’s shoulder tightly with both hands.Second? "

An Rujin was caught in pain, but she endured, and she laughed at the corner of her mouth, "What do you want me?

"Why? Why can’t you wait for it again!" Shen Tingzheng let go, like a furious lion, smashed on the tree with a punch, and the back of his hand was red instantly.

An Rujin took out Jin Pa and carefully bags for Shen Tingyu, "You and my fate can only end there after all."

"I’m not reconciled!" Shen Tingxuan’s heart was sore and painful, and he couldn’t wait to bite his teeth.

"Once upon a time, I waited for you to ride a white horse and return, and the youth seal, and the red clothes are greeted by me." An Rujin stretched his eyebrows. "Now, I have waited half of it, and God finally treats me."

"The wrong thing is wrong." Shen Tingxuan was full of bitter mouth.

He shouldn’t be the same, why should he care about ten miles of red makeup?

But there was no regret medicine in the world. He was wrong and wrong.

The next day, Chaowumen opened and welcomed the young man who returned from the triumph.

The Black armored army came one step by step, and the people were crowded along the street. The restaurants on both sides were wrapped under the rich people.Numerous young generals.

Shen Tingxuan didn’t squint, with a handsome face cold, making the big girl and little daughter -in -law’s heartbeat.

He didn’t look in his eyes. He was angry and resentful in his chest, thinking about asking for a imperial decree in the towering palace.

But A Jin disagreed, and Shen Tingzheng could only thank Huang En’s mighty after all, and received a group of gold and silver rewards.


"Miss, you put on this wedding dress as the most beautiful bride in the world." Auntie Xiechun looked at An Rujin, who was looking at a red makeup.

"This is my heart embroidered with my heart." An Rujin relieved the wedding dress and twisted with scissors in Xiechun’s scream.

"Miss!" Xie Chun held the wedding dress, tears under the rain, "Why are you bitter?!"

She knows who the groom’s official is looking forward to the lady’s heart, but there is no way, the emperor’s life cannot be contrary.

"After three days, we wore the embroidery workshop to send that body." An Rujin’s face was also bitter, "this body was burned."

"Miss?" Xie Chun looked up, "Isn’t he even thought about it?"

"Since it is hopeless, why bother to add unnecessary thoughts. Take it for a while, I want to sit alone for a while."

"Winter is cold, the lady put on her coat." Xie Chun served An Rujin to dress, so she carefully put away the wicked wedding dress and held the door.

An Rujin was sitting dullly until the west of the sun was still moving.

"Jin’er." Yang walked in, and he sighed through An Rujin. "

"Mother, I understand." An Rujin buried his head in Yang’s arms, his voice was dull.

If there were not for the Shen Tingli Hall to ask for marriage, the old lady and master of Anjia, who stood the wrong team, were pulled by the Shen family. At this moment, the old and young people were afraid that they would have squatted prison.

It is the grace, and she has to marry.

On the eighth day of the lunar month, you should marry.

Shenfu’s two will have one Hanlin and married a century -old family daughter.

The dowry extended all the way from Zhangtai Lane to Suzaku Street, all the way to fight, and the welcoming people couldn’t see the head at a glance, and they almost caught up with the princess’s wedding.

The people who watched the lively people pushed the crowded.

"If I get married, I can have such a punch in my life."

"The groom official is so handsome. If I am ten years old, I will get married."

"You look like this like this."

"I look at the Junjun Shen Jun, who helped the greeted relatives next to me, I would rather be Mrs. General."

"Just you? It can’t be rolled in 800 times again, haha!"

People who watch the lively people talk about it, and An Rujin, who is sitting in the Xidian sedan, wants to be the lively one at this moment.

There is a sight since she stepped out of Anfu, and she has always been with her, she knows who it is.

But she didn’t even have a chance to look at her hijab. She didn’t know how painful that person’s heart was, whether she was like herself, or even worse than herself.

One shot liked to pick the hijab, Shen Tingli couldn’t open it at a glance.

"A Jin, I made a wish that the Lantern Festival that year. You will not marry this life." Shen Tingli was red.

Light festival?An Rujin set off a stormy wave, her eyes were low, "Call me Rujin!"

Three years ago, she and Ting Yan missed it. It was not three days and five days later, but three years.

But A Jin belongs to Ting Ye.

The red candle dripped tears, just like the tears that An Rujin fell on the pillow.

The next day the new woman presented tea, and the couple of Shen Jun made a smile. No matter how dissatisfied with the situation of An family, now she was in -laws and could not get rid of her in -laws.

"Jin’er, now you are integrated with the couple of Ting Li, and the mother is looking forward to you to open the branches and leaves as soon as possible." Wang took out a passing body of green and gentle bracelets on An Rujinhao’s wrist.They were born when they were born. "

"Thank you mother." An Rujin lowered his head, put his right hand on the bracelet, and slowed down the cold chill.

"Ting Li, you kneeling and asking for a daughter -in -law to protect himself." Shen Jun said with a half teaser.

Shen Tingli laughed: "My son will protect Ru Jin’s life."

"Little is getting tired in front of us, and take Jinsai in the house." Wang waved his hand with a smile.

When the two stepped out of the threshold, Wang asked Shen Jun: "How can I see Ting Ye in the morning?"

An Rujin trembled and almost tripped by the threshold.

Shen Tingli reached out in time, "I help you." He cheeks red, and he was blame that he didn’t know the beauty last night.

When I walked out of the yard, I happened to meet Shen Tingyu. Shen Tingli laughed: "Three brothers, Shi Cai Niang also mentioned you."

"Er, Er, early." Shen Tingyu’s face was pale, and he couldn’t escape overnight.

An Rujin nodded slightly, and staggered his eyes when his eyes were on.

Shen Tingzheng held a smiley face, "I’ll ask my father and mother to give up."

Passing by, no one turned back.

2. Demon

There was a rain curtain outside the gazebo, and the two of them stood opposed.

"A Jin, the emperor wants to marry me." Shen Tingyu’s face was not about to become the joy of the groom.

An Rujin held her hands in front of her belly tightly. She was afraid she couldn’t help shaking.

She wanted to laugh, but she couldn’t bear the corners of her mouth.

"Zhaoyang County Master."

"Then …" Either. "An Rujin couldn’t find anything else.

Shen Tingzheng took a step forward, "It is also the emperor’s destiny, A Jin, are we destined to hit?"

"The emperor is the killing of the Shen family." An Rujin took a step back, but he still had mindful thoughts, because the last starlight had to disappear?

"A Jin, as long as you nodded, I will take you away now." Shen Tingyu burned a fire in his eyes. "Even if you are carrying the name of unfaithfulness.I am going crazy!"

An Rujin stretched out his hand and wanted to stroke the face, and after all, he let go."Ting Yan, I can’t let my parents go, you can’t let go, otherwise there will be no today."

"If you change a emperor, we will not be caught in a dead end."

An Rujin’s eyes widened, and it seemed to be scared by this. He stepped back to the pillar. The cold touch came, and then he returned.

She shook her head, "Even if the emperor suspenses the Shen family, this kind of charges should not be pushed by you. Ting Yan, just like that!"

After speaking, An Rujin grabbed the oil paper umbrella into the rain, and the upper and skirts were soaked.

Shen Tingyu looked at the back sadly, and her A Jin always put these in front.

There was a cold eyes on the corridor not far away, until Shen Tingzheng left.

No one can stop the marriage, as An Rujin had no choice but to become the second daughter -in -law of the Shen family.

Shenfu, who was noisy for a day, finally got quiet. The newcomers entered the cave. Few people dared to go to trouble.

Shen Tingli returned to the room with a wine, "Jiechun, you all go out!"

The laid -up of the bed paused, and I glanced at the side.

Xie Chun was unloading the ring on his head for An Rujin, and felt the master’s body was stiff.

"I want to bathe with my wife, do you want to stay for appreciation?" Shen Tingli really lost his body.

"You retreat." An Rujin stood up, and the hand under the cuff was fist.

The two did not dare to listen, and exited and took the door by the way.

"Come, Ru Jin." Shen Tingli pulled An Rujin to the screen. "Today, the three brothers are happy, and we are also happy to have a bath."

"I’m uncomfortable, my husband ished, I’ll take you clothes."

"It’s not a matter of small days, what are you afraid of." Shen Tingli couldn’t tolerate Ru Jin, who was struggling, almost dragging people in.

"I do not want."

"I am interested today." Shen Tingli’s face was gloomy, and he torn An Rujin’s dress when he fell.

"Let me go! Shen Tingli, you are crazy!" An Rujin broke free.

It is useless, where the woman who has been raised in the girlfriend for many years has a man who is in a furious man.

Xie Chun followed his ears outside, listening to the signs of the master’s pain, they couldn’t help it, except for being sad for the master.

Outside the courtyard wall, Shen Tingxuan endured and endured. After all, he did not enter the door. He was not qualified.

This night, the bride guarded the empty room alone.

The county master Feng Guanxia married into the general’s house. On the night of the wedding, the husband left her alone to keep the empty room

Since this night, many people have changed, and Shen Tingyu has not loved to talk. An Rujin sat in the yard all day long.

Recently, it was calm on the court, and even the Royal Shi, who frequently liked to pick up, stopped.

Who knows that the undercurrent of the dark under peace is brewing.

"Ru Jin, tell you a good news!" Shen Tingli walked into the courtyard with joy.

"Oh." An Rujin had long been ashamed.

She thought that even though she couldn’t stay with her people for a lifetime, at least the man who proposed to this hall could respect each other.

Unfortunately, it was a demon after unveiling the mask of the smiley face.

"I entered the eyes of the Holy Eye, and moved to the Ministry of Penalties every day." Shen Tingli could not feel the indifference of others.

An Rujin said blandly: "Congratulations."

Shen Tingli squeezed An Rujin’s chin.

"You said yes."

"You now have a fish that is stranded on the shore without any aura." Shen Tingli retired from Xiechun next to Jiechun, and asked with a hoarse voice: "Is it only possible to use strong use to make you react?"

An Rujin didn’t have a little glory in his eyes. "I am just a plaything today, and I am happy as you."

"Really sweeping!" The next moment Shen Tingli smiled suddenly, "I plan to raise spring to make a concubine."

"Unless I die!" An Rujin trembled, and she was suffering, but she was reluctant to die.

Even if it is impossible for Ting Yan in this life, it is good to know where he is, and seeing it every three differences.

Shen Tingli smiled at the corner of his mouth. Even if he couldn’t get the woman’s heart, he had to trap her for a lifetime.

Since you are not happy, then go to hell together!

3. Oath

By the backyard pond.

"Second, it is not easy to see you when you eat it." Gu Yunshan, the master of Zhaoyang County, approached.

"I like quiet." An Rujin sprinkled the last fish food, took out the handkerchief and wiped his hands. "I returned, my brother and sister walked slowly."

"Why are you so selfish!" Gu Yunshan held An Rujin and stared fiercely at her. "Because of you, Ting Ye hasn’t touched me now. Did he taste your taste?Not? "


An Rujin turned around and hit Gu Yunshan’s face.

"President! You can touch the county owner!" Gu Yunshan’s girl -in -law was about to fight back for the master.

Xie Chun took the hands of Nianchu, "Mrs. Er is not you who can fight!"

"Fight, give me to death!" Gu Yunshan was the county master, how could he swallow it.

"Madam, go!" Xie Chun pushed back and hugged Lin Yan who was going to rush over.

An Rujin did not retreat, how could she look at Xie Chun being beaten.She overestimated her combat power, or she was waiting for a vent.

The people on both sides moved their hands. An Rujin had two to three on the side, and Lin Yan was strong, and he fell off the wind for a while.

Gu Yunshan took the opportunity and pushed hard, An Rujin fell into the pond.

It’s almost winter, and the water is very cool.

"Madam!" Xie Chun screamed and jumped into the pond without hesitation. Fortunately, the water was not deep, but it was not easy to climb ashore.

An Rujin’s body was faint in the past year, and he fainted with two sips of water.

"A Jin!" Shen Tingyi rushed over when he saw this scene, "Xiechun, give me the hand of the second lady."

He was too loud just now, and immediately changed his mouth.

Xie Chun held up An Rujin hard, Shen Tingyu picked people ashore, took off his robe and wrapped him on An Rujin and walked across.

Xiechun, who was wet, kept his hands close to his chest.

"At the beginning, go to the doctor! Mi, go to the front yard to see the second son." Gu Yunshan gritted her teeth, and her eyes were almost spit out, but at this time she had to pretend to be a good wife.

Shen Tingxuan almost couldn’t feel the weight of the people in his arms, but he was thin.

He shouted over and over again: A Jin!

The family in the mansion was almost shocked when the third son was holding the second wife’s chin, and some people ran to the old lady’s home.

"Ru Jin, what’s wrong with you?" Lin Yan hadn’t found Shen Tingli yet, but the latter first met at the gate of the courtyard.

Shen Tingli grabbed An Rujin from Shen Tingyu’s arms, and kicked him on Jie Chun again. "Don’t hurry up and shout the doctor!"

Xie Chun was hurt by his chest, and a trace of blood flowing from the corner of his mouth.

"Brother Er, you can take the second sister back to the room first." Shen Tingyi raised Jiechun and said guilty: "You go to the interval."

He didn’t worry about going to the doctor for the first time, and left Xiechun to the maid of the courtyard in a hurry. He didn’t look at Gu Yunshan from beginning to end.

The palm light was very, and An Rujin opened his eyes.

"Ru Jin, you finally wake up!" Shen Tingli, who was beside the couch, was happy.

An Rujin didn’t speak, and looked at the people in the room, and did not want to see the one he wanted to see.

There was a touch of chill in Shen Tingli’s eyes, and laughed: "It’s good to wake up, the doctor diagnosed with joy."

The blood on An Rujin’s face retreated, and it was scary.

"Is it wrong?" An Rujin grabbed the quilt tightly, why did God make such a joke?

"It was the three younger brothers who invited Master Kang of Jishitang to see it. I couldn’t get wrong." Shen Tingli’s face could not cover it.

Looking at his wife’s face, there was no joy, Shen Tingli panicked, "Isn’t you not wanting this child?"

"How can it." An Rujin shook his head, but it was too much to come.

What about Ting Yan?What would he think?

At this moment, Shen Tingzheng knelt in the ancestral hall. His father Shen Jun was angry. "Have you ever thought about where the subordinates came to the Shen family’s face?"

"Yeah, how can she say that she is also your second sister, let the maid’s back go back? Do you have to hold the city with the city?" His mother Wang’s is also angry.

Shen Tingxuan’s head was hanging, "The situation was urgent at the time, and the son didn’t think so much."

He regretted that he was afraid of rumors that were unfavorable to A Jin, and he was even more afraid that his second brother was not good for A Jin.

It shouldn’t, A Jin was pregnant with a child, and the second brother was too late to protect it.

He and A Jin are getting farther and farther.

Shen Jun sighed with sigh, "After five days, I will set off to keep the border. I ask the emperor to ask for the purpose, you go with me."

"Dad!" Shen Ting looked up sharply, seemed to know everything about his father, and he couldn’t say anything.

"These two days you kneel here and reflect on it!" Shen Jun left his sleeves.

"Ting Ye, don’t blame your father." Wang kneeled down at the Shen family’s ancestor’s table next to him. "The mother wants you to swear at the ancestor list, and you must not do something humiliated."

"Mother, I didn’t."

"Mother is also a person who comes over.

"But she shouldn’t let other people vent his anger!"

Shen Tingxuan was very angry. After inviting the doctor, he brought Gu Yunshan back to the room and even said and left.

"Then you have any qualifications to use her to vent his anger!" Wang said angrily: "You are her husband, but you are thinking about others. Have you ever considered her suffering?"

"Mother, have you ever thought about it, if I didn’t arrive in time, the second sister …" Shen Tingyi didn’t dare to think.

"If there is no!" Wang closed his eyes and said ruthlessly: "Swear to the ancestors, unless you want to let the mother be killed here."

"Mother, I haven’t done anything rude."

"But you thought! Once you think about it too long, you will destroy yourself and others when the outbreak." Wang stood up and stood up and walked to the pillar.Knock at one end. "

Shen Ting was panicked and wanted to stop.

But Wang has already made a posture to hit, "swear!"

"Okay, I swear!" Shen Tingxuan didn’t dare to move. "The ancestors of the Shen family were listed, and today I swear that Shen Tingyu swears that this life will never do something humiliated."

He laughed, "Mother, are you satisfied?"

Wang’s holding Shen Tingyi cried: "Don’t blame the mother’s cruelty."

Shen Tingzheng kneeling for two days, not eating or drinking, Wang’s shouting again with death.

Three days later, I was going to Bianguan. Shen Tingxun went to the study. Soon after, he put He Lishu in front of Gu Yunshan. "You are still innocent and find a good person to marry again."

"I don’t leave!" Gu Yunshan torn the book for three or two times. "I just wait for you in the Shen family. You will not come back for a year and wait for a year.

"I’m for you!"

"If you are really good, you won’t let me keep the empty room every day, nor will it make me jealous of the woman and jealous!"

"Let you!"

"You stand, where are you going?" Gu Yunshan hugged Shen Tingyu tightly, crying, "Why don’t you want to look back at me? Are you going to find her again? I don’t allow it!"

Shen Tingyu peeled her hand, "I go out and walk."

Gu Yunshan fell all the things that could be fell in the room, and his face had never been ruthless. "Don’t want anyone else!"

Since no one should respond, let’s destroy it together!

She had a crazy thought.

4. Revenge

In the Yunlai restaurant.

The young man in the white shirt opened the curtain, and saw the woman standing when the window came to the corner of her mouth. "Cousin is looking for me?"

"I know where the biggest resistance you go forward, I can help you." Gu Yunshan turned around and laughed: "The second brother, you are only one step away."

"No, you think too simple, why do I believe you?" Gu Chengyu poured a cup of tea himself, "The tea is cold, it seems you have waited for a long time."

The madness in Gu Yunshan’s eyes is essential. "As long as you give me a hand, I will help you remove the biggest obstacles."

"What about conditions?"

"I want to be safe than death, I want to step her into the mud and let her be a prostitute!"

"She is your second concubine." Gu Chengyu smiled, "Where do you have such a big hatred?"

Gu Yunshan gritted her teeth, "She occupies a man who shouldn’t take up!"

"That’s it, but I still doubt how you have the courage to hold everyone to die together."

"Do you still doubt this after watching this?" Gu Yunshan took out the tortoise and sticky book.

Gu Chengyu took it up and glanced, "Oh, the Shen family is a specialty!"

"Can you talk about it now?"

"Since the cousin has the heart of jade, I naturally want to be fulfilled."

The two of them did not talk for a long time, the goal of each other was consistent, and there was no difference.

A few days later, Gu Yunshan went to the border with the thoughts of Shen Tingyu.

An Rujin was restless, and she always felt that something would happen.

Can’t wait any longer, she must remind Ting Ye as if she is a gentleman’s belly with the heart of a villain.

"All rolled out!" Shen Tingli entered the house angrily, his eyes were like eating people.

Xie Chun will fall down with the wind and blow the wind. "Two men, don’t be embarrassed, you can do whatever you want to do!"

"Don’t care about me, Jiechun, you go out." An Rujin stood up and looked at Shen Tingli in fear.

"Mrs., it’s okay, the slaves are not afraid, and the slaves will accompany you all my life." Xie Chun cried and shook his head.

The dowry girl was either assigned to the family slave or the house. The master kept protecting her, and even the seller was burned, so she was afraid that she would be used as the master and mother.

Isn’t it tortured in the room? She can carry it!

"I let you roll!" Shen Tingli grabbed Xie Chun’s arm to throw people out and locked the door.

An Rujin yelled: "Xiechun!"

"Madam!" Xie Chun got up and patted the door, "Two Son, you spared Mrs., please!"

"What is this?" Shen Tingli threw the letter on the ground. "You are my wife, but always remember other men, do you know shame?"

"You make people intercept the letter?" An Rujin picked it up, the cover was her handwriting.

Shen Tingli sneered, "Hongyan passed the book? How long did he go, you are so anxious. You are mine, you can’t run from me that day!" He grabbed An Rujin and dragged it to the couch.I want a man to tell me not, I can satisfy you at any time! "

"You lunatic, let go of me! I am still with children!" An Rujin guarded his placket with one hand and tried to push the crazy Shen Tingli in one hand.

"You also know that you are a woman, you know that you have a child, why do you remember him! Why! Ting Ye, who you thought about your heart, my good third brother was left by me.You are my victory. He will die in the border. Don’t expect to meet again in this life. "Shen Tingli said with a slap and slapped An Rujin five or six in a row until her fainted.

Not enough, this is his woman in Shen Tingli, who can only belong to him at any time!

Xie Chun desperately patted the door and shouted. It was useless.

There is no way, she can only run to the old lady.

"Mrs., please save the second wife and save her!"

"Yeju, Ye Ju, hurry up, go to the second child’s courtyard." Wang almost fainted to the ground.

"Mrs., don’t panic, I call the housekeeper over."

Ye Ju called two girls to help her, and shouted Jiechun to rush to Shen Tingli.

5. Escape

Several people ran to the door of the house and didn’t respond. Afterwards, Wang’s Wang talked, "Butler, hit the door, hit the door!"


The door bumped away, and Jie Chun ran in the first.

"Madam!" She opened the quilt to cover the master’s body with the fastest speed.

The blood stains on the couch are the source of the bloody smell, and the child is afraid that he can’t keep it.

"Butler, go to the doctor!" Wang slapped on Shen Tingli’s face, "You mix! Why did I give birth to something like you!"

"Mother, you gave birth to two mixing accounts, but unfortunately the only big brother who did not let the Shen family died on the battlefield." Shen Tingli pulled his gown on his body and pushed away the night chrysanthemum stopped at the door.

The room was in a mess, and Wang felt faint for a while. She stared at An Rujin, who was stunned in the past, and blamed this woman!

She even thought viciously, and it was best to die.

Naturally, the child was gone. An Rujin lay quietly on the couch. The doctor said that he couldn’t wake up within two days.

The next afternoon, An Rujin woke up, "Jiechun, help me get up."

"Madam, you wake up!" Xie Chun put down the medicine bowl and pounced on the couch. She wiped her tears with seven hands and feet.

"Help me get up and go back to An’s house." An Rujin remembered every word Shen Tingli said before.

She buried her feelings deeply, even if she disgusted, even if she was disgusted, she still fulfilled the obligation of being a wife.

Shen Tingli abused her, and she endured it.

But she never expected that all this was the game of Shen Tinglibu.

"Mrs., the doctor said that you can’t stay in the past few days. The slaves know you are sad, and tolerate, for your own body."

"Ting Yan is dangerous, I must inform him!" An Rujin stood up hard, "I don’t want to wait here for a moment."

"Okay, the slave helped you up, let’s go back, I will call Shixia, she is boiling porridge." Xie Chun said that people had run out.

After a while, Xie Chun ran in with Xia Xia, and he served An Rujin alone, and he quickly packed the baggage.

The three master and servants were blocked in the gate.

"Mrs. Second, it is not a small one to not let you go out. The second son has explained it, so that you can support it in the house." The housekeeper respected, sympathized with his heart, but as the subordinates of Shenfu, the master would naturally listen to Shen Tingli.

"Who stipulated that the marriage girl couldn’t go back to her mother’s house? He Shen Tingli did such a thing and still had a face to stop me?" An Rujin sneered, "Or did you deceive me and settle down? Or does the old lady not allow me to leave?"

From her accident to now the two girls want to go back to report a letter, she can’t leave. She doesn’t believe that there is no Wang’s obstruction.

"Mrs. Second, don’t be so young."

"Okay, I’m not embarrassed." An Rujin turned, "Xiechun, together in summer, we go to the old lady’s yard."

The housekeeper ran forward a few steps to stop, "Mrs. Second, you either go back to the house or let them help you walk around.

Xiechun said angrily: "White housekeeper, you are too bullying!"

The housekeeper was silent.

An Rujin laughed, "Okay, very good, it really has his son and his mother. Go, let’s go back."

Having said that, she would not give up.

After dark, An Rujin went to the yard of Liang Liang.

"Dasao, I have no way to go, I can only come to you." An Rujin fell to the ground.

"Second younger sister, what are you doing, get up." Liang quickly helped people, "I can understand your suffering."

"I’m leaving, big sister, please help me!" An Rujin grabbed Liang’s arm hard, as if grasping the life -saving straw.

Liang was embarrassed, her husband was gone, and she could only see her mother -in -law’s face survive with her son.

Help her mother -in -law’s words, what should her mother and son do in the future, who will help her?

"Dasao, this is five hundred and two silver tickets, and these jewelry, please help me." An Rujin knew her difficulties, and I hope that wealth can be moving.

Liang did not take the thing immediately, "How do you want me to help?"

An Rujin said happily: "My body measures is almost the same as the peach in your room. I put on her clothes to cover my face, and you can take me out."

"No, my mother -in -law can’t stay if I know this family."

"Dasao, I really can’t do it anymore.

Liang looked at the silver ticket, "I can give you a bright road."

"Thank you!" An Rujin put things on the table.

"Zhang Po, who stayed at the night of the Nishi Kaiben, was wealthy. If you want to come, if you can get a stroke, you should let you go out."

An Ru Jinfu thanked him. After going out, he called Jiechun to visit the road at the gate of the West Point.

Liang was not deceived. Zhang’s lion opened the door to open the door of the two hundred or twos of the Shen family’s daughter -in -law.

All the way were frightened, and the three master and servants finally arrived in Anfu.

"My Jin’er!" Yang’s crying daughter was crying, crying.

Xie Chun followed Xia Xia and wiped his tears. The master refused to say that Shen Tingli’s beast was dry.

Yang’s listening to this was like a lightning attack, she knew that her daughter had a body, but only the month was shallow.

"Jin Er, is it aunt, he bullied you?" Yang stared at An Rujin tightly. This appearance was back this hour. What else can you do?

"Mother, I don’t want to mention him. There is a matter of tightness when I rush back, my father can be at home?"

"Okay, the mother doesn’t mention it. Your father and grandpa are in the study, and I will take you over." Yang turned back to the girl -in -law around him, "Go to the doctor, and then instruct the kitchen to cook some medicated diet."

The maid should be a trot.

"Jin’er, how can I come back this hour? Ting Li didn’t come with you?" An Zhiyuan asked when he saw his granddaughter.

"Jins’er, are you sick?" An Yunjian lifted his daughter’s face at first glance, and saw his wife wiped tears, and his heart stunned, "What happened?"

Isn’t it being rested by the Shen family?

"Grandpa, Dad, let’s talk about the others, I have something to talk to you." An Rujin patted the back of her mother’s hand, "Mother, you go back to the house first, I will go to you in a while."

"Jin’er, my body is tight, me …"

"Mother, the life is about the life of the family, nothing is more important than this."

An Rujin has been thinking about Gu Yunshan’s suddenly going to the border. She didn’t believe it was because she missed Ting Ye.

At the moment, in the winter, Xirong chose the crime at this time almost every year.

What should I do if anyone should be in the outside?

Gu Yunshan is the county master, and her father is the prince who participates in politics.

What if there is a more vicious conspiracy?

There is another Shen Tingli. He wants Ting Yan to die and tear off the last layer of mask.

This is why An Rujin can’t wait to rush back.

An Zhiyuan waved his hand, "Big daughter -in -law, there is me and Yun Jian, let’s go first."

The father -in -law said, and Yang had to retreat.

"Grandpa, Zhaoyang County Lord went to Bianguan a few days ago and said he went to visit her husband, but I suspected that she had other purposes. In addition, Shen Tingli said that last year you were impeached with your father.Marry in the past. Now that I like him like an enemy, he will try to make trouble to you. "

"Jin’er, look at this first." An Zhiyuan took out a letter from the dark grid of the bookshelf.

This is what he discussed with his son just now. Shen Jun’s father and son found Xirong’s work in the army. After interrogation, he found that the matter was implicated with the six prince Gu Chengming.

Gu Chengming had a close relationship with Gu Yunshan’s father. This incident was not allowed to have the shadow of the latter.

Today, the fighting between the princes is becoming increasingly grim. The Ministers of the DPRK and China secretly stood in the team, and an accidental saying that the person was in the end.

Shen Tingxuan was a student of An Zhiyuan.

An Rujin looked at the familiar handwriting and was sad and happy. Since Ting Yan had doubts, he must be guarded when he saw Gu Yunshan.

Seeing her look like this, An Zhiyuan’s father and son looked at each other, and more and more identified some conjectures in her heart.

"Grandpa, how do you prepare to do with your father?" An Rujin carefully folded the letter paper.

"I have decided to resign before you come, and your dad should not be affected in the Ministry of Li." An Zhiyuan paused, "But you mentioned the impeachment last year. At that time, Shen Tingli was still in the Hanlin Academy.","

An Yun nodded simply, "Yes, this person may have rely on one forces for a long time."

"Daddy, it’s better to resign as you can." An Rujin was also involved in history books. "The queen has no son, and the law has never stipulated that it is storage.","

"The precedent of the father and son has never appeared at the same time." An Yunjian frowned.

"It doesn’t mean that it is not feasible, just say what Jinsier said." An Zhiyuan sighed: "The battle of the Empress prince has never been bleeding, and it is not a good thing to put down the wealthy insurance family."

"Dad, we quit at this time, what should Hongbo do in the future?" On the one hand, An Yunjian couldn’t bear his official position, and on the other hand, he had to plan for the younger son.

"Hong Bozhi is not in Chaotang, you don’t need to tell him something."

An Yunjian’s face was red, "Although I am in the Ministry of Rites, I am not in the position of Shangshu.

"Dad, although I don’t know where Shen Tingli is standing, but he can take a shot to An, and there will be a second time. Do you think you can really avoid it?" An Rujin didn’t want to make his father embarrassed, but he was life and death.In the face, what is the official position?

"Okay, this is the case." An Zhiyuan made a hammer, "I will play on tomorrow, saying that the sick resignation officer returns to Huaiyang’s hometown.

"This … Okay." An Yunjian couldn’t hit his father.

"Grandpa, Dad, I have affected you." An Rujin got up and kneeled.

"Silly child, get up." An Zhiyuan quickly helped his granddaughter. "In the final analysis, we have harmed you. I knew that there was a fight that I should fight today."

An Yunjian also said: "Jin’er, don’t blame yourself. Go to rest, wait for the wind and waves, and my father will naturally go to the Shen family to give you justice."

"This is my life." An Rujin barely smiled, "As long as you are safe."

An Yunjian’s eyes red, this is his daughter, but the good years have been rubbed into now.

It was also the luck of the father and son of An family. At the next day, the emperor asked the two to ask the two to invite the two. Shen Tingli was caught by surprise.

In the Hall of Huazhang.

"I haven’t died!" The emperor Gu Yuan was extremely angry, and the tea cups and medicine bowls on the table were all swept down to the ground. "One by one, I wanted to die and sit on the throne.I can’t see it, I still want to intervene in the army, and to sell the country, it is impossible! "

"The emperor’s breath, take care of the dragon’s body." The eunuch Li Jing patted the emperor with his backs, and motioned the little eunuch next to him to clean up the crushed porcelain.

"To pass the purpose, Shen Tingyu returned to Beijing quickly, led the Black A Army to join forces to defend the imperial city!" Gu Yuan gasped, and his eyes turned black.

No, he must hold it, all the people who are the throne damn!

No one can block the imperial power buttons.

6. Ai Yan

Gu Yuan looked at a few people kneeling in the hall, his eyes fell on Shen Tingzhang.The prince Gu Chengming settled the party and privately colluded with the law, ordered the Zuowei Forbidden Army to seize the king’s palace. No one was able to explore the officials.

Several people who were named at the same time said: "Chen, lead."

Just rushed to Shen Tingli’s legs softly outside the Royal Study Room, and rolled down before entering the last step.

"Lord Lang!" The eunuch hurriedly helped people, "What’s wrong with you?"

"Why is this?" Shen Tingli looked at the plaque of the royal study room.

A few days ago, he also came out of this scene, why did you get this point in a blink of an eye.

The four prince Gu Chengming fell, and it was caught off guard.

Even the criminal ministry was pulled in, what would he end?

Naturally, there is no good end, enjoying the wealth brought by others, and to suffer from the disaster.

The capital of Beijing mutations, and people’s hearts were frightened.

The emperor said that he was guilty that he was guilty, and he even touched the melon and involved more people.

The scourge of the collusion between Xirong was taken out, and Shen Jun led his soldiers to take the initiative. The enemy retreated thousands of miles, and the border was temporarily stable.


"The bitch, the bitch was killed!" Wang touched that Shen Tingli was convicted and fainted. This is the first sentence that wakes up.

Liang took his son two steps back, for fear that the mother -in -law’s anger would vent on their mother and son.

"Mother, this matter has nothing to do with the second brother. The second brother made a taboo." Shen Tingxun frowned, knowing that this would definitely make his mother more angry, but he couldn’t hear this.

He also said nothing: The emperor asked him to take his soldiers to catch Gu Yan, and he would be fame on his back. It was his father -in -law.The second brother was implicated, and it was the fault to take the blame and the emperor to deter the Shen family.

"Ting Yan, don’t forget the vow you posted in the ancestral hall!" After Wang’s roar, the whole person’s essence seemed to collapse, and it looked like an old man who was dying.

"Mother!" Shen Tingzheng knelt beside the couch, "I remember, I remember, don’t be angry."

Wang said three words "good", and said, "The sin of King Ping can’t be turned over. How did you plan on your daughter -in -law?"

"I gave her and Li Shu before leaving Beijing last time. She met the robbers on the way to Bianguan." Shen Tingxuan did not say that Gu Yunshan and the second prince were conspiring to try to marry the Shen family, let alone him.Look at it.

In the final analysis, Gu Yunshan also had his responsibility at this step. He couldn’t afford that love.

"It’s okay to die." Wang laughed, "Ye Ju, help me get up and fix, I want to meet the last child."

Shen Tingzhang did not stop. The prince could avoid death. He always had to pull a few people to replace the scapegoat of the prince to fight for power. The second brother is one of them.

After a while, Wang opened Shen Tingyu and took someone to Anfu first.

"My child is about to ask tomorrow. Ru Jin is his daughter -in -law, and I always have to meet me with me."

Yang’s anger and said, "Jin’er’s small property is still cultivating, so I can’t go out."

"It is also my mother -in -law who is not looking at her. I just took this opportunity to get back and let people wait carefully, but it is inevitable to see Tingli." Wang sneered, "I still do n’t want to be an official, even I do n’t want to be an official, even I do n’t even want to be an official.No more reputation? "

Yang shot on the table with a slap, "Are you deceiving my house without a man sitting!"

After resigning, An Zhiyuan’s father and son moved to Huaiyang. Since he said that he went to his hometown, he would not leave.

Yang’s did not expect such a big turbulence in Beijing for a few days. The Shen family also deceived the door. She should not remember the industry in the family, and she should take her daughter with her daughter.

"Mother -in -law, say that it is not good, let Ru Jin come out with me, otherwise I will let people stop the coffin of Tingli at Anfu Gate tomorrow."

"Wang Lan, you bully too!"

"Mother, I’m walking with her." An Rujin came in from Xie Chun. "Now I am still the daughter -in -law of the Shen family. Naturally, I am going to send my husband for the last journey."

Yang shook his head, "Jin’er, you go back."

"Mother, some words I always have to say clearly when he is alive." An Rujin smiled, "Mother -in -law, let’s go."

Her body is already at the end of the crossbow, and she is just supporting it now.

Wang laughed and led someone to leave.


In the prison of Dali Temple, Shen Tingli was full of embarrassment, "Mother, you asked your father and the third brother to help me meet with the emperor, I don’t want to die."

"I am your mother and the mother of the Shen family. I can’t let the Shen family burial for you." Wang’s heartache, "But you rest assured, Huangquan Road will not be alone."

"Mother, is the third brother who wants me to die, and take the opportunity to take this woman!" Shen Tingli pointed at An Rujin, who was indifferent to his face, "You dream, I died, you still have to stand on my name.yes!"

"Those thoughts from the day I married you just thought about it." An Rujin laughed: "I will send you off today, after all, I will not go to cut off the supervision to see your head on the ground."

Shen Tingli’s pupils shrunk and their faces were pale.

"You have made a mistake in all kinds of planning, do you think you win?" An Rujin said again.

Shen Tingli, a pseudo -gentleman, ruined her life and destroyed Ting Yan.

"I won’t lose, I will go out of prison, I want to help the four princes ascended, I am a hero …" Shen Tingli shouted as crazy.

"Yeju, take the wine out." Wang tilted his head.

Shen Tingli is unbelievable, "Mother, do you want to poison me?"

"I am your mother, how can I put this poisonous hand." Wang held a wine and handed it to An Rujin. "You came to send the court ceremony. After drinking this glass of wine and cutting the past, I asked Ting Li to send it.You take a book. "

Shen Tingli said angrily: "Mother, I don’t write, she is my woman regardless of life and death!"

"If you don’t write, wait for you to leave, I still have the right to put her out of the Shen family."

"Okay, I drink." An Rujin took the wine.

The Wang family took another cup and handed it to Shen Tingli, "Good boy, mother will not harm you."

For a while, Shen Tingli’s brain has changed a lot of thoughts. Is his mother who wants Ru Jin to walk ahead?

Then drink this glass of wine!

"Shen Tingli, I will stay with Ting Yan for a lifetime in the next life. And you, no matter this life or the next life, you are a stranger." An Rujin drank.

Before coming in, Wang stopped Xiechun, and she knew that there was no way to live, and she would die anyway. Anyway, there was no hope. It was better to count the Wang family.

She died under Wang’s hands, and Ting Yan broke through the obstruction of her, even if there was only a ray of ghosts.

"A Jin!" Shen Tingyi ran over the prison all the way.

"It’s so good, I thought I couldn’t see you in this life." An Rujin laughed, and the blood in the corner of his mouth added a touch of beauty.

Wang said angrily: "Ting Ye, you swear in front of the ancestors!"

"You let go of her! She is my woman!" Shen Tingli stretched out the railings with two hands and struggled unnecessary.

"Mother, I will leave the capital and never come back again." Shen Tingyu hugged An Rujin and walked out.

As for Shen Tingli, he didn’t even give a look.

"You are a rebellious, stand for me! Ye Ju, hurry up, stop him!" Wang wanted to stop, but was choked by his son.

"If you are still your son, don’t stop, no one can stop it." Shen Tingxuan’s eyes were cold.

People block the killing, and the Buddha blocks the Buddha.

"Ting Ye, what is Bian Guan?" An Rujin leaned in his lover’s arms. She was very painful, but her heart was peaceful, and the pain was not enough.

Shen Tingxuan said softly: "There are wind and sand every year, but it is beautiful when the sunset is."

"It’s so good, I want to see it too."

"Okay, I will take you, what I see is what you see."

"Ting Yan, do you believe it?" An Rujin’s voice was weak.

"I believe." Shen Tingxun bowed his head, smiling at the corner of his mouth.

"Then I will come to the life … Waiting for you under the plum tree, just wait for you." An Rujin slid slowly on Shen Ting’s shoulders.

Shen Tingyu looked up, and the sun was dazzling, and his face was full of tears.

My Jin, I would like to come to life and we won’t miss it.(Original title: "Phoenix Weeping Blood")

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